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VETERANS TODAY -- Why are American Police murdering so many unarmed Civilians and getting away with it? by Preston James, Ph.D

Why are American Police murdering so many unarmed Civilians and getting away with it?

Since Israel nuked America on 9-11-01, it has been able to set up its own private Police State Occupation Army inside America using Nuclear Blackmail and been able to fully militarize our Police as their anti-terror force for oppressing "We The People."

dd395-Cop (s)

by  Preston James

The answer as to why American Police are murdering so many unarmed Civilians and getting away with it is really quite easy to arrive at once we understand the 100 year Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and how they have used the Israeli nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 to transform America into a Terror State riddled with delusional and false public fear.
But even more, it’s actually the very same reason that Israeli IDF snipers get away with murdering Palestinian Children in cold blood and are able to call them “little snakes” and laugh at their murders.

VETERANS TODAY -- NEO – The Next Financial Tsunami Just Began in Texas -- by Jim W. Dean

NEO – The Next Financial Tsunami Just Began in Texas

"If this all makes you a bit depressed, you should be. I am, too."... Jim W. Dean

Jim Dean banner

…by  F. William Engdahl,   … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
[ Editor’s note: Mr. Engdahl poses below that it is way past time to nationalize the banks in the next financial crash, to break up that huge concentration of debt leverage which puts the entire economy at risk.
When it happens, he will not only have this article to prove his crystal ball analytical skills, but a whole series of them showing this developing crisis over the last two years.
They have a saying here in the Deep South, “Don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon.” That is an okay “free market” attitude when you have a lot of your own cash to lose. But the banks make most of their money in trading profits and deal fees, putting the risk off onto those they consider suckers.
You might have noticed that no one in Congress seems to have the slightest concern over this. They are probably too busy looking after Israel’s business, which always seems to take priority over the home front.
I will say it once again, our Congress is a serious national security threat, both financial and military… as evidenced by everything from the knee pad GOP parade in Las Vegas to kiss Shelley Adelson’s ring, to wanting to get more overseas wars going against countries that are no military threat to us.

VETERANS TODAY -- NEO – Israel’s Attack on Syria Aimed at Moscow -- by Gordon Duff,

NEO – Israel’s Attack on Syria Aimed at Moscow

If Iran can’t be bombed, Russia’s other ally in the region, Syria can be.


… by  Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor,   … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Shelley is still pulling the puppet strings
Shelley is still pulling the puppet strings
[ Editor’s Note:  We had certainly expected the Israelis and their extended Arab pretend-a-Muslim family to try to regain some offensive momentum after their being shut down on all efforts to torpedo the Iran nuke talks.
We have unconfirmed reports from the Sheldon Adelson’s Republican grovel-fest that John Boehner had said he does not have the votes to override an Obama veto.
And it could be risky for him if he did, as any American who did not see the payoff connection in campaign funding from the Israeli lobby would have to be deaf, dumb and blind. The Repubs are getting out onto thin ice with their public dual allegiance to Israel.
Gordon has brought up this week how the American taxpayers have been swindled on a secret arms deal, where Israel is able to pilfer the major weapons depot we have there with what I would expect to be accounting records that would be hard to access.
And one of the reasons would be uncovering a whole list of international agreement violations, not the least of which would be providing material support to terrorist organizations. If any of you were wondering why the US and others were dragging their feet on having ISIL put on the terror list — now you know.
Some aggressive moves are being made here which can go a numbers of ways. The Israelis might be playing another one of their chaos theory games, where a war that gets triggered by third or fourth parties does not run in a straight line back to Tel Aviv. And then, someone may be giving Bibi some rope to hang himself, and trigger some boomerang action from a direction the Israelis are not expecting.

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VETERANS TODAY -- It’s a matter of simple Logic by Preston James, Ph.D

It’s a matter of simple Logic

Once the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia gained control over the American monetary production and distribution system, it then proceeded to completely infiltrate and hijack the USG and the Major Mass Media and has been covertly waging war against the American People according to their secret Agenda.

