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Binding the global reserve currency to the economy of one, even the most powerful state, makes this country a hostage to the whole world economic community, and the community - dependent on the problems of one country.

It is impossible and unnecessary to specify a huge list of literature of different scientific fields, not only in the field of law, finance, economics or banking, studied by the author. While pointing only some of them would be incorrect relative to other authors. To determine which source gave the impetus for the birth of a new idea is almost impossible, as it may be outside of the scientific direction about which the author writes. New knowledge always appears at the interface of sciences.

Do not start criticizing the globalists, secret world government, their various clubs, terrifying conspiracy theory, as only lazy one do not do it. Let’s consider very briefly: what do they put as priority objectives, goals, future plans and methods of their solution. And then compare all of this is comparable to the so-called universal values, which we hear and see round the clock from the media and politicians on the background of man-made and natural disasters, with the periodic transfer of doom day until next elections.
Six start goals of globalists were formulated by one of the founders of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei. The primary objective is to ensure, to make people think by embracing new information, enable the immediate dissemination of new information and facts, and communicate conclusions and results to all national and international institutions.
The first goal: "outer limits"
The second goal: "internal limits"
The third goal: cultural heritage
The fourth goal: world community
The fifth goal: habitat
The sixth goal: manufacturing system
These goals emphasize voluntary, informal nature of these activities, whose main goal is to help ordinary people to understand and protect their collective interests for long times, despite barriers and boundaries. For they form a single system covering whole world. And on one day, require creation of a single global brain trust, a group that John Platt called "General Staff of humanity."

Accepted by resolution No 55/2 of the UN General Assembly as of September 8, 2000
«…We consider certain fundamental values to be essential to international relations in the twenty-first century. These include:
Freedom. Men and women have the right to live their lives and raise their children in dignity, free from hunger and from the fear of violence, oppression or injustice. Democratic and participatory governance based on the will of the people best assures these rights.
•. Equality. No individual and no nation must be denied the opportunity to benefit from development. The equal rights and opportunities of women and men must be assured.
Solidarity. Global challenges must be managed in a way that distributes the costs and burdens fairly in accordance with basic principles of equity and social justice. Those who suffer or who benefit least deserve help from those who benefit most.
Tolerance. Human beings must respect one other, in all their diversity of belief, culture and language. Differences within and between societies should be neither feared nor repressed, but cherished as a precious asset of humanity. A culture of peace and dialogue among all civilizations should be actively promoted.
Respect for nature. Prudence must be shown in the management of all living species and natural resources, in accordance with the precepts of sustainable development. Only in this way can the immeasurable riches provided to us by nature be preserved and passed on to our descendants. The current unsustainable patterns of production and consumption must be changed in the interest of our future welfare and that of our descendants.
• Shared responsibility. Responsibility for managing worldwide economic and social development, as well as threats to international peace and security, must be shared among the nations of the world and should be exercised multilaterally. As the most universal and most representative organization in the world, the United Nations must play the central role.…»

Considering «Six starting goals of Globalists»  of the Club of Rome, formulated by the founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei and Millennium Declaration of UN and report of UN "Review of world economic and social conditions, 2010: re-equipping world development ", we can formulate main LIMITS AND GOALS OF DEVELOPING WORLD COMMUNITY. They must promote understanding global problems of the humankind, as the most important factor of saving gene pool of the Humankind and its active participation in development of the world community.
No sphere of human activity, neither politics nor culture, nor any other cannot do without finance. It is through the reorganization of the financial performance, to be more precise, through its fundamental change it is possible to create conditions for smooth and painless transition to the world global system of human community.

Binding the global reserve currency to the economy of one, even the most powerful state, makes this country a hostage to the whole world economic community, and the community - dependent on the problems of one country.
The solution to this problem is very simple - emission center should be placed in such a state where there is no national currency and national issuer (Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, etc.).
In addition, a legal placement location of emission center can be created artificially in the territory of any State which agrees to it. You just need to select a small piece of land on the basis of the embassy or the free economic zone under international jurisdiction, such as the UN, SCO, CIS, etc.

