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Prof. James Petras -- America’sImperial Empire: The Sun Never Sets but the Mote remains in the Emperor’s Eye

Global Research, May 16, 2016
Region: USA

Post-colonial empires are complex organizations.  They are organized on a multi-tiered basis, ranging from relative autonomous national and regional allies to subservient vassal states, with variations in between.

In the contemporary period, the idea of empire does not operate as a stable global structure, though it may aspire and strive for such.  While the US is the major imperial power, it does not dominate some leading global political-economic and military powers, like Russia and China.

Imperial powers, like the US, have well-established regional satellites but have also suffered setbacks and retreats from independent local economic and political challengers.

Empire is not a fixed structure rigidly embedded in military or economic institutions.  It contains sets of competing forces and relations, which can change over time and circumstances.  Moreover, imperial allies and clients do not operate through fixed patterns of submission.  While there is submission to general agreements on ideology, military doctrine and economic policy identified with imperial rulers, there are cases of vassal states pursuing their own links with non-imperial markets, investors and exporters.

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 18.05.2016

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 18.05.2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 16:45

The situation in the Donetsk People's Republic has significantly aggravated.

Over the last day the Ukrainian security officers 557 times fired on the territory of the Republic. The enemy launched 124 mortar shells of 120 mm caliber and 89 mortar shells of 82 mm caliber. In addition it was fired from the IFV, various types of grenade launchers and small arms.

By intensifying of shellings the Ukrainian punishers try to provoke the DPR army to backfire. However, we don't react to provocations and fully observe the Minsk agreements. That induces the Ukrainian criminals to shell even more the territory of the DPR.

In last days the Ukrainian security officers fired on the localities of: Dokuchayevsk, Spartak, Yasinovataya, Staronikhailovka, Zaitsevo, the area of the airport and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.

The criminal orders to fire on the territory of the DPR were given by the brigade commanders Shaptala, Krasilnikov and Sokolov.

As a result of firings one serviceman died and two got wounded.

Our investigation continues recording the concentration of the forbidden arms of the enemy along the line of contact. So, near the localities of:

Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 18.05.2016

Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 18.05.2016


Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 14:12

The situation in the area of the People's Militia responsibility has not changed significantly over the past day, is characterized as stably tense and tends to aggravation

There were recorded 3 ceasefire violations over the past day. In total the punishers made 60 shots, including: from IFV (20 shots), grenade machine guns (40 shots), and also small arms of various caliber. The shelling of the People's Militia positions came from the directions of the localities of Novozvannovka and Luganskoye where the punishers of the AFU 54th separate motorized brigade and the 59 the separate motor-infantry brigade are concentrated.



Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 13:25

Russia will not support the aid program of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Ukraine if it does not take into consideration Ukrainian obligations to Russia regarding $3 bln debt, said the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

As a sovereign creditor Russia will insist on including Ukraine’s obligations to Russia when working at the update of the IMF's aid program to the country, he added.

The aid program to Ukraine, which is being worked out by the IMF now… hopefully the program will take into consideration Ukraine’s obligations on redemption of its debts to Russia. In case it does not how can we support the Fund’s program like that? That is absolutely not in line with our interests, he said.

Italian Veneto region to vote on resolution on Crimea status recognition and on lifting sanctions on Moscow

Italian Veneto region to vote on resolution on Crimea status recognition and on lifting sanctions on Moscow

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 12:11

A regional council in Italy’s northeastern Veneto region, with the administrative center in Venice, is due to vote on a resolution on recognizing the status of Crimea as part of the Russian Federation on Wednesday, reported by TASS.  

And it is going to vote on a resolution on lifting sanctions imposed on Moscow. The vote is scheduled to be held at 2.30 p.m. local time (12.30 GMT).

The council in Veneto, Italy's fifth most populous region, urges the Italian government to abandon the EU international policy in regard to Crimea subjected to unfair discrimination after reunification with the Russian Federation in March 2014. It calls on Italy’s government to lift sanctions immediately and restore economic ties with Russia in full.