SMALL_ourlittleponzischeme1 (2)

by  Preston James

Right now America is under siege by its own government. Instead of serving “We The People,” the USG has declared a covert war inside America against the American People on behalf of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and Israel.
And we now know for certain that the USG is actually assisting the RKM in attaining its age old Agenda to asset strip and then destroy America whether USG officials realize that or not.
Many USG Officials and elected Politicians have been mind-kontrolled into an artificial social reality where it is normal to act in ways which betray America.

VETERANS TODAY: Strategic Briefing: Syrian and Iranian War Fronts

Strategic Briefing: Syrian and Iranian War Fronts

America's Coalition has been the enemy all along according to Vice President Biden

Official communiqué –
A session of official talks between Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij and his Iranian counterpart Hossein Dehghan was held on Tuesday on means of boosting strategic cooperation against terrorism.
During the meeting, the two ministers underlined determination to enhance strategic cooperation between the two armies to confront challenges which encounter the region and pose a threat to its existence and identity.

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VETERANS TODAY -- Jade Helm Briefing Notes, All Warnings Were Insane by Gordon Duff

Jade Helm Briefing Notes, All Warnings Were Insane

The Army briefing made it clear, sort of.

World's Stupidest Human, the Army spokesman on Jade Helm
World’s Stupidest Human, the Army spokesman on Jade Helm
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
There are still hundreds, even thousands of websites talking about mass killings and gun confiscation.  A look through YouTube or Google could fill an insane asylum with nearly as many people as the crazies warn are going to be carted away.
The Army presentation, and it can be found everywhere, is clear.  This is all Jade Helm is:
  • Jade Helm is a simulation to teach the Army to not kill every civilian they see like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Jade Helm will teach, they hope, a totally failed military to operate using human intelligence they might get by not pissing everyone in the world off by acting like total assholes
  • Jade Helm is supposed to teach special operations troops how to survive without Playstations, 6000 calorie lunches and “mama army” 24/7
  • Jade Helm units are going to learn to move undetected, pretend and we mean “pretend” to earn the trust of civilians who will be roll players.  I hope they are getting paid for this.
  • Jade Helm is a realization that the defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan and the horrific failures that have left both nations a total disaster can be fixed.  This, of course, is delusional
  • Jade Helm is based on the hypothesis that if troops are trained to work around people better, they can get intelligence, get help from locals the way the Viet Cong and Taliban have done.  This is unrealistic.
  • Jade Helm may well be training to fight in America under a Red Dawn scenario or even a civil war.
  • Jade Helm may be a prequel to American involvement in Ukraine.
  • Jade Helm, however, seems to be a “busywork fix” for a number of problems that have plagued the military that are not being addressed, like fighting the wrong wars against the wrong people for the wrong reasons.
  • Jade Helm, in the most direct terms, is an attempt to train in the art of the Charm Offensive
All rumors and hoaxes about Jade Helm were put to rest.  The real concerns, an army that thinks something this lame will fix corruption and incompetence through playing “hide and seek” in rattlesnake country, is useless for or against any foe, domestic or foreign.
There are things about the basic concept that sound “hip” but when you look at all of what has gone on, it is impossible to place all the blame on the right wing vultures who love stirring up trouble.  The Jade Helm team, though total stupidity handed the nay sayers a major tool through the shoddy attempts at deceitfulness used.
I don’t know why any community would allow this.  The army got full cooperation from the local police and government officials, or at least they say they did.  I can’t say I like any of it for my own reasons.
I think the army is looking for something to do because they have over 175,000 troops home with nothing to do.  From the sound of the video, they expect us to feed them, hide them in our car trunks, our horse trailers and drive them around like they were OSS in France during World War II.
There is only so much stupid I can deal with.  The army, in this case, is certainly as big a pack of hoaxters and time wasters as the morons of podcast radio and YouTube with their “FEMA Human Remains Storage Facilities.”
I have to go, I am digging a tunnel to my local Walmart…

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War.He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists.He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries.He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration.Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.


