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Former CIA officials award Chelsea Manning for integrity in intelligence!

Private Manning Support Network

Former CIA officials award Chelsea Manning for integrity in intelligence!

Aaron Kirkhouse (left), a childhood friend of Chelsea Manning, accepting the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence on her behalf. Also in photo: US Army Col. Ann Wright (ret.), Craig Murray, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Private Manning Support Network
February 26, 2014

Army whistle-blower Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning took a huge personal risk when she decided to show Americans the true cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other foreign policy decisions.

For her bravery, she was honored at Oxford University on February 17th, when former CIA officers chose her for the annual Sam Adams Integrity in Intelligence Award.
Chelsea Manning's acceptance statement illustrates the same strong moral principles that have led millions of people to support her worldwide:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Calls for Turkey PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resign in leaked tape scandal

25/02 13:13 CET
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A voice recording said to be of a telephone conversation between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his son Bilal is at the centre of the latest political storm in Turkey. In the conversation the pair allegedly discuss how to hide large sums of money on the day police raided houses as part of a corruption inquiry into Erdogan’s government on December 17, 2013.

Erdogan’s office described the recordings as a “dirty immoral fabrication”.

After the alleged leak, Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) held an emergency meeting where they discussed the voice recording. The CHP said the government has lost its legitimacy and called on Erdoğan to step down.

The executive board of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) also held a meeting under the leadership of chairman Devlet Bahçeli. Bahçeli said “the talks between the Prime Minister and his fugitive son is beyond our capacity of understanding.”

In the newly released voice recordings, it’s claimed Erdoğan and his son discuss in five wiretapped phone conversations plans to conceal huge sums of cash from police, who raided a number of venues as part of a corruption investigation that has implicated sons of three Turkish ministers, businessmen and the head of the state bank.

The Prime Minister’s office released a statement late on Monday, claiming that the voice recording is a “product of montage” and it is “completely false.” Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ repeated the claim and said those responsible will be brought to justice.

The voice recording is the latest in a series of leaked phone conversations that purportedly reveal wide-range corruption.

The Prime Minister claims that all these are a plot against his government and are completely unfounded. Pro-government newspapers yesterday published reports of what it claims were illegally tapped phone calls.

The political uncertainty hit Turkish markets, with the Turkish Lira losing value against the euro and the dollar.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gift from the Male