This decision has been reflected the findings of the UN report "World Economic and Social Survey 2010: Re-development of the world." United Nations, New York, June 29, 2010.
But the mechanism of solution, selected by the United Nations - is incorrect, as a direct replacement of FRS to the IMF from an organizational point of view of creating a global reserve system, and the U.S. Dollar for the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) in terms of the creation of a global reserve currency - does not address goals.
This kind of cosmetic repair of the facade does not affect the structure of the currency as a metrology tool to measure the cost of funds, debt and equity, and the legal form of a financial institution does not change at all.
"This idea is not crazy enough to be true"
Niels Bohr
Famous saying of Niels Bohr is very suitable for the characteristics of what should be the main idea of a globalized world, as well as how we can realize its goals and objectives.
At the initial stage, co-existence of both old and new structures, with a gradual transition, both functions and specialists in the new institutions of governance is advisable. This will allow to conduct smooth transition without provoking sharp fluctuations in national currencies and speculation in commodity markets.

"Action of laws needs ways of execution" - M.M. Speranskii. The word law is derived from the word “to govern”, persons govern, according to the law, positions and control authorities are established by law, but the law itself does not govern.
At the sources of law, as a legal category, there are two dogmas - creator, or the man himself. They are the source of human rights in any form, if inalienable rights - the right for life, liberty and the right for property are given to people by the Creator, then only he can take away or change these rights, they are inalienable, but only for humans.
There is another dogma that asserts that the rights of the person are given by the government that is created by people. This point of view states that man creates the Government (or Power), which gives rights to its citizens. The latter point of view is reflected as the "International Covenant on Human Rights", adopted by the UN in 1966.
The rule of law is a concept that is at the heart of the mission of the United Nations. In different countries there are opposite prerogatives of law, in some cases external law prevails over domestic law, in others the opposite.
The idea of returning money back to material space and creating mechanism for limiting the growth of subjective financial wealth through stock markets, exists for a long time and has already captured the world. Return to the economy of measurement with appropriate standards, not necessarily gold, but surely material (corporeal), and creation of only secured money is a desperately need of the world.
The emergence of secured money in the world will not mean a complete collapse of the modern financial system of the world, further impossibility of receiving revenues and termination of the budgets of developed countries. Banal recounting, gradual change of price tags will happen actually, but capital, produced, natural and human, will remain in its place.
World needs world money, just as the multiplication table, but they do not have to serve primarily for financial markets. Each country must reverse unsecured issue of national currencies on its own account.
No national currency should be world money, otherwise this nation and country becomes a hostage of such emissions and threatens the rest of the world.

This legal framework allows establishing GFS as a simple partnership with member international institutions. At the same time, its Charters should include: provision about the branch, staffing of the institution and its affiliates with the % share of employees in the wage fund and CONTRACT OF PARTNERSHIP FOR SIMPLE PARTNERSHIP for their simultaneous signing.
         GFS is a tool for the production and issuing universal eight-dimensional funds, or Global Funds (Sφ), as World supranational currency.
         The control system consists of the territorial units in all regions of the Economic Community - a territorial grid, industrial grid may be situated in locations, convenient for functioning, and correspond with the structure of industrial trade unions and supranational corporations
         Organizational and legal forms of Particular Partnership and International Establishment are not chosen by chance, this is due to several factors:
1. Any commercial organization pursues its goal - to make a profit, and receipt of profit at issue making just is not logical, as the issue itself does not generate corporeal capital gains.
2. Relationships within Particular Partnership at emission making  and investing it in the real sector of the economy, just convenient, as owner of capital produces goods and services, and GFS only serves this activity from a financial point of view.
3. Under payment schedule of capital owner all funds are transferred in production, its development, social sphere and environment, but not in exchange speculation system.
4. Emission itself is produced for each member of the financial system, individually and in proportion to the value of its equity.
5. Funds actually do not go beyond the consolidated balance sheet of system, can only communicate with the national currency, if necessary, or to make settlements with non-residents of GFS
         The most important is that emission produces not one, but three non-commercial legal entities. This automatically ensures the legitimacy of emission and control of expenditures. In addition, International Establishment "Global Auction System" acts as a single global trading platform with uniform standards and guidelines for all participants. In fact, this is a great online store, working round the clock in all time zones, with no breaks and weekends.
         In fact, the control center of the Global Financial System, which produces all operations, including the production and emission of Global Funds and debt amortization, is gradually moving over time, with the light of the day. Consolidated balance sheet of each industry, branches and entire system and is continuously transmitted through relay race round the clock. This is only possible with a single metrology of the system that is ensured by emission of eight-dimensional funds.