DPR Combat Engineers defused 80 explosive objects including MRLS “Smerch” in Debaltsevo

DPR Combat Engineers defused 80 explosive objects including MRLS “Smerch” in Debaltsevo

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 11:38

The DPR Emergencies Ministry experts discovered and took 80 explosive objects from Debaltsevo to a blasting ground over the past day. 

‘As a part of completely defusing over the past day in the town  of  Debaltsevo on the street named Trudovskaya there were discovered, extracted and removed explosive objects to the blasting ground: the artillery shell of 122mm caliber – five units, artillery shell of 125mm caliber – two units, artillery shell of 30mm – 70 units, mortar mine of 82mm caliber – one unit,  cluster component of the MRLS “Smerch” – one unit, Rocket Propelled Grenades -22 – one unit,’ informed the press office of the Emergencies Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic. 

DONi News Agency 

Ukrainian punishers fired 216 mines on outskirts of Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Dokuchayevsk

Ukrainian punishers fired 216 mines on outskirts of Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Dokuchayevsk

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 10:42

The Ukrainian punishers fired 216 mines on northern outskirt of Donetsk, the Yasinovataya checkpoint and Dokuchayevsk in the evening, at night and in the morning. 

‘From 20:20 till 06:40 the Ukrainian side was shelling the territory of the Donetsk airport, the Volvo Center, Spartak, the Yasinovataya checkpoint and Dokuchayevsk. Altogether, the enemy fired 139 mines of 120mm caliber and 77 mines of 82mm caliber from its positions,’ informed the Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic.  

The Defense Ministry added that along with mortar shells, there had been registered 10 shots with antitank guided missiles. 

According to the DPR Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian military were shelling from their positions in the area of the ventilation shaft of the mine Butovskaya, from the localities of Avdeyevka, Opytnoye, Pesky and Novotroyetskoye

Russian TV Channel NTV Shooting team comes under Ukrainian sniper-fire near Yasinovataya

Russian TV Channel NTV Shooting team comes under Ukrainian sniper-fire near Yasinovataya

The shooting team of the Russian TV Channel NTV has come under sniper-fire in the area of the Yasinovataya checkpoint located on the part of the route Donetsk-Gorlovka. 
‘After the meeting with the OSCE in the locality of Dokuchayevsk, we went to the industrial zone in the area of the Yasinovataya checkpoint to monitor the situation and to take pictures on the subject of supporting the ceasefire regime. When we arrived there, the sniper from the Ukrainian side opened fire on us. We had luck to survive,’ pointed out the correspondent who was in the eye of the storm. 
Fortunately, there are no injured people among the shooting team. 
DONi News Agency 

Français -- Les mobiles stratégiques globaux de la guerre contre la Syrie par Thierry Myssan - video


Selon la presse états-unienne, le mois dernier, un groupe armé formé par le Pentagone a attaqué un autre groupe formé par la CIA. 

Quelle logique supérieure à celle du département de la Défense et à celle des services secrets anime la Maison-Blanche ? 

Pourquoi Washington est-il prêt à sacrifier ses alliés pour que la guerre dure encore et encore ? 

Pourquoi, dès 2012, la Russie et la Chine ont opposé leur véto aux États-Unis ?

Thierry Meyssan -- Les techniques de la propagande militaire moderne

La propagande est aussi vieille que les sociétés humaines. Cependant, elle s’est considérablement développée à l’ère des masses et suit désormais des règles précises. Thierry Meyssan revient sur l’histoire et les principes de cette science du mensonge.