There is much distortion within the old 3d earth created reality that seeks to dis-empower both the male and the female, much of this is presented in lovely “wrapping paper”,  the distinction between human males and human females continually triggered and this is of course deliberate. For within the human male and within MALE ENERGY in TRUTH  is a gift that is hidden in plain view.  So distorted are the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality in relation to FEMALE energy that many will not be able to see the GIFT, in fact many do not even realise there is a gift.  On planet earth you are TAUGHT that the female holds the power and that somehow the world will be “saved” by this female power.  I stand firmly in my LIGHT of TRUTH and state this is a huge distortion.
Many of you are more than aware of my “training” within the old 3d earth created reality, having spent many traumatic years in an abusive relationship/marriage and my dissolving of said trauma and pain.  The New Earth at this time seeks to dissolve ALL trauma in relation to the old 3d earth created reality and my own personal journey today expanded in a way that I was both unprepared for and at many levels could not see until it was presented to me personally.  I have always worked with the male energy, finding myself surrounded by males and not understanding why.  Being surrounded by males is one thing but to understand them is something completely different. I have always detached from the whole “female power” scenario FEELing the distortion that sat underneath the teachings that seek to TEACH that women are more powerful when they come together.  Again in my personal life being shown the distorted female TEACHINGS with a female friend who runs a very distorted frequency that sees her on “self destruct” both for herself and the males that come into her life experience.
For under the old 3d earth created reality females are TAUGHT to fear the male energy and males are TAUGHT to fear the female energy, both sexes working to defend themselves from the “enemy” that you are TAUGHT seeks at all times to enter the heart space and cause massive destruction. Even naming it the “battle of the sexes” is too hidden for many on planet earth. There is in TRUTH no war, there never has been, through dis-empowering the male the female has allowed herself to be dis-empowered also. Within the old 3d earth created reality you are TAUGHT that it is the human female who is the nurturer, she is the one who has an open heart and the one that LOVES, all times within the old 3d earth created reality the male is TAUGHT to stay out of his heart space and is TAUGHT to be strong but the emphasis is always on the physical.  Over the past few linear years the human female has been encouraged to become more like the TAUGHT version of the human male. At all times the old 3d earth created reality seeking to pull your vision from TRUTH and from the heart space.
For every female who states she wishes to share her human life with an open, totally in his heart male is a female who is walking blind to the teachings that are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality.  A male with an open heart is not the same as a female with an open heart, the manifestation of the LOVE that IS through a human male takes a different form to the manifestation of the LOVE that IS through a human female for both work to provide each half of the LOVE that IS, TOGETHER they create the WHOLE manifestation of the LOVE that IS in balance in its physical form here upon planet earth.  By this I mean a reality, not necessarily another human being.  The programming of the human female prevents her from understanding the human male, prevents her from understanding that his actions in relation to his feelings and his emotions WILL NOT BE THE SAME as her actions.  This also applies to the human males who are programmed in such a way that they filter out the actions of the human female believing the programming that seeks to TEACH that the human female is the enemy in the way that the programming seeks to TEACH the human female the male is her enemy.
Ladies how often to do you sit around with your female friends and discuss your male partner and his behaviour and how often before you finish the sentence do your friends start to nod in agreement? the coming together of your female friends may APPEAR to provide you with support but in TRUTH only supports the programming that is seeking to teach you that the behaviour of your male partner is that of the “enemy”.  His behaviour is the manifestation of his programming within the old 3d earth created reality. Just as your behaviour is the manifestation of your programming. Those who are there with you as “friends” will at all times seek to re-inforce the teachings due to the triggering of said teachings.
Women are programmed to talk about feelings and men are programmed to ignore their feelings and NOT to talk about them. Women will try to get men to talk believing that by getting men to do this they will help them, to men this is highly triggering for they are TAUGHT that the female is the enemy, this is not done at a conscious waking mind level, it is done at a subconscious and unconscious mind level level.  Men at all moments of all moments are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality that they are needed physically and that is all they are needed. It is never TAUGHT that males are needed emotionally and this is highly distorted.  How commonly known is it that EMPATHY is anchored by a child from the human male and NOT the human female?  For all the single fathers out there, how often have you turned up for a toddlers meeting and been met with hostile looks from the mothers who then band together, again the teachings trying to teach that here is a male with a child and this is highly triggering. The assumption that the father must be on his own high on the list. Having been in this situation where I have been at a mother and toddler group (why is it not called PARENT and toddler?) and a male has turned up with his child. The energetic change in the room could almost be touched. What difference does it make if the child is accompanied by the male parent or the female parent?  There are so many teachings that are unwritten, low dimensional frequencies that seek to separate and dis-empower.
Why are the males who openly love and interact with their children celebrated as if they are somehow different? this scenario APPEARS to support the males but actually dis-empowers, society for example does not celebrate mothers for loving and interacting with their children. It is taken as read that mothers love their children, why is it different for the fathers?  it is irrelevant that they did not physically carry their children within their bodies, they created their children so why are they then dismissed as somehow irrelevant in the life of said children? This also applies to females who it is ASSUMED are nurturing, there are many females on this planet who have no wish to have children and they are viewed as somehow “different”.  Why would the human vehicle that you incarnate into have any impact on your decision to have or not have children? In relation to children being harmed why is it more shocking when it is a human female than a human male?  Nearly all of this is filtered out through the teachings that are absorbed from the moment you take your first breathe upon this planet.
Depending on which human vehicle you have incarnated into the filtering will seek at all times to re-enforce the teachings that you are anchoring. Many males on the planet are trying to open their hearts the way that the human female does and HOLD ON to the teachings that seek to outline and define what it means to be a human male on this planet.  All the while filtering out the GIFT that they have deep within their heart space, the old 3d earth continually teaching that to be a successful male you must have money, must be strong and must be unflappable.  Money and physical strength have NOTHING to do with being open and in your heart, it is a TEACHING that is TAUGHT to keep you from your strength in TRUTH which resides within your heart space.
Both human males and human females are looking to manifest the LOVE that IS physically upon this planet but the way in which this is done is not the same for both of them.  As a human female I have been TAUGHT to protect how vulnerable I am, at all times in the old 3d earth created reality I am TAUGHT that I am the weaker sex, I am physically not as strong as a human male therefore I NEED a human male to be there for that strength.  To be vulnerable is to be open and that will allow the “enemy” (in relation to humans that will be a human male as I am in human female form) to gain access to my heart. So the teachings in relation to my human female incarnation are about protecting my heart space, not allowing the male to see me vulnerable emotionally, after all human males are not “emotional” so they will not understand my emotion. This is highly distorted for male children feel emotion, it is only when they begin to walk and to talk that we TEACH them to keep a tight hold of their emotions.  Female children allowed to cry when they fall over, male children told to be “men” and be “brave”.  So under the old 3d earth created reality I would gain my emotional support from my “female ” friends, but they are also TAUGHT that men are not emotional so this re-enforces the TEACHINGS which are distorted.  The emotional support is at all times available from the human male, by side stepping him and seeking support from the “female” friends I am dis-empowering him and therefore dis-empowering myself.
In TRUTH a balanced male and a balanced female can be open at heart level and begin to understand each other but they must both understand the distortions that need to be dissolved, the female understanding that for a human male talking about emotion is like handing him a bomb and pulling the pin out!  Remember these are TEACHINGS that are TAUGHT lifetime after lifetime and ALL IS NOW overlaid on top of each other.  Strength in a human male is found ONLY within the heart space, it is by allowing the human male to see the vulnerability and by accepting that this will trigger him but it will bring his true essence to the surface. For the human male wishes to protect the human female, he is TAUGHT that his physical presence is enough in the old 3d earth created reality and that he protects the female by his physical form and his provision of money etc for her.  This may seem logical but logic has no place in the New Earth, what the human male seeks is LOVE, this is not found in the human logical mind, it is found in the HEART.
How does a human male find his way back into his heart space? he finds it by understanding that his strength is WITHIN the heart space, it is his ability to stand strong for the female and support her emotions, to allow her to feel her vulnerability and DO NOTHING other than love her.  To accept her for who she is and not try to stay within the “rules” of the old 3d earth created reality.  For the human females out there it is to show the human male that who he is as a person is ENOUGH, that he does not need to be anyone other than who he is at an emotional level. To understand that the human male is closed down and that the human female is TAUGHT to keep him closed down. To “assume” is to walk blind in the teachings of distortion, how many times have you taken your partners behaviour and ASSUMED how they feel and then reacted to the assumption? The suicide rate of young teen/early adult human males rises all the time. These are males who have no outlet for their emotions, who are trying to fit into the highly distorted teachings that seek to have them some sort of superman with NO feelings.  Just because a human male is not speaking does not mean he is not hurting, often the not speaking is in direct relation to hurting so much they cannot find the words. Human males are TAUGHT to “do”, overwhelmed with emotion the human male may choose to “do” by leaving the planet, the option of speaking or sharing his emotions too much for him. Human females handed a box of tissues and told to have a good cry.  How many “strong, silent” type human males are actually so broken they are barely alive at an emotional level?
I named this blog “the GIFT from the male”, the gift in TRUTH is the strength of love that a human male can provide. It is a LOVE like no other and it is a GIFT that is beyond words.  In my own personal life I have been given this GIFT and I accept it graciously, I accept it completely for I understand fully the journey that was taken to offer this GIFT to me. My human female “teachings” trying at all times during this process to TEACH me that my walk into the heart space would result in my utter destruction and trying to teach me that the bearer of the GIFT was the enemy.
At this time upon planet earth many are in anxiety, frustration and are feeling overwhelmed by the emotions that are now seeking release.  Sometimes all that is needed is a hug, a touch or a smile, for these speak a million words silently. LOVE is not the soul sanctuary of the female, the male also needs to be acknowledged, accepted and cherished, if not then the human race will continue to walk unbalanced.  The LOVE that IS is birthed through BOTH the human male and the human female, this TRUTH will now expand and deepen across and within planet earth, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE.