This structure of the GFS allows creating territorial and industrial balances in proportion to the cost of capital of each owner. The end result is a consolidated balance sheet, cross-industrial one, based on grid of transnational corporations and planetary one, based on territorial grid.
The most important factor that allows creating GFS is condition of natural and produced capital and human resources. The capitals of private sector of the economy are not burdened by emission commitments at the global level. Only supranational structures and individuals – owners of corporeal capital can assume commitments on private capital.
State structures in the framework of current legislation cannot serve private sector of economy due to the fact that the state is not obliged to do so, as its obligations are separated from the ones of the private sector, and the private sector, in turn, has not created a legitimate financial institutions for self-service and development.

Passing under the global jurisdiction of production of emission of Global Funds through GFS, any monopoly or corporation will get working capital. This will give it the opportunity to conduct modernization of production, to create own commodity and raw material reserves and conduct pricing policy in all time zones through IE " Global auction system." This allows scaling prices for goods and services, regardless of their speculative fluctuations in the world markets.

         Any member of GFS gets 90% of emission, secured by the cost of equity capital in the form of investment, since the emission cannot be issued in the form of credit, while 10% remain in the GFS for maintenance and development of the system, as co-investment. The newly created capital becomes a security for new emission with the same proportion of settlement between the parties.

GFS provides Finance Ministries with a clear picture of entire taxable economic base and can become a major source of revenue for the federal budget. This possibility is technological, since the procedure of payments allows processing all obligatory payments to the budget during each transaction automatically. Clearing and settlement system of GFS is designed so that all operations the payer is the system itself, including payments to the budget and other mandatory deductions. System automatically performs these payments for each client, both at paying contracts and in the production of emission of supranational Global Funds.
IE "Global Clearing and Settlement System" builds its relations with the national banks of the countries by opening direct correspondent relations. Due to the fact that the activities of all parties occurs in a single international economic space, then matters of mutual exchange of potential possibilities of the parties will always have priorities of national banks.
Since national banks have monopoly in matters of issuing national cash, the GFS, on request can carry out exchanges for non-cash resources. This is needed initially until the shift to electronic multi-currency payments in retail.
Public bodies get from GFS an accurate picture of the cost of the taxable base across its territory which can be called the national budget, and knowing it as a whole, it is not difficult to form a budget of governing authorities, consisting of taxes and other mandatory deductions.

Creating Global Funds
There is no precise scientific definition of money or currency, their features and purposes are listed in all interpretations, but it is united by one term - funds.
Money, currency, funds is an information on the rights and obligations of the subjects of economic relations for equivalent exchange of results of their labor and natural resources.
At the global informatization of world community, it is not important: through which medium the information is transmitted, and how. All modern money, currency, funds are not dimensionally sufficient. They are one-dimensional and have only quantitative characteristic. Funds, ensuring fulfillment of the rights and obligations between the subjects of economic relations should be multidimensional. They must have quantitative and qualitative characteristics, determine time and place of performance of the rights and obligations of the parties according to the basis of delivery of goods or services.

Multidimensional funds must have eight features: quantitative, qualitative - are two characteristics, three-dimensional geographical coordinates - longitude, latitude and altitude, three-dimensional time - past, present and future.
The very creation of a new reserve currency is not just mechanical replacement of one or several national currencies by another one, but a serial re-accounting of all the economies in all the countries of world financial-economic community. This requires, first of all single metrology in determining value of assets, liabilities and capital.
All this must be done gradually and at the same time fast enough, without breaking or stopping activity of national financial institutions and turnaround of the old currencies, they may exist in parallel indefinitely, not losing their qualities.
The emergence of new supranational reserve system and universal eight-dimension funds will stabilize the economy, close problem areas and provide reasonable growth, based on real needs and without sharp fluctuations in the market to and fro. But the information field has already covered the entire planet, and it behooves the fact that there must be single system, metrology, standards, in finance and respectively in the economy and trade, and regulations are not any games that one can change at his discretion.
For the first time in the modern world economic history we propose to create a permanent financial unit - constant:
Considered one (1) unit of universal eight-dimensional funds as equal to the value of one (1) gram of chemically pure gold with purity of 9999 at a particular time and in a particular location.
Working title - CONSTANT (Const), symbol - Cφ, where:
C - designation of constant itself,
φ – designation of golden section.
It is not intended to ensure the security of gold as a metal, but just for benchmarking. We can measure: oil in the constants, car in the constants, grain stocks in the constants, working day of the janitor in the constants, etc.. This allows real-time conversions in any national currency with processing each payment at any point, in line with the basis of delivery of goods or provision of services.
Conversion to any national currency and back is made at a given time and in a particular location in the automatic mode.
Own value of Cφ, does not change by definition, it only shows security of emitting national currency, in respect to which the calculations are made, by natural, produced capital and human resources.