JPEG - 57.4 ko
Le mot « propagande » fait référence à l’organe romain chargé de propager le catholicisme face au protestantisme, la « Congregatio de Propaganda Fide ».
La propagande est une technique militaire qui se distingue de la ruse. La première cherche à tromper son propre camp, généralement pour emporter son soutien. La seconde, dont l’archétype antique est le cheval de Troie, vise à abuser l’adversaire. Comme souvent, cette technique militaire a connu de nombreuses applications civiles, aussi bien dans le domaine commercial que politique.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Angela Merkel’s “Grey Zone”: How the Islamic State (ISIS) Acquired German Weapons

Germany has been supplying weapons to Iraqi Kurdistan since October, 2014. That was a crucial moment that determined the further foreign political course of Germany. Feeling pressure from the United States, the Cabinet of Germany lifted a ban on weapons and military vehicles’ supplies to crisis war-torn regions. According to German government officials, Germany realized the Kurds could stand up to ISIS terrorists. “The Kurdish fighters are manning the front line against the Islamic State”, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen stated.

JPEG - 36 kb
Dilshad Barzani
At the same time, Washington celebrated its victory as well: the White House had managed the Germans to dance to the U.S. tune. However, it has become known this January that black markets in Northern Iraq openly sell German weapons. Berlin demanded that the Kurdish leadership account for using supplied armory. The report revealed that a part of the weapons delivered by Germany to the Kurds fell into the hands of terrorists. Inside Syria Media Center focused on this issue deciding to find out the way military cargos were delivered to Iraqi Kurdistan.

Very Important Person

Thierry Meyssan -- Syria – the war can be limited

Syria – the war can be limited

Every time the Syrian Arab Army beats the jihadists, new combatants arrive in Syria in their thousands. We are therefore forced to admit that this war is being cultivated from the exterior, and that it will last as long as soldiers are sent to die. So we must understand the exterior reasons which continue to maintain it. Then, and only then, can we elaborate a strategy which will spare lives.

JPEG - 49.4 kb
The antique «Silk Road» linked Iran with the Syrian coast by crossing Iraq and passing by Palmyra. It is geographically impossible to open other main communication routes across the desert. Consequently, the city has become the central challenge of the war in Syria. After having been occupied for a year by Daesh, it was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, and has just presented two concerts , televised in Syria and Russia, to celebrate the victory over terrorism.
Syria has been at war now for more than five years. Those who supported the conflict first explained it as an extension of the «Arab Spring». But no-one today uses this explanation. Simply because the governments which developed from these «Springs» have already been overthrown. Far from being a struggle for democracy, these events were no more than a tactic for changing secular régimes to the profit of the Muslim Brotherhood.
It is now alleged that the Syrian «Spring» was hijacked by other forces, and that the «revolution » - which never existed – has been devoured by jihadists who are all too real.
As President Vladimir Putin pointed out, primarily, the behaviour of the Western and Gulf powers is incoherent. It is impossible on a battlefield to combat both jihadists and the Republic at the same time as pretending to take a third position. But no-one has publicly taken sides, and so the war continues.
The truth is that this war has no interior cause. It is the fruit of an environment which is not regional, but global. When war was declared by the US Congress in 2003 with the vote on the Syrian Accountability Act, Dick Cheney’s objective was to steal the gigantic reserves of Syrian gas. We know today that the «Peak Oil» scare did not signal the end of oil reserves, and that Washington will soon be exploiting other forms of hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Mexico. The strategic objectives of the United States have thus changed. As from now, their objective is to contain the economic and political development of China and Russia by forcing them to engage in commerce exclusively by maritime routes which are controlled by their aircraft-carriers.
As soon as he arrived in power in 2012, President Xi Jinping announced his country’s intention to free itself from these constraints and to build two new continental commercial routes to the European Union. The first route would build on the antique traces of the Silk Road, the second would pass via Russia and on to Germany. Immediately, two conflicts appeared – first of all, the war in Syria was no longer directed at régime change, but at creating chaos, while the same chaos broke out, for no better reason, in Ukraine. Then, Belarus contacted Turkey and the United States, expanding the Northern barricade which splits Europe in two. Thus, two endless conflicts block both routes.
The good news is that no-one can negotiate victory in Ukraine against defeat in Syria, since both wars have the same objective. The bad news is that the chaos will continue on both fronts as long as China and Russia have been unable to build another route.
Consequently, there is nothing to be gained by negotiation with people who are being paid to maintain the conflict. It would be better to think pragmatically and accept that these are simply the means for Washington to cut the Silk Roads. Only then will it be possible to untangle the numerous competing interests and stabilise all the inhabited areas.
Pete Kimberley