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Français - Communiqué du vendredi 7 février 2014 – ITCCS

Communiqué du vendredi 7 février 2014 – ITCCS

Déclaration « sans effet » des Nations Unies sur le viol et la torture d’enfants par l’église catholique condamnée par l’ITCCS, à New York – Le Pape François, les Jésuites et d’autres face aux poursuites judiciaires par le Tribunal International dès le 31 mars – “Les accords d’Holyrood ” entre la Reine Elizabeth et le précédent Pape Benoît cités comme preuve dans un complot criminel – Mandat d’arrêt possible émis par la Couronne Britannique contre Kevin Annett.
 New York City :

Aujourd’hui, devant l’entrée du Consulat Canadien à Manhattan au centre ville, le Secrétaire de terrain de l’ITCCS le Révérend Kevin Annett a dénoncé les Nations Unies pour leur déclaration “sans effet” au sujet des crimes du Vatican commis contre les enfants, et a annoncé le lancement des poursuites judiciaires du nouveau Tribunal International contre le trafic institutionnel des enfants, indique Kevin Annett.

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Edward Snowden | Chelsea Manning receives Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence


Dear Reader,  
Edward Snowden addresses the Oxford Union as part of the Sam Adams awards ceremony on February 19th, 2014. 

The Sam Adams Award is given annually by the Sam Adams Associates 
for Integrity in Intelligence, a group of retired CIA officers, to intelligence professional who has taken a stand for integrity and ethics. 

It is named after Samuel A. Adams, a CIA whistleblower during the Vietnam War, and takes the physical form of a "corner-brightener candlestick". 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Le Service des Impôts sur le revenu (Internal Revenue Service IRS) des Etats-Unis n’est pas une Institution gouvernementale

Le Service des Impôts sur le revenu (Internal Revenue Service IRS) des Etats-Unis n’est pas une Institution gouvernementale : c’est un trust écran de Porto Rico sans autorité légale pour collecter ne serait-ce que dix cents de la part des citoyens des Etats-Unis.

L’IRS n’est pas une Institution gouvernementale américaine

Le Bureau des Impôts sur le revenu interne (BIR), également connu sous le nom de Service des Impôts sur le Revenu interne (IRS), n’a jamais été voté par la création d’une loi du Congrès. Ce n’est pas une Institution du Département du Trésor (Ministère des Finances américain, ndt). La seule mention de l’IRS apparaît dans un document 31 U.S.C. section 301-315 qui déclare que le Président est autorisé à nommer un Conseiller adjoint général du Département du Trésor américain en tant que Conseiller en Chef de l’IRS.