By JC Collins
With the increasing socioeconomic tension in the United States, it is reasonable to expect that the population could begin to see the scaling back of police state methodology and the beginnings of a more democratic process which reflects the growing demand for fair and equitable representation.
Whether its protests and rioting against the abuse of power by police, or legislative bills demanding an audit of the Federal Reserve, the pattern of reversal is beginning to take shape.  Some assumption can be made and discussed regarding the rise of multilateralism and the effects of a waning unipolar American world.
History is littered with the remains of previous world powers, and their last attempts at hanging on to that power has made for a deep cultural deposit of material which has been used for everything from history lessons, to literature, and big screen epics.


Dollar Fear
Dollar Depreciation and Investment Safe Havens
By JC Collins
With so much fear mongering and predetermined analysis surrounding the so-called “demise, or death of the dollar”, it can be frustrating for the average person and investor to step back and reflect on the totality of what the multilateral effects will be on the American currency. What is certain amongst the international financial institutions and central banks is the reduction in reserve currency usage of the dollar.
This reduction will have an effect on the international valuation of the USD and the domestic economic performance of the United States, some of which will be positive and will lead to actual job creation growth.
There are multiple angles from which the macroeconomic analyst can view the transition away from the dollar as the primary reserve currency. The obvious and factual originating point of change comes with the reduction of liquidity in the USD asset market, and the rise of a multilateral source of international liquidity, in this case represented by the SDR of the International Monetary Fund.
This reduction will cause a depreciation of the dollars international value, and it’s from this point where diverging opinions and analysis literally baseline away from each other in opposite directions. One direction promotes the death of the dollar and the collapse of the American economy. As many know, I do not agree with this analysis and find it is based more on mass fear promotion and less on economic fundamentals.
The second direction takes us into the more familiar territory of fact based analysis and the cause and effect of economic fundamentals.
A reduction in both the geopolitical and economic standing of the United States and its currency will initially lead to further weakness in the domestic economy. Some of this weakness has likely been experienced already, but to what extent is difficult to measure. A more sustained depreciation of the dollar will also be caused by this reduction.
This depreciation is not all bad, as it will make American made goods cheaper, leading to an increase in net exports. International investors, most visible in the large amounts of Chinese investors, have anticipated this depreciation and have already made large investments into US infrastructure and production capacity, as explained in the post The New Industrialization of America.
The depreciating dollar will have other broad effects on the overall economic performance of America. Some of these effects will include a decrease in international purchasing power of the dollar, rising commodity prices (this could potentially be offset as I will explain below), and upward pressure on interest rates (which is already visible in the discussions by the Federal Reserve to raise rates).
But most interesting of all the effects of a depreciating dollar will be the reduction of external debt. Whether this reduction of external debt will determine the need for a replacement of the USD as reserve currency with the SDR (as dollars in the foreign reserve accounts around the world will be reduced), or it is the need for a multilateral reserve currency which will dictate the need for a depreciation of the dollar, is somewhat irrelevant as the transition itself is happening regardless.
The international value of the dollar will have the following domestic effects, some can be considered positive while others are considered negative:
1.    Increase in domestic job creation based on increased production capacity and net exports.
2.    Inability to continue raising the debt ceiling, which will rise to the surface again this October, the same month as the IMF meeting on the new SDR basket composition.
3.    Challenges with reducing budget deficits. (things such as military spending will need to be reduced)
4.    Stabilizing the growth of the federal government’s long-term debt.
The global supply and demand for dollars, as represented in the size of the liquidity of the USD asset market, is directly connected with the buying and selling of USD denominated goods, services, and other financial assets, such as stocks and bonds.
This is where the world could see an increase in commodity prices, as explained above. When the dollar depreciates, we traditionally see an increase in the value of, say oil. This is because oil and other commodities are denominated in dollars. This increase in commodity prices can be offset, or eliminated altogether, by denominating commodities, along with goods, services, and other financial assets, in a multilateral reserve asset, as represented by the SDR.
The need for currency diversification for international investors will also increase with the depreciation of the dollar. With no direct access for retail investors to the SDR, the need for an investment safe haven based on the multilateral framework is not yet available.
Many readers will scold me for not yet producing the ePublication titled Re-Engineering the Dollar. In that publication I will expand further on the concepts and analysis discussed in this piece. Its release has been delayed by a project I’ve been involved in for the purpose of developing an investment safe haven based on the fundamentals of the SDR asset and multilateral framework.