Finian Cunningham -- Russia Saving World From Total War

The US anti-missile station Aegis Ashore Romania is pictured at the military base in Deveselu, Romania

By Finian Cunningham

May 16, 2016 "
Information Clearing House" - "Sputnik" - The deployment this week of a US missile system in Eastern Europe is another step towards all-out global war. Despite Western propaganda demonizing Russia, the truth is that it is Russian military might that is actually holding the line to prevent such a cataclysm.

The United States and its NATO allies are already at war with Russia. This is not hyperbole. It is fact. The US and its allies are amassing weapons and troops on Russia’s borders, and engaging in simulated attacks from various directions.

Orwellian language of “war games” in Western media serves to diminish the disturbing fact that NATO forces are preparing offensive strikes on Russia.

War machinery on both sides are locked on. The encounter last month of the US warship with Russian fighter jets in the Baltic Sea is but one of many such close encounters occurring almost every week. Granted, weapons have not actually been fired yet. Nevertheless, the weapon machinery is engaged.

Again, Western media serve to normalize what is a balefully abnormal situation. At the behest of Washington, the Western countries are trying to blockade Russia with economic sanctions. This is just another provocative act of war.

Moreover, diplomatic channels between Washington and Moscow seem attenuated to levels as low as at any time during the former Cold War. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has apparently maintained a cordial working relationship with his American counterpart John Kerry, but apart from that individual rapport the bilateral position between the two powers has sunken to an all-time low.

Another manifestation of war is the US proxy conflict with Russia in Syria and Ukraine. On the surface there may be talk about ceasefires and political solutions, but make no mistake the jihadist mercenaries and the neo-Nazi Kiev regime are nonetheless American military assets ever-poised to attack Russia’s geo-strategic interests.

The move this week by Washington to activate its long-anticipated missile system in Eastern Europe is another act of aggression in a whole panoply of offensive actions. US and NATO officials deny that the Aegis system is targeting Russia, and make the ludicrous claim that it is to defend Europe against Iranian ballistic rockets or some other “rogue state”. Such transparent, deceitful nonsense.

Russia rightly dismisses Washington and NATO’s cynical assurances. The Kremlin this week said that the installation of the US missile system is a direct threat to Russia’s security. Moscow said it would take counter-measures to restore the strategic balance of nuclear deterrence. It was no coincidence that official Russian reports disclosed details of a new hypersonic Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile that could penetrate any American missile shield to deliver a warhead capable of destroying an area the size of Texas or France.

This is not irresponsible Russian bravado. It is vital that Russia lets aggressive Washington know that any future war moves will be met with equal or greater force. Of course, the outcome would be an all-out nuclear war which could destroy the planet as we know it. But the only way of saving the peace and the planet is for Russia to show that it has the military might to face down any American belligerence.

The upgrade of Russian military power under President Vladimir Putin is perhaps the only thing that is holding back the push for all-out war by the US.

And let’s face it. It is the US that is the source of belligerence. As American political analyst Randy Martin points out, the so-called Wolfowitz Doctrine is the touchstone of Washington’s foreign policy. The neocon doctrine of former Department of Defense official Paul Wolfowitz, who served in the George W Bush administrations, is embedded in US military strategic thinking.

Says Martin: “Wolfowitz’s worldview of seeing the US as the world’s only superpower and not tolerating any other rival to the point of going to war, is taught in all American military academies. It is mainstream US military thinking.”

This is what motivates Washington’s bellicose policies towards Russia and China, adds Martin. “The US is programed to go to war with any perceived rival global power in order to maintain its unwarranted ambitions of hegemony.”

The analyst says that if it were not for Russian, and Chinese, military power the US state planners would have gone further by now in prosecuting their war actions, with catastrophic consequences for the world. It is a sobering thought that, despite all the Western media disparagement of Russia, it is actually Russia that is saving the world from such a catastrophic conflict – a conflict that the US alone is pushing.