Dans le procès de 1979 Chrysler contre Brown (441 U.S. 281), la Cour Suprême des Etats-Unis a reconnu qu’après des recherches remontant à la Guerre de Sécession, aucune Loi de base sur les fondements de l’IRS n’a pu être découverte. La Clause de Garantie de la Constitution établit que la règle se fonde sur la base de la loi fédérale (Article IV, section 4). Nous sommes censés être une nation régie par des lois – non une nation gouvernée par des édits des mondialistes. L’IRS n’est pas une Institution Publique des Etats-Unis parce qu’il n’existe pas de loi qui l’a créée. L’IRS est une escroquerie, une tromperie, qui nous pompe notre argent uniquement parce que nous les laissons faire.

L’IRS s’appelle, en réalité, Puerto Rican Trusts (Fond fidéicommis de Porto Rico)

L’IRS est un Trust de Porto Rico géré par le Secrétaire au Trésor (Ministre des Finances) comme Administrateur du Fond. Le fondateur et les bénéficiaires de ces trusts sont inconnus, et bien entendu, les lois portoricaines applicables aux trusts permettent de garder le secret sur ces entités.
Quoique cela soit dissimulé, selon le Code US 31, chapitre 3, l’IRS et le Bureau des Alcools, Tabacs et Armes à feu (BARF) constituent une seule et même organisation.

Acquises par la conquête, les Etats-Unis ont pris possession des Iles Philippines, de Guam et de Porto-Rico. La loi sur l’Administration des Douanes des Philippines fut promulguée par la Commission des Philippines entre 1900 et 1902. Elle a été créée pour régler les échanges avec les pays étrangers et pour imposer des droits de douane et des impôts indirects. Cette loi a créé le premier fond de fidéicommis du gouvernement fédéral, Trust Fund #1 (US Code 31, section 1321) qui fut administré sous le contrôle général du Secrétaire aux Finances et à la Justice.
En 1904 une autre loi fut promulguée créant le Trust Fund #2 qui fut connu sous le nom de Bureau of Internal Revenue (US Code 31, section 1321, article 1, alinéas 2 & 3) 

En 1940 un autre Bureau de l’Internal Revenue (BIR) fut créé à Porto Rico et connu sous le Trust Fonds #62. Sous le plan de Réorganisation N° 3 de 1940 (US code 5, section 903) la Federal Alcool Administration (créée pour imposer la prohibition sur l’Alcool) a été abolie et ses fonctions transférées au Secrétaire du Trésor à travers le BIR. Bien que l’histoire ait supprimé les anciennes éditions de USC , on peut en déduire que la Federal Alcool Administration a été absorbée par le Trust #62 de Porto Rico.

Le Bureau of Internal Revenue devient le Internal Revenue Service

En 1953, les Etats-Unis ont cédé le contrôle des Philippines. De nombreuses questions restent ouvertes concernant les Trusts #1 (droits de douane) et Trust #2 (impôts sur le revenu), telles que pourquoi ils continuent d’être administrés à ce jour, et qui exactement sont les fondateurs et les bénéficiaires de ces trusts.
Ce n’est pas une coïncidence si en 1953, le Secrétaire du Trésor, G.K. Humphrey, sans autre autorité légale que la sienne, a changé le nom du BIR en Internal Revenue Service, en signant l’ordonnance du Trésor 150-06. On ne sait pas si Humphrey a changé le nom du BIR aux Philippines ou à Porto-Rico.

Sans l’approbation du Congrès ou du Président, Humphrey a illégalement transformé les Trusts en une Institution du Département du Trésor. Personne ne s’y est opposé, ou ne l’a même pas remis en question.

En 1935 lorsque la Loi fédérale sur l’Alcool (la prohibition) a été déclarée inconstitutionnelle dans les 50 Etats, les fonctions de l’Administration Fédérale de l’Alcool furent administrées par le Secrétaire du Trésor à travers le BIR, un trust offshore. Le BIR devint l’IRS, et l’IRS donna alors naissance au BATF. Le 15 septembre 1976, une signature transféra le poste de Directeur du BATF à l’IRS.

Avant 1940, un autre Bureau of Internal Revenue fut créé à Porto-Rico et connu sous le nom de Trust Fund #62. Sous l’égide du Plan de Réorganisation #3 de 1940 (US Code 5, section 903), l’Administration Fédérale de l’Alcool (créée pour faire appliquer la prohibition de l’alcool) fut abolie et ses fonctions transférées au Secrétaire au Trésor à travers le BIR. Bien que l’histoire en ait été supprimée des anciennes éditions de l’USC, on peut en déduire que l’Administration Fédérale de l’Alcool fut absorbée par le Trust de Porto-Rico #62.