         Joint use of universal eight-dimension funds - Cφ and national currencies of the economic community both one, and several occurs simultaneously in different options. At that, national currencies of the community are strengthened, because they gradually align their security and may reverse unsecured emission.
Graphic model of the dynamics of the transition from national currencies to Cφ with performance of obligations, consuming funds and capital growth clearly demonstrates ability to work with any currency in the actual economic situation. This does not require special technical preparation of the payment system and specialists.
         In the single coordinate system, calculated in constant, funds are spent and obligations are executed in national currencies, and capital grows in Constant. This protects the system and the national currencies from speculative fluctuations and system crashes. At that, cyclic fluctuations may have only seasonal variations but completely eliminate inflation and deflation. Although in the national currencies it can be maintained, but only in a small part, at incorrect actions of financial institutions in national economies or due to natural or man-made catastrophic effects.
Through the primary account of capital in Constant, system automatically creates some corridor of objective value of goods and services. Thus, happens re-scaling of price, which indicates that the previous biased spread was created artificially by unsecured emission of the global currency and a number of national currencies. The intrinsic value of capital did not change because of that.

To confirm the mechanism of scaling prices, it is enough to look at the cost of the periodic table of elements and their relationships with each other, calculated in eight-dimension funds.

           Emission of Constant - C – Global Funds occurs in several stages.
Let us consider it schematically, without providing sample documents that are executed according to "This credit to be subject to the" Uniform and Practice for Documentary Credits "published by the International Chamber of Commerce, ICC publication 500, Rev. 1993 "and the order of filling them.
The preparatory stage of emission of Constant - Cφ – Global Funds involves legal binding of interaction between the parties, which conduct it, but yet without the participation of owners of the capital.
         First stage means registration of each participant, owner of the capital in the system and forming safe package of documents for emission. This stage ends with signing investment contract.
         Second stage of emission consists of three parts It is preparation of internal document turnaround, necessary for production of emission
         Second part of second stage is emission of Global Funds. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that guarantees are not purchased, but exchanged. This peculiarity excludes one of the factors of appearance of interest rate in emission process.
         In the third part of second stage occurs formation of budgets at all levels, starting directly from the budget of the owner of the capital, budget of territory or international corporation or industry and ending with the budget of all the planet. It happens both in industry and in territory. Formation of budget goes on constantly in real-time mode
Stage of cycles. It is a repetition of all preceding parties’ actions. Distinction is that instead of a safe documentation package provision of emission is considered with payment orders of the capital owner. However, the owner of capital gets emission at his disposal after amortization writing-off according to the previous capital.
At the same time internal document circulation of GFS on emission production provided with capital increase will not change.
Financing of the capital owner’s work does not stop in the presence of means on already measured capital. This mode of emission excludes such problems as “unfinished production”.
Each capital owner is interested in well-timed amortization writing-off and getting of new emission at the same period 99 years + one day, at the same conditions of mutual investment with GFS.  
Execution control of all levels budgets is in the fact that capital owners should specify payments schedules and return of facilities. It is impossible to make business plan exactly for all 99 years, so, it should be specified step-by-step on years, quarters, months and particular contracts.
More detailed description is foreseen in the instructions of GFS employees.

It is seen from above mentioned information that such structural organization of financing and supranational currency itself solves many stated aims and tasks by globalists and UN.
In 1995 World bank introduced the rating of world countries according to a new indicator – “national welfare per capita” that includes “production capital”, “natural capital” and “human resources”.
It is known that Funds = Capital + Obligations, as a result:
а) we have three types of capital,
b) we can accept five types of obligations on capital,
c) we correspondingly can make emission of eight units of means.

