Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gift from the Male


There is much distortion within the old 3d earth created reality that seeks to dis-empower both the male and the female, much of this is presented in lovely “wrapping paper”,  the distinction between human males and human females continually triggered and this is of course deliberate. For within the human male and within MALE ENERGY in TRUTH  is a gift that is hidden in plain view.  So distorted are the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality in relation to FEMALE energy that many will not be able to see the GIFT, in fact many do not even realise there is a gift.  On planet earth you are TAUGHT that the female holds the power and that somehow the world will be “saved” by this female power.  I stand firmly in my LIGHT of TRUTH and state this is a huge distortion.
Many of you are more than aware of my “training” within the old 3d earth created reality, having spent many traumatic years in an abusive relationship/marriage and my dissolving of said trauma and pain.  The New Earth at this time seeks to dissolve ALL trauma in relation to the old 3d earth created reality and my own personal journey today expanded in a way that I was both unprepared for and at many levels could not see until it was presented to me personally.  I have always worked with the male energy, finding myself surrounded by males and not understanding why.  Being surrounded by males is one thing but to understand them is something completely different. I have always detached from the whole “female power” scenario FEELing the distortion that sat underneath the teachings that seek to TEACH that women are more powerful when they come together.  Again in my personal life being shown the distorted female TEACHINGS with a female friend who runs a very distorted frequency that sees her on “self destruct” both for herself and the males that come into her life experience.
For under the old 3d earth created reality females are TAUGHT to fear the male energy and males are TAUGHT to fear the female energy, both sexes working to defend themselves from the “enemy” that you are TAUGHT seeks at all times to enter the heart space and cause massive destruction. Even naming it the “battle of the sexes” is too hidden for many on planet earth. There is in TRUTH no war, there never has been, through dis-empowering the male the female has allowed herself to be dis-empowered also. Within the old 3d earth created reality you are TAUGHT that it is the human female who is the nurturer, she is the one who has an open heart and the one that LOVES, all times within the old 3d earth created reality the male is TAUGHT to stay out of his heart space and is TAUGHT to be strong but the emphasis is always on the physical.  Over the past few linear years the human female has been encouraged to become more like the TAUGHT version of the human male. At all times the old 3d earth created reality seeking to pull your vision from TRUTH and from the heart space.
For every female who states she wishes to share her human life with an open, totally in his heart male is a female who is walking blind to the teachings that are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality.  A male with an open heart is not the same as a female with an open heart, the manifestation of the LOVE that IS through a human male takes a different form to the manifestation of the LOVE that IS through a human female for both work to provide each half of the LOVE that IS, TOGETHER they create the WHOLE manifestation of the LOVE that IS in balance in its physical form here upon planet earth.  By this I mean a reality, not necessarily another human being.  The programming of the human female prevents her from understanding the human male, prevents her from understanding that his actions in relation to his feelings and his emotions WILL NOT BE THE SAME as her actions.  This also applies to the human males who are programmed in such a way that they filter out the actions of the human female believing the programming that seeks to TEACH that the human female is the enemy in the way that the programming seeks to TEACH the human female the male is her enemy.
Ladies how often to do you sit around with your female friends and discuss your male partner and his behaviour and how often before you finish the sentence do your friends start to nod in agreement? the coming together of your female friends may APPEAR to provide you with support but in TRUTH only supports the programming that is seeking to teach you that the behaviour of your male partner is that of the “enemy”.  His behaviour is the manifestation of his programming within the old 3d earth created reality. Just as your behaviour is the manifestation of your programming. Those who are there with you as “friends” will at all times seek to re-inforce the teachings due to the triggering of said teachings.
Women are programmed to talk about feelings and men are programmed to ignore their feelings and NOT to talk about them. Women will try to get men to talk believing that by getting men to do this they will help them, to men this is highly triggering for they are TAUGHT that the female is the enemy, this is not done at a conscious waking mind level, it is done at a subconscious and unconscious mind level level.  Men at all moments of all moments are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality that they are needed physically and that is all they are needed. It is never TAUGHT that males are needed emotionally and this is highly distorted.  How commonly known is it that EMPATHY is anchored by a child from the human male and NOT the human female?  For all the single fathers out there, how often have you turned up for a toddlers meeting and been met with hostile looks from the mothers who then band together, again the teachings trying to teach that here is a male with a child and this is highly triggering. The assumption that the father must be on his own high on the list. Having been in this situation where I have been at a mother and toddler group (why is it not called PARENT and toddler?) and a male has turned up with his child. The energetic change in the room could almost be touched. What difference does it make if the child is accompanied by the male parent or the female parent?  There are so many teachings that are unwritten, low dimensional frequencies that seek to separate and dis-empower.