La Loi régissant le commerce avec la Chine (China Trade Act) fut promulguée entre 1904 et 1938 pour le négoce de l’opium, de la cocaïne et des spiritueux exportés par la Chine, et fut apparemment administrée dans les Philippines par le BIR. Le Code des Règlements Fédéraux des USA, Titre 26 Internal Revenue, chapitre 1, définit pour la première fois des clauses et dispositions telles que revenus, crédits, évasion fiscale, imposition et collecte et défaut de déclaration. Cependant, tout le contenu du Titre 26 s’applique à des particuliers étrangers, à des sociétés étrangères, des navires étrangers, des revenus (fonciers) provenant de propriétés des Etats-Unis, et de citoyens et sociétés nationales américaines qui tirent leurs revenus (fonciers) de propriétés des Etats-Unis.

Toutes les taxes recouvrant ces droits concernaient des impôts, et taxes indirectes & droits de douane destinés à être collectés par le BIR sur les produits narcotiques, le tabac et les armes à feu. La Loi applicable IRS de 1939 s’appliquait à toutes les taxes et droits de douane relatifs au commerce entre des propriétés des Etats-Unis (Philippines, Porto-Rico, District de Columbia, Iles Vierges, Guam, Iles Mariannes septentrionales) et des particuliers, sociétés et gouvernements étrangers.
De fait, Al Capone n’a pas été en prison pour évasion fiscale mais pour des taxes non payées et dues sur l’Alcool importé depuis le Canada !

La Loi sur la Taxe de la Victoire

Promulguée par le Congrès pour les années 1943 et 1944, elle a dupé les patriotes Américains afin de soutenir les gagnants de la Deuxième guerre mondiale. Le Gouvernement Fédéral a créé un mensonge malicieux imposant tous les américains en adressant le formulaire 1040 à tout le monde. En fait, seuls les employés du Gouvernement fédéral, les résidents du District de Columbia et des bases navales, résidents de Forts, Les citoyens Américains des Iles Vierges, des Territoires de Porto Rico et leurs propriétés (fonciers) étaient soumis à cette disposition de payer cette taxe en premier lieu.

Le Bureau de Internal Revenue devient Internal Revenue Service

Pour résumer, il n’existe aucune organisation à l’intérieur Département du Trésor du nom de « The Internal Revenue Service » ou le « Bureau du Tabac et des Armes à feu. » Dans le Titre 31 USC qui énonce les lois applicables par le Département du Trésor et liste les organisations qui dépendent de lui, ne figurent pas d’IRS ou de BATF.
Cependant, aussi bien l’IRS (Porto Rico Trust #62) que le BATF figurent sur la liste des entités à auditer par le Contrôleur Général et les deux sont cités comme ayant des bureaux à Porto-Rico.

Le Code IRS de 1939, également connu sous le nom de Code IRS de 1954, se limite à des taxes sur le tabac et les armes à feu, administré par l’IRS – alias BIR, alias Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue, alias Director ATF Division, alias IRS.

Il n’existe aucune loi qui oblige les citoyens des Etats-Unis de payer des impôts à l’IRS.

Il est toujours difficile de prouver que quelque chose n’existe pas, mais ceux qui savent comprennent qu’il n’y a pas eu de loi obligeant les citoyens des Etats-Unis d’Amérique à payer des impôts à une institution fédérale quelconque, et encore moins à des trusts portoricains dont les bénéficiaires sont secrets. Aucun agent ou représentant de l’IRS ou du BATF n’est capable de produire une loi, un décret, règlementation ou qui leur donne mandat pour auditer d’autres personnes qu’elles-mêmes.
Alors que le Département américain de la Justice a une procuration pour représenter les Institutions fédérales devant un Tribunal fédéral, il n’a aucun mandat pour représenter l’IRS car ce n’est pas une Institution fédérale. En outre, les gouvernements de tous les territoires fédéraux sont spécifiquement exclus de la définition d’une « Institution fédérale » de droit, loi du Congrès (5 U.S.C. 551 (1) (C)). Etant donné que l’IRS est domicilié à Porto-Rico, il n’est par définition pas une Institution fédérale qui peut être représentée par le Département de la Justice.
Néanmoins, parce que le Président a le pouvoir de nommer le Conseiller en chef de l’IRS, il/elle peut désigner un Adjoint qui peut se présenter devant un Tribunal fédéral au nom de l’IRS et de ses employés. La chaîne de commandement hiérarchique part du Congrès, pour aller au Président, puis au Conseiller en chef de l’IRS – sans passer par le Département de la Justice.

L’emprise de l’IRS

Nous sommes devenus un peuple gouverné par des lois fiscales faites par les riches pour les riches où il n’existe en réalité aucune loi qui exige de payer des impôts. L’IRS continue dans sa brutale application de cette arnaque parce que les tribunaux au niveau Fédéral ont, de procès en procès, refusé de les tenir pour responsables. De manière constante, la procédure que nous autorise notre Constitution est complètement transgressée, avec la confiscation de la propriété et des enregistrements si bien que les Américains sont impuissants à se défendre contre l’IRS et son arsenal.