It seems that we can accept five units of obligations and emit eight units of means for three units of capital, and then Transfer notes are issued in the quantity of eight hardcopies for internal addressing into GFS and eight more hardcopies for exchange into national currencies. Accounting of capital growth is carried out at the same scheme but the reason for Transfer notes issue is payments on carried out obligations creating capital growth with the deduction of amortization cost of the previous capital.
Three units of capital plus five units of obligations is eight units of means – these are Fibonacci numbers striving to the golden ratios. Thus, logical sequence of axioms leads to a new axiom that says – that, ratio of means, obligations and capital is a golden ratio. It means that any emission produced according to other proportion will be illegitimate and will lead to balance disturbance.
Distribution of emission 90% for capital owner (10% as has been said above is co-invested to work of GFS itself) plays an important role in this issue. Essentially, such distribution is already a prepared strengthened business-plan.

Today economies of different countries have different current condition. In countries and even international industrial corporations there are different initial conditions on ratio between capitals, emission obligations and human resources. It means that ratios can be changed. However, changes can be only inside of each capital, it is impossible to transfer means from one capital to another not to destroy their natural balance.

Creation of collegiate authority of world community management

The system of international above national institutes should be built on proportional representativeness of states in GFS, correspondence with territories cost on complex of natural, industrial and human capitals. Price calculation should be made in eight measuring means, re-registration is made at first according to old balance with the following correction on growth accounting of new capital and amortization writing-off of old capital.
Such condition of natural globalization demands the creation of joint world legislative body of parliament type for unification of laws and contradictions exception in its interpretation and law enforcement practice.
The necessity of creation of all system of supranational institutes of legislative, executive, judicial and spirit and educational directions is appeared.

Creation of international supranational institutes can be made by means of old institutes’ reorganization or their replacement on again created structures.
1. Legislative authority functions can be executed by International Security Parliament and World – It will demand its small reorganization.
2. Executive authority role can be executed by UN but there is a necessity of full reorganization of its financial and economic block:
• IMF and FRS – to change into International institute “Global Fiscal System”;  
• World Bank Group – to change into International institution “Global Accounting and Calculation System”;
• International trade organization – to change into International institution “Global Auction System”.
3. Functions of supranational juridical authority are necessary to be delegated from UN, International Security Parliament and World and other international juridical institutes under united structure, World court of superior jurisdiction.  
4. Functions of spirit and educational direction should be executed by World Council of churches with participation of all religious organizations and with attraction of national public organizations.
5. Main factor of legitimacy of all power branches of supranational institutes is their independent financing by means of Global Financial System under the control of all participants, represented in GFS Board of Guardians.   

Interaction with Trade Unions
Sectoral and territorial structure of GFS units is formed on the same basis as that of the trade unions. The Agency is established under the Global Auction System which carries out interaction with all the sectoral and territorial trade unions through their participation in the GFS work, and through Collective Agreements with employers this Agency monitors their execution in the sphere of protection of the rights of employees.
The Agency performs the following basic functions:
1. Promotes the welfare gain of people, maintaining the peace and harmony in society.
2. Provides the organization of public control over the progress of implementation of investment projects.
3. Determines certain basic social and economic indicators of monitoring the quality and standard of living of population.
4. Promotes the feedback – opinions of labor collectives and society as a whole concerning the GDS functioning, formation of a positive image of GDS among people.
Directions of social partnership, GFS and trade union organizations are the following:
1. Economic policy.
2. Wages, incomes and standard of living of population.
3. Providing employment among population with socially useful work.
4. Conditions and protection of labor, industrial and environmental safety.
5. Economic development of regions, necessary for the society.

Interaction with manufacturers
«The human race loves money, regardless of what they are made of» - Mikhail Bulgakov. Manufacturer of socially necessary and useful products gets working capital for his development through the issue of universal four-dimensional funds. This gives him the opportunity to modernize his production, regardless of the external environment in the world markets, to create new commodity reserves and to conduct pricing policy in all time zones through the Auction System.
Auction sales are carried out openly in all time zones in real time and around the clock, allowing to form the scale of prices for goods regardless of their speculative fluctuations in world markets. Servicing of direct purchase/sales contracts is also provided.
In the sphere of real production there is no need for the «shadow» market as issuing, financial, auction system and their directivity on life support of a Person create legal and economic opportunities for open and secure doing business, regardless of the form of ownership of the economic relations subject.