Re-Engineering the Dollar will be released within a few weeks and the special project will be announced here on POM within days. – JC

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NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat by Gordon Duff -- VETERANS TODAY

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat

Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war

With a view into Eternity from Monticello, what would Jefferson say?
With a view into eternity from Monticello, what would Jefferson say?

… by Gordon Duff,  VT Editor,  …  with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

-  First published   April 24, 2015  -
This week in a secret meeting of global “fixers,” sometimes called the “Secret Shadow Government” or the “Khazarian Mafia,” Ohio Governor John Kasich, a virtual unknown, was chosen to join “the least of all Bushes,” former Florida governor Jeb Bush, to be appointed to run the US after a rigged presidential election scheduled for 2016.
Leading the Planet to Armageddon
Governor John Kasich
Governor John Kasich
War is coming, everyone sees it but few understand how much events are controlled by American elections.  A reality of the 20th century is that a Republican/GOP presidential win can only be achieved through rigging an election. Only 30% of Americans see themselves as “conservative” or “Republican.”
It is America’s Republican Party, the party of Nixon/Reagan/Bush and McCain that is pushing for war with Russia, even at the risk of branding America a rogue dictatorship.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

VETERANS TODAY -- Une association inattendue: Le partenariat nucléaire entre les Nazis et Israël -- GORDON DUFF

Une association inattendue: Le partenariat nucléaire entre les Nazis et Israël


L’ancien enquêteur de l’AIEA, physicien nucléaire et éditeur de VT, Jeff Smith, comble les vides.

L’interview ci-dessous traite des récentes révélations de la presse allemande reliant l’Allemagne au financement secret du programme d’armement nucléaire d’Israël. L’organisation dont il est question, du DVD (Deutscher VerteidigungsDienst – Service de Défense allemand), qui a été révélé durant le gouvernement Thatcher lorsque son conseiller économique, Christopher Story (Edward Harle) a contribué à le faire apparaître dans les tuyaux. Parallèlement, aux Etats-Unis, le coordinateur des renseignements de Ronald Reagan, Lee Wanta, commença à mener des opérations de renseignement contre le DVD.

Extrait d’un Livre Blanc classé secret à propos du DVD :

            Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst

Christopher Story, associé de longue date de mon vieil ami Lee Wanta, était un agent des services secrets britanniques, un élément qui ne figurait pas dans sa biographie officielle mais néanmoins véridique. Story, un conférencier respecté sur les questions monétaires mondiales et le renseignement, a parlé d’une organisation constituée à la fin des années 1920, formant une coalition entre la famille Bush aux Etats-Unis qui faisait alors partie du cartel bancaire Harriman/Rothschild de New York, la City de Londres, et le « Projet Hitler », si pertinemment décrit par Webster Tarpley dans sa biographie non autorisée de George H.W. Bush.

Selon Story, ce groupe qui contrôlait la Banque de la Réserve Fédérale aux Etats-Unis et la majorité des banques centrales mondiales était au service d’un plan visant la conquête du monde, ouvertement et aussi en secret. Story mentionnait Hitler comme une « marionnette » de l’organisation qui serait appelée ultérieurement le DVD. Le Premier Ministre britannique Edward Heath* était un agent du DVD tout comme le Premier Ministre Tony Blair** et un nombre significatif de politiciens britanniques de haut rang.