Alors qu’est-ce qui finance notre gouvernement fédéral ?

Le spécialiste de la fiscalité Richard Standring (aujourd’hui décédé) croyait que les Etats-Unis se finançaient à l’aide d’emprunts auprès du Fond Monétaire International (FMI). En suivant la trace de chèques mentionnant l’IRS en tant que bénéficiaire, Standring découvrit que les chèques allaient à une banque de la Réserve Fédérale. L’argent transite ensuite vers la Banque Internationale pour la Reconstruction et le Développement (BIRD) pour être déposé sur un compte « Quad Zéro », qui est le compte à partir duquel l’IRS effectue les remboursements (selon 22 U.S.C. 286 et 31 CFR 11, section 214.7).
Selon les recherches de Standring, le solde est alors transféré au Fond Monétaire International et ensuite redistribué sous forme de prêts aux pays du monde entier, y compris les Etats-Unis.
Ces prêts doivent ensuite être remboursés avec intérêts aux banquiers du Fond Monétaire International.

Cet argent du contribuable est utilisé pour des prêts, même à notre propre pays (les Etats-Unis), que nous devons ensuite rembourser avec intérêts au Fond Monétaire International. Quelle part de la dette nationale cela représente-t-il ?

Il peut s’avérer impossible de déterminer avec précision combien de dollars en impôts droits et taxes les américains ont reversé à travers le Fond Monétaire International, ou ont été transférés par la Banque de la Réserve Fédérale à des banques étrangères, ou combien d’argent le gouvernement a illégalement prélevé pour des opérations spéciales (black-ops), des attaques sous faux pavillon (false flags), des dessous de table à des lobbyistes et des parlementaires, et pour l’assassinat de présidents (américains et étrangers), de scientifiques et de lanceurs d’alerte.

Néanmoins, ce qui peut être documenté, c’est que pendant 240 ans, une grosse partie de nos impôts droits et taxes ainsi que d’innombrables vies américaines – a servi à remplir les poches du complexe multinational militaro-industriel.

Alors que faire ?

Il existe maintenant des mouvements à pied d’œuvre pour organiser une nouvelle poursuite collective publique en justice à l’encontre de l’IRS. Nous applaudissons ces initiatives et aimerions ajouter un appel au clairon à tous les avocats patriotes américains qui ont le courage et la fermeté de se lever pour les citoyens américains et submerger les Tribunaux de poursuites judiciaires et révéler l’illégalité de l’impôt sur le revenu et de faire la lumière sur l’IRS pour ses escroqueries criminelles et forcer les Tribunaux de justice à faire appliquer la Constitution des Etats-Unis.
L’élite (autre nom de la cabale, ndt) s’est longtemps reposée sur le fait que nous ignorions la vérité et que nous ne savions pas quoi faire. Maintenant que nous connaissons la vérité, allons nous continuer à les laisser prendre notre argent en nous demandant « mais que puis-je faire ? »
Lors de nos débuts en tant que pays nous nous sommes libérés de la tyrannie, et nous devons le faire à nouveau – un changement monumental se produira lorsque Nous Le Peuple nous réunirons.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

US Media Blacks Out Snowden Interview: “Super National Intelligence Organization” Known As The “Five Eyes” Are Watching You

February 10, 2014 by Arjun Walia20 Comments.


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More information regarding the United States’ massive surveillance program has surfaced again, via Edward Snowden, an NSA whistleblower who stole thousands of classified documents before leaving the country. Mainstream media networks in North America completely blacked out the interview, but that hasn’t stopped the information revealed during the interview from spreading across the planet. You can watch the full interview here. Not only has your entire life been tracked, stored and recorded using multiple techniques, we now know that a “super national intelligence organization” known as the “five eyes” are behind it all, can do whatever they want, and are far beyond the laws of their own country. They are an international group within the intelligence community that nobody knows anything about.

“The five eyes alliance is sort of an artifact of the post World War II era. Where the anglophone countries of the major powers banded together to sort of cooperate and share the costs of intelligence gathering and infrastructure. What the result of this was over decades and decades was a super national intelligence organization that doesn’t answer to the laws of its own countries. They not only share the information, they share the tools and infrastructure, they work together against joint targets and services.” - Snowden

Aktuelle Meldung Neil Keenan - Das Keenan Team Berichtet: IRS - Private, Verlogene, Globalistisch-Kontrollierte Gangsterbehörde - Wir Wollen Unser Geld Zurück!

Aktuelle Meldung Neil Keenan - Das Keenan Team Berichtet: IRS - Private, Verlogene, Globalistisch-Kontrollierte Gangsterbehörde - Wir Wollen Unser Geld Zurück!