The way out of shadow economy
«Money is like manure: gather it in one place and it will smell bad. Scatter it throughout the world and it will give a fair yield» - Edgar Kaiser. One of the characteristic phenomena of market system is the development of shadow economy. It is a movement of inventory items and services between individuals and economic groups uncontrolled by society. The main factor, influencing the formation of the shadow economy and feeding it, is an imbalance of supply and demand, causing a huge shortage of goods and services. Economic and social consequence of such activity is the exemption of a significant share of funds out of the legal economy and the consequent decline in investments.
Global experience has shown that capital goes where more favorable conditions are created for it. Transition tool is GFS, while favorable conditions for capital are created through rediscount of capital and provision of investment, but non-inflationary and secured funds having an objective examination and evaluation. And the most important thing is that the capital taken into account on the international balance cannot still be shadow one by definition.
Only the capital of criminal origin is not subject to introduction into GFS of the economic community.

GFS differential characteristics
All things mentioned above will allow making the following conclusions:
1. For the first time in world practice the notion of Const is added into financial sphere. Const is provided with all booked assets of every capital owner – a participant of Global Financial System.
2. Const is not money and currency, but Global Means that carry out all functions at once: analytical, complex measures of value, currency, means of hoarding, means of payment and World currency. Const is different from other money or currency with the fact that except quantitative characteristic it has qualitative characteristic and place of payment production in real time scale, it is not given as a credit under loan interest, it is oriented for investments with term till 99 years plus 1 day.
3. Any new created capital growth is a basis for new emission production with term till 99 years plus 1 day minus amortizations on old capital of the same owner. When in Const only capital is calculated, and means and obligations value are calculated in other currencies heliciform principle is occurred. After three step-by-step actions all components of emission production – means, obligations and capital are scaled according to Const. Then and all prices inside the system are scaled relevantly to Const that excludes inflation and deflation. 
4. For the first time in world practice the exit emission ratio is fixed relatively to the capital and accepted obligations on it, proportioning to degree row of Fi numbers and it is interconnected with investment directions natural and produced capital, and human resources taking into account society’s needs.
5. For the first time natural, produced capitals and human resources are simultaneously considered for Const emission provision. Valued intellectual property is included into produced capital. GFS is differ from any emission institute with the fact that it consists of three independent and noncommercial juridical parties united with a simple partnership association without juridical party establishment with common Coordination council that provides from the one side, emission production legitimacy and from the other side, adherence of the one metrology.
6. Joint functioning of many centers of GFS is predicted in different economic communities and groups of countries working according to united standards, and mutual exchanges implementation in Const inside the system does not destroy the work of state and international financial institutes and it does not touch their own currencies as means are over balance for them as a non-resident’s currency.
7. GFS consolidated balance is carried out in Cons, balancing an account is carried out on the results of each bargain in real time scale, in all time zones and represents mathematical model of Mebius line. Obligations are carried out on balance with means usage and capital growth causes new Const emission with simultaneous amortization value reversing according to old owner capital.
8. The content of reserve system itself is carried out at the expense of holding of one tenth parts from each produced emission, and GFS carries out obligations on it, serving all system participants.
Thereby the national economies are exempt from the dangers of «financial avalanche» looming over the national economy. Each country must burn its «economic fat» for its own account. Return to the economy with the appropriate stable benchmark, not necessarily gold (or gold only), but necessarily the material (in rem), and the creation of only secured funds in the world are urgently needed for this world itself. And the world is aware of this.

КОВАЛЁВ Сергей Александрович
Академик Международной академии экологической безопасности и природопользования
Контакты: 117342, Россия, Москва, ул. Генерала Антонова, д.7, корпус 2, кв.178
Tel.: 8-965-387-48-44
Паспорт № 45 05 865740, выдан паспортным столом №2 ОВД «Коньково», 29.05.2003 года, код подразделения 772-142. Дата рождения: 24 ноября 1957 года, место рождения: город Таганрог, Ростовская область.
Sergey Kovalev
International Academy of Environmental Safety and Environmental Sciences
Contact: 117342, Russia, Moscow, ul. General Antonov, 7, Block 2, kv.178
Tel.: 8-965-387-48-44
Passport number 45 05 865740, issued passport number table 2 ATS "Konkovo" 29.05.2003 year, the subdivision code 772-142. Date of Birth: 24 November 1957 Place of Birth: Taganrog, Rostov region.
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