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[–]Orangutan 21 pontos  
Who do you consider to be in control of or have ownership over the Private Federal Reserve System in the United States or more broadly the private central banking system that controls most of the world's currencies?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 24 pontos  
I believe it is a post-WW2 alliance between hidden financial interests that include post-war Nazi financiers, Black Budget intel programs and a network of shady global financial institutions.
[–]dieyoung 12 pontos  
But the Fed began in 1913
[–]TTrns 8 pontos  
Shh! EVIL NAZIS are the real problem in the world today! NWO = "The Fourth Reich"... this is what Alex Jones says, so it must be true. I mean, who else could possibly be responsible? None of this goes back before the 1920's -- that would be ludicrous! ;)
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[–]Flytape 7 pontos  
The fourth Reich.
Have you ever heard of the red house report? It kind of describes the business/banking side of that while operation paperclip details the intelligence and scientific side.
[–]truthwilgetushiled 2 pontos  
so have you seen catherine austin fitts piece? and if so, your thoughts?
[–]I_see_youz 5 pontos  
What are your thoughts on the purpose behind the push for mass vaccinations going on right now?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 11 pontos  
Ah, well the legislation about removing the religious exemption when the pharmaceutical companies have such a terrible track record is obscene! So often in debates around mandatory, excessive vaccines or GMO labeling we get pre-conceived memes trotted out to serve as the important one-liners that will allow our curious minds to go back to sleep. We often see terms like “don’t you believe in science?” Or “these thing have been proven to be safe under expert supervision.” Of course we well know that scientific studies can be bought and real pressure can be brought to bear when a political or corporate force is trying to achieve a particular aim.
[–]beechcott 10 pontos  
Which conspiracy theories do you think are completely false or made up?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 21 pontos  
Well you've given me an opportunity to discuss my pet term, "Third Force." Here are a few examples of this in some classic disinformation stories:
“ No planes used in 9/11!” This bizarre claim actually gets some traction and serves to discredit the plausible alternate stories, such as the planes were remote controlled etc.
“The driver shot JFK.” This is another absurd piece of disinfo that attempts to discredit legitimate alternative research, such as evidence of an extensive assassin team firing from the front.
[–]axolotl_peyotl 7 pontos  
Do you think the Zapruder film was altered to create the "driver shot JFK" red herring?
What do you think of the testimony of Judyth Vary Baker?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Well two things on that. The Z film was altered to hide the full impact of the rear shot, the work by ARRB member Douglas Horne shows that. However, even in its altered state certain things, like the frontal headshot cannot be concealed. The driver thing was leaked by a former intel operator to a gullible set of researchers, exactly as you say.
On Judith, I had the nice pleasure of interviewing her for my Agent Oswald documentary and found her to be genuine in retelling her side of the Oswald story from the New Orleans period. That interview is in the last ten minutes of this video:
[–]JamesColesPardon 3 pontos  
Any way to explain the lack of Boeing 757 wreckage at both the Pentagon and Shanksville?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Well that's a real mystery now isn't it? I think Barbara Honegger's work is exceptional on this subject.
[–]JamesColesPardon 2 pontos  
Thanks for the reply!
I'm even more interested in my first question in this thread, although it certainly got buried.
You can find it here.
Thanks for hanging around! And I'll certainly check out her stuff when I get some free time this weekend.
[–]FranktheShank1 17 pontos  
How far ahead do you think the US's space technology is versus what they show us?
Do you believe Gary Mckinnon was telling the truth when he "hacked" NASA and saw a list of off-planet officers?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 18 pontos  
Yes on Mckinnon! Brave guy, I've heard of this list from other sources also. As far as where they are now compared to what we think is going on: forget it. They are so far beyond what we can think because they have been reverse-engineering alien technology for sixty years!
[–]dieyoung 16 pontos  
because they have been reverse-engineering alien technology for sixty years!
Not to say that can't be true, but what makes you so sure? Do you have any proof?
[–]Graypower 2 pontos  
What alien technologies? And what are their motivations for keeping the alien tech a secret?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Well if an advanced craft from another world crashes here you can imagine the kind of exotic technology it would possess. We're pretty smart and reverse engineering technology is a way of life in industry. So that alien technology has been in our possession for over sixty years...think about it. Their motivations? Well right now they're having a great time keeping us on the oil standard and that's what our economy is built on. They certainly have more to gain by keeping this advanced technology to their breakaway group.
[–]TitsAlmighty 4 pontos  
Yes it's all certainly plausible, but you say it with such confidence. Is there any real evidence that they actually possess these technologies?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 7 pontos  
Well we have high ranking retired military figures, intelligence whistleblowers, and industry figures telling us they do and a long list of what technologies were reverse engineered. As for the presence of off-world visitors, Astronauts have told us they are here, there's witness testimony, abduction reports, crafts hanging over major cities, like Phoenix and NYC, domestic pilots seeing ships as wide as a mile at high altitudes, I find so much evidence wherever I look that I'm shocked that anyone could look at the same evidence and deny it with a straight face.
I think that there are some people who are waiting for an official announcement and the truth is they won't get it. So we exist is a kind of limited reality in the public consciousness because this secret is too hot to handle. The question is can we break through the official version of reality and see the