Translated by 
Debra Bacchus
journalist, translator

Herausgegeben am 11. Februar, 2014

Letzte Aktualisierung: Dieser Artikel hatte schon rund 11.500 Besucher! Ihr Interesse freut uns. Es scheint, daß die Menschen langsam aufwachen! Umarmungen, - Jean

Eine persönliche Einführung von Neil Keenan

Wir sind übers Kreuz gelegt worden. Nichts von alldem, während wir aufwuchsen, das wir als real betrachteten, ist in Wirklichkeit real. Während ich dabei war, die einzelnen Teile zu einem Gesamtbild zusammenzufügen, begann es mir zu dämmern, daß so viel mehr hinter dem vorgezogenen Vorhang verborgen lag, als ich angehalten worden bin zu glauben. Ich gelangte zu der Einsicht, daß das einzige, worauf ich glaubend als real vertrauen konnte, war die Liebe meiner Familie. Die Regierung - wie sich herausstellt - ist ein einziges großes Unternehmen aus Schein und Trug - eine massive weltweit greifende Vorspiegelung, deren Täterschaft aus Zionisten, Nazis und Khazars zusammensetzt. All dem muß Einhalt geboten werden!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Michael Tellinger needs your help with the upcoming elections in SA !

Michael Tellinger is one of the bravest lightworkers.
He wants to take part in the upcoming national elections in South-Africa, where he lives. He'll do this with his own party, the Ubuntu Party, that wants to change the corrupt system completely. He's one of the first to do it this way and he deserves our full support. 
For this, he'll need 100,000 dollars in 1,5 months, for which he just started a fundraiser campage.
You can donate here if you like:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Entrevista de Edward Snowden pelo canal alemão de TV, NDR, de 26.01.2014

Esta entrevista televisiva feita em Moscovo é a segunda do género, depois da que foi conduzida pelos jornalistas Glenn Greenwald e Laura Poitras em Hong Kong em Junho de 2013.

(Crédito da foto NDR News Germany) – Televisão Alemã, domingo à noite em directo, entrevista com o americano Edward Snowden, que revelou publicamente e retransmitiu largamente para o estrangeiro as particularidades dos programas de vigilância operados pela NSA.

Torna-se cada vez mais evidente que essas revelações não provocaram qualquer dano; de facto, elas foram bem úteis ao grande público.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Clapper Reads From the Bush/Cheney/Nixon Playbook to Fear-Monger Over Transparency



Clapper Reads From the Bush/Cheney/Nixon Playbook to Fear-Monger Over Transparency