Indeed, it is averred that Russia’s intervention in Syria may have been partly based on this bigger, far more serious calculation. Not only was Russia salvaging the Middle East country from Western-backed war for regime change. Moscow’s deployment of latest weaponry, including its sea-launched cruise missiles and the S-400 anti-ballistic defense, could have been aimed at demonstrating to Washington that it better think twice about pursuing a wider war agenda.

Little do we know it because of so much Western mind-numbing misinformation, but our world is facing the abyss of nuclear war. Russia’s military power is holding the line from this abyss.

How can we transcend this abysmal situation before stumbling over the edge?

Russia must remain vigilant and strong, with a determination to not capitulate. 

The anniversary last week of the defeat of Nazi Germany is a timely reminder of Russia’s epic importance in thwarting international aggression. The same fascist aggression is virulent again in the form of American hegemonic ambitions, and just as with the Third Reich it is Russian fortitude that is preserving the world from Total War.

Political analyst Randy Martin does not see the American public has having a decisive role in practice. In theory, yes, US citizens need to call their warmongering leaders to account and to elect a democratic government – for a change. However, says Martin, the American public are so disenfranchised, brainwashed, beaten down, and oppressed with poverty and consumerist psychosis, he does not see how a mass movement in the US can be mobilized at this point in history in order to abolish the warmongering ruling elite in Washington.

Perhaps, it is up to the people of Europe to take decisive action. Growing popular discontent with European leaders who toe the American line of aggression and sanctions on Russia may have the potential of decisively breaking the US-EU-NATO war front.

What people need to urgently wake up to is that Washington and its European vassals in government are already at war on Russia. There is absolutely no objective justification for this destructive dynamic, other than the US trying to unilaterally assert its hegemony. That is not the policy of a law-abiding democracy; it is a fascist power in the same vein as Nazi Germany.

The war on Russia is being waged on entirely spurious grounds of alleged Russian annexations, invasions and expansionism. This is utter propaganda – again a la Nazi Germany.

The crucial question is this: can Russia hold the line long enough against US-led aggression until the people of the world mobilize the political action to overthrow the criminal regime that operates out of Washington and through European capitals?

Ron Paul -- Living By The Sword... Defense Bill Coming This Week: A Boost for War and Tyranny

Living By The Sword...
Defense Bill Coming This Week: A Boost for War and Tyranny

By Ron Paul

You own your own body. No state has the right to force you to kill or be killed against your will. No state has a claim on your life.

May 16, 2016 "Information Clearing House" -  For many of us concerned with liberty, the letters “NDAA” have come to symbolize Washington’s ongoing effort to undermine the US Constitution in the pursuit of constant war overseas. It was the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2012 that introduced into law the idea that American citizens could be indefinitely detained without warrant or charge if a government bureaucrat decides they had assisted al-Qaeda or “associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.” No charges, no trial, just disappeared Americans.

The National Defense Authorization bill should be a Congressional mechanism to bind the president to spend national defense money in the way Congress wishes. It is the nuts and bolts of the defense budget and as such is an important oversight tool preventing the imperial executive from treating the military as his own private army. Unfortunately that is no longer the case these days.

Why am I revisiting the NDAA today? Unfortunately since 2012 these bills have passed the House with less and less scrutiny, and this week the House is going to vote on final passage of yet another Defense Authorization, this time for fiscal year 2017. Once again it is a terrible piece of legislation that does great harm to the United States under the guise of protecting the United States.

Unless some last minute changes take place, this latest NDAA will force young women for the first time to register to be drafted into the US military. For the past 36 years, young men have been forced to register with Selective Service when they turn 18 or face felony charges and years in prison. Under a perverted notion of “equality” some people are cheering the idea that this represents an achievement for women. Why cheer when slavery is extended to all? We should be fighting for an end to forced servitude for young men and to prevent it being extended to women.


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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