Why are the males who openly love and interact with their children celebrated as if they are somehow different? this scenario APPEARS to support the males but actually dis-empowers, society for example does not celebrate mothers for loving and interacting with their children. It is taken as read that mothers love their children, why is it different for the fathers?  it is irrelevant that they did not physically carry their children within their bodies, they created their children so why are they then dismissed as somehow irrelevant in the life of said children? This also applies to females who it is ASSUMED are nurturing, there are many females on this planet who have no wish to have children and they are viewed as somehow “different”.  Why would the human vehicle that you incarnate into have any impact on your decision to have or not have children? In relation to children being harmed why is it more shocking when it is a human female than a human male?  Nearly all of this is filtered out through the teachings that are absorbed from the moment you take your first breathe upon this planet.
Depending on which human vehicle you have incarnated into the filtering will seek at all times to re-enforce the teachings that you are anchoring. Many males on the planet are trying to open their hearts the way that the human female does and HOLD ON to the teachings that seek to outline and define what it means to be a human male on this planet.  All the while filtering out the GIFT that they have deep within their heart space, the old 3d earth continually teaching that to be a successful male you must have money, must be strong and must be unflappable.  Money and physical strength have NOTHING to do with being open and in your heart, it is a TEACHING that is TAUGHT to keep you from your strength in TRUTH which resides within your heart space.
Both human males and human females are looking to manifest the LOVE that IS physically upon this planet but the way in which this is done is not the same for both of them.  As a human female I have been TAUGHT to protect how vulnerable I am, at all times in the old 3d earth created reality I am TAUGHT that I am the weaker sex, I am physically not as strong as a human male therefore I NEED a human male to be there for that strength.  To be vulnerable is to be open and that will allow the “enemy” (in relation to humans that will be a human male as I am in human female form) to gain access to my heart. So the teachings in relation to my human female incarnation are about protecting my heart space, not allowing the male to see me vulnerable emotionally, after all human males are not “emotional” so they will not understand my emotion. This is highly distorted for male children feel emotion, it is only when they begin to walk and to talk that we TEACH them to keep a tight hold of their emotions.  Female children allowed to cry when they fall over, male children told to be “men” and be “brave”.  So under the old 3d earth created reality I would gain my emotional support from my “female ” friends, but they are also TAUGHT that men are not emotional so this re-enforces the TEACHINGS which are distorted.  The emotional support is at all times available from the human male, by side stepping him and seeking support from the “female” friends I am dis-empowering him and therefore dis-empowering myself.
In TRUTH a balanced male and a balanced female can be open at heart level and begin to understand each other but they must both understand the distortions that need to be dissolved, the female understanding that for a human male talking about emotion is like handing him a bomb and pulling the pin out!  Remember these are TEACHINGS that are TAUGHT lifetime after lifetime and ALL IS NOW overlaid on top of each other.  Strength in a human male is found ONLY within the heart space, it is by allowing the human male to see the vulnerability and by accepting that this will trigger him but it will bring his true essence to the surface. For the human male wishes to protect the human female, he is TAUGHT that his physical presence is enough in the old 3d earth created reality and that he protects the female by his physical form and his provision of money etc for her.  This may seem logical but logic has no place in the New Earth, what the human male seeks is LOVE, this is not found in the human logical mind, it is found in the HEART.
How does a human male find his way back into his heart space? he finds it by understanding that his strength is WITHIN the heart space, it is his ability to stand strong for the female and support her emotions, to allow her to feel her vulnerability and DO NOTHING other than love her.  To accept her for who she is and not try to stay within the “rules” of the old 3d earth created reality.  For the human females out there it is to show the human male that who he is as a person is ENOUGH, that he does not need to be anyone other than who he is at an emotional level. To understand that the human male is closed down and that the human female is TAUGHT to keep him closed down. To “assume” is to walk blind in the teachings of distortion, how many times have you taken your partners behaviour and ASSUMED how they feel and then reacted to the assumption? The suicide rate of young teen/early adult human males rises all the time. These are males who have no outlet for their emotions, who are trying to fit into the highly distorted teachings that seek to have them some sort of superman with NO feelings.  Just because a human male is not speaking does not mean he is not hurting, often the not speaking is in direct relation to hurting so much they cannot find the words. Human males are TAUGHT to “do”, overwhelmed with emotion the human male may choose to “do” by leaving the planet, the option of speaking or sharing his emotions too much for him. Human females handed a box of tissues and told to have a good cry.  How many “strong, silent” type human males are actually so broken they are barely alive at an emotional level?
I named this blog “the GIFT from the male”, the gift in TRUTH is the strength of love that a human male can provide. It is a LOVE like no other and it is a GIFT that is beyond words.  In my own personal life I have been given this GIFT and I accept it graciously, I accept it completely for I understand fully the journey that was taken to offer this GIFT to me. My human female “teachings” trying at all times during this process to TEACH me that my walk into the heart space would result in my utter destruction and trying to teach me that the bearer of the GIFT was the enemy.
At this time upon planet earth many are in anxiety, frustration and are feeling overwhelmed by the emotions that are now seeking release.  Sometimes all that is needed is a hug, a touch or a smile, for these speak a million words silently. LOVE is not the soul sanctuary of the female, the male also needs to be acknowledged, accepted and cherished, if not then the human race will continue to walk unbalanced.  The LOVE that IS is birthed through BOTH the human male and the human female, this TRUTH will now expand and deepen across and within planet earth, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE.
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