By 115
Featured photo - Clapper Reads From the Bush/Cheney/Nixon Playbook to Fear-Monger Over TransparencyDirector of National Intelligence James Clapper testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)
James Clapper, President Obama’s top national security official, is probably best known forhaving been caught lying outright to Congress about NSA activities, behavior which (as some baseball players found outhappens to be a felony under federal law. But – like torturers and Wall Street tycoons before him – Clapper has been not only shielded from prosecution, and not only allowed to keep his job; he has has now been anointed the arbiter of others’ criminality, as he parades around the country calling American journalists “accomplices”. Yesterday, as Wired’s Dave Kravets reports, the “clearly frustrated” Clapper went before a Senate committee (different than the one he got caught lying to) to announce that the Snowden disclosures are helping the terrorists:
We’re beginning to see changes in the communications behavior of adversaries: particularly terrorists. A disturbing trend, which I anticipate will continue . . . Terrorists and other adversaries of this country are going to school on U.S. intelligence sources, methods, and tradecraft. And the insights they’re gaining are making our job in the intelligence community much, much harder. And this includes putting the lives of members or assets of the intelligence community at risk, as well as those of our armed forces, diplomats, and our citizens.
As Kravets notes, “Clapper is not the most credible source on Snowden and the NSA leaks.” Moreover, it’s hardly surprising that Clapper is furious at these disclosures given that “Snowden’s very first leak last June” – revelation of the domestic surveillance program – “had the side-effect of revealing that Clapper had misled the public and Congress about NSA spying.” And, needless to say, Clapper offered no evidence at all to support his assertions yesterday; he knows that, unlike Kravets, most establishment media outlets will uncritically trumpet his claims without demanding evidence or even noting that he has none.
But in general, it’s hardly surprising that national security officials claim that unwanted disclosures help terrorists. Fear-mongering comes naturally to those who wield political power. Particularly in post-9/11 America, shouting “terrorists!” has been the favorite tactic of the leadership of both parties to spread fear and thus induce submission.
In a recent New York Times op-ed detailing how exploitation of terrorism fears is the key to sustaining the modern surveillance state, Northwestern University Philosophy Professor Peter Ludlow wrote that “since 9/11 leaders of both political parties in the United States have sought to consolidate power by leaning … on the danger of a terrorist attack”. He recounted that ”Machiavelli notoriously argued that a good leader should induce fear in the populace in order to control the rabble” and that “Hobbes in ‘The Leviathan’ argued that fear effectively motivates the creation of a social contract in which citizens cede their freedoms to the sovereign.” It would be surprising if people like Clapper didn’t do this.
But what has struck me is how seriously many media figures take this claim. In the vast majority of interviews I’ve done about NSA reporting, interviewers adopt a grave tone in their voice and trumpet the claims from U.S. officials that our reporting is helping the terrorists. They treat these claims as though they’re the by-product of some sort of careful, deliberative, unique assessment rather than what it is: the evidence-free tactics national security state officialsreflexively invoke to discredit all national security journalism they dislike. Let’s review a bit of history to see how true that is.
Here, for instance, is Dick Cheney, in a June, 2006 speech, condemning The New York Times for its reporting on the NSA warrantless eavesdropping and SWIFT banking programs, soundingexactly like James Clapper yesterday, along with countless Democratic commentators and blogs over the last year:
Some in the press, in particular The New York Times, have made it harder to defend America against attack by insisting on publishing detailed information about vital national security programs.
First they reported the terrorist surveillance program, which monitors international communications when one end is outside the United States and one end is connected with or associated with al Qaeda. Now the Times has disclosed the terrorist financial tracking program.
On both occasions, the Times had been asked not to publish those stories by senior administration officials. They went ahead anyway. The leaks to The New York Times and the publishing of those leaks is very damaging to our national security.
The ability to intercept al Qaeda communications and to track their sources of financing are essential if we’re going to successfully prosecute the global war on terror. Our capabilities in these areas help explain why we have been so successful in preventing further attacks like 9/11. And putting this information on the front page makes it more difficult for us to prevent future attacks. Publishing this highly classified information about our sources and methods for collecting intelligence will enable the terrorists to look for ways to defeat our efforts. These kinds of stories also adversely affect our relationships with people who work with us against the terrorists. In the future, they will be less likely to cooperate if they think the United States is incapable of keeping secrets.
Cheney was joined by George Bush, who called the NYT’s reporting “disgraceful” and said: “The fact that a newspaper disclosed it makes it harder to win this war on terror.” Bush White House spokesman Tony Snow added: “In choosing to expose this program, despite repeated pleas from high-level officials on both sides of the aisle, including myself, the Times undermined a highly successful counterterrorism program and alerted terrorists to the methods and sources used to track their money trail.”
Bush made exactly the same accusations in 2005 as Clapper did yesterday after the NYT back then (finally) revealed the NSA’s warrantless eavesdropping program. “My personal opinion is it was a shameful act for someone to disclose this very important program in a time of war. The fact that we’re discussing this program is helping the enemy….It is a shameful act by somebody who has got secrets of the United States government and feels like they need to disclose them publicly.” A week later, Bush officials announced a criminal investigation of the leaks and said: “Our enemies have learned information they should not have, and the unauthorized disclosure of this effort damages our national security and puts our citizens at risk. Revealing classified information is illegal, alerts our enemies, [and] endangers our country.”
Meanwhile, the GOP-led House actually passed a formal resolution condemning the NYT and “call[ing] on news organizations to avoid exposing Americans ‘to the threat of further terror attacks” by revealing U.S. government methods of tracking terrorists.” Then House Majority Leader John Boehner said: “We’ve just tipped off all of the terrorists around the world that here is another way that we could have caught you, but now you know about it.” Rep. Mike Oxley, the GOP Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, called the paper’s reporting “treasonous”, saying: “We are at war, ladies and gentlemen. Now some of you folks find that an inconvenient fact.” GOP Congressman Peter King called for the prosecution of the Times journalists and editors responsible for the stories – “We’re at war, and for the Times to release information about secret operations and methods is treasonous,” he said – just as he’s done for journalists involved in the current NSA reporting.
These same platitudes have been hauled out by U.S. officials for decades. When Daniel Ellsberg disclosed the Pentagon Papers, Nixon officials repeatedly smeared him - with no evidence – as likely working in conjunction with Russia (sound familiar?), while he and the NYT were repeatedly accused of damaging national security, putting our men and women in uniform in harm’s way, and helping America’s enemies.
Political officials hate transparency.They would rather be able to hide what they’re doing. They therefore try to demonize those who impose transparency with the most extreme and discrediting accusations they can concoct (you’re helping terrorists kill Americans!). The more transparency one imposes on them, the more extreme and desperate this accusatory rhetoric becomes. This is not complicated. It’s all very basic.
James Clapper is saying exactly what Dick Cheney and George Bush before him said, and those three said what John Ehrlichman and Henry Kissinger said before them about Ellsberg. It’s all spouted with no evidence. It’s rote and reflexive. It’s designed to smear and fear-monger. As Professor Ludlow notes, “Fear is even used to prevent us from questioning the decisions supposedly being made for our safety.”
Maybe it’s time for journalists to cease being the leading advocates for state secrecy and instead take seriously their claimed role as watchdogs. At the very least, demand evidence before these sorts of highly predictable, cliched attacks are heralded as something to be taken seriously. As it is, they’re just cartoons: ones that are played over and over and over.
Murtaza Hussain contributed research and reporting.


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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