*Edward Heath, pédophile notoire, avait fait entrer le Royaume-Uni dans l’UE, c.à.d. sous l’influence directe de l’Allemagne

** Tony Blair a initié le prétexte des « armes de destruction massives » de l’Irak. (NdT.)

L’interview :

Gordon :         Que sait l’AIEA des relations entre Israël et l’Allemagne ?

Jeff Smith :     Les Israéliens fabriquent les armes nucléaires pour l’Allemagne et l’Allemagne leur fournit des sous-marins en échange etc. Dimona a été construit par la France et l’Allemagne en échange de la technologie d’armes nucléaires américaines, dérobées en douce aux Etats-Unis et ramenées en Israël.

Gordon :         Vous avez suivi le procès de Michael Shrimpton depuis le début. Pensez-vous qu’on ait fait pression sur lui ?

Jeff Smith :     M. Shrimpton était sur une affaire beaucoup plus importante qui impliquait Israël, le Royaume-Uni et l’Allemagne dans un programme clandestin allemand sur des armes nucléaires, et ils devaient le réduire au silence. Il a été victime d’un coup monté, tout comme le poseur de bombe de Boston. Il semble s’en être bien tiré avec seulement 1 an de prison. J’espère que le livre qu’il écrit en prison sera bon. (Docteur No – deuxième partie) Le Mouchard.

Gordon :         Quelle est l’histoire qui se cache derrière Fukushima ?

Jeff Smith :     Le désastre de la centrale nucléaire de Fujitsu-mu au Japon a sans doute été provoqué par le Mossad pour garder le contrôle du programme d’armes nucléaires japonais.

Gordon :         Si l’Allemagne et le Japon avaient des programmes d’armes nucléaires secrets, alors qui figure sur la liste secrète de l’AIEA, à part Israël ? A quelles nations a-t-on vendu les charges nucléaires dérobées en provenance de l’usine Pantex ?

Jeff Smith :     Il y a probablement plusieurs autres pays impliqués dans ce complot nucléaire, y compris l’Ukraine, les Corées du Nord et du Sud, Taïwan, l’Inde, le Brésil, l’Argentine, l’Afrique du Sud, l’Arabie Saoudite, etc. Cela permet de comprendre le contexte sur les charges nucléaires américaines volées et l’énormité de l’opération, et également pourquoi ils ont éliminé Roland Carnaby à Houston. Israël est la petite porte du marché grand ouvert (l’éléphant dans le magasin de porcelaine) pour contourner l’AIEA et l’organisation sur la non-prolifération nucléaire. Ils corrompent tout le monde avec de petites armes nucléaires tactiques pour les maintenir dans les rangs et voter contre les Palestiniens.

Gordon :         Vous dites qu’Israël utilise des armes nucléaires tactiques pour obtenir des faveurs ? Qui sont leurs larbins à Washington D.C. et pas uniquement au Congrès, mais ceux qui sont directement impliqués dans le vol des armes nucléaires ?

Jeff Smith :     C’est la raison pour laquelle ils ne signent jamais le traité de non-prolifération nucléaire et n’autorisent jamais d’inspection. Le rôle de Richardson au DOE (Département de l’Energie, NdT.) sous Clinton devient maintenant plus intéressant. Ainsi que celui de Tom Countryman en tant que responsable de la non-prolifération nucléaire au Département d’Etat. Cela explique pourquoi le FBI l’a surveillé d’aussi près.                  

Gordon :         Vous aviez dit qu’il y avait tant de combustibles d’origine nucléaire qui ont été dérobés que le « lobby » a incité à arrêter le programme de production de combustible MOX (1) ?

Jeff Smith :     Etant donné que les documents antérieurs à Salt 2 (accords sur la réduction des armes nucléaires entre les Etats-Unis et la Russie, NdT.), donc à 1993 n’existent plus, il n’y a pas moyen de déterminer combien de combustible a été correctement détruit et combien a été dérobé au marché noir. Cela explique également pourquoi ils ont arrêté la construction de l’usine de combustible MOX à Savannah River. Elle a été ouvertement arrêtée par le lobby israélien au Congrès Américain, une reconnaissance virtuelle de complicité dans le vol du combustible nucléaire.
Gordon :         Avec les 350 charges primaires dérobées à l’usine Pantex – comme nous avons affaire à des armes thermonucléaires à deux phases* – les « secondaires » sont-elles également menacées ?
                        * il faut rappeler qu’une bombe à hydrogène a besoin d’une bombe A comme « détonateur » (la réaction de fusion d’une bombe H a besoin de la haute température due à l’explosion d’une mini-bombe A pour se produire). La bombe A est appelée ici « secondaire ». (NdT.)

Jeff Smith :     Bonne question. La prochaine question d’importance concerne toutes les unités nucléaires secondaires conservées à Savannah River. On leur accorde actuellement moins d’attention en termes de sécurité et de documentation qu’aux primaires d’Amarillo (localisation de l’usine Pantex, NdT.) Chaque unité secondaire d’une bombe à hydrogène comporte 11 kg de plutonium en forme de cylindre creux, ainsi que du lithium-6, soit plus qu’il n’en faut pour le recycler et pour en faire une ou plusieurs armes.

Gordon :         Nous avions appris précédemment que l’usine de Dimona en Israël, celle qui avait été financée par l’Allemagne, avait subi un sérieux incident vers 1990. Quelle est l’importance de cette usine actuellement ?

Jeff Smith :     Dimona constitue à la base, une usine secrète de reconditionnement d’armes nucléaires qui a une grande valeur en termes d’actifs financiers et de pouvoir pour Israël. C’est leur politique secrète de chantage nucléaire qui a commencé sous Yahoo (vous l’aurez reconnu N) et Sharon. Toute la guerre contre le terrorisme a commencé lorsque Yahoo est devenu Premier Ministre d’Israël. Comme Bush et Reagan, peut-être que Yahoo a éliminé Sharon et Begin.

Gordon :         L’article récent révélant le financement par l’Allemagne du programme nucléaire d’Israël, peut-être par accident, met en lumière une conspiration multi-générationnelle aux proportions gigantesques. Il braque aussi l’attention sur le DVD, une organisation qui semblait appartenir à la légende urbaine. Allons-nous assister à une cascade d’évènements qui mettra en lumière les véritables « mauvais acteurs » ?

Jeff Smith :     C’est l’autre godasse qui va s’abattre sur le 11 septembre. Davantage de choses vont être mises en lumière avec une vue plus complète de l’opération et de la relation particulière entre l’Allemagne et Israël. Cela comprend maintenant Siemens / Crypto AG* et les crashs des vols Germanwings, du MH-17, du MH-370 et aussi les raisons de leur dissimulation.
                        * Crypto AG est une société suisse qui avait développé un logiciel de cryptage à destination des entreprises publiques et privées. Seul problème, en raison d’un accord avec la NSA, toutes les communications « protégées » atterrissaient à la NSA. (NdT.)

Gordon :         Qui voyez-vous comme principaux acteurs du DVD aux Etats-Unis ?

Jeff Smith :     Bush / McCain / Romney font tous probablement partie du DVD et les affirmations de Shrimpton ne semblent plus aussi farfelues. Le DVD est probablement une organisation de renseignement coopérative entre les Etats-Unis, l’Allemagne, les Pays-Bas et Israël initiée par Prescott Bush (le « grand-père » Bush, NdT.) au cours des années 1930.


(1)MOX combustible nucléaire constitué d’environ 8.5 % de plutonium et de 91.5 % d’uranium appauvri (Mélange d’OXydes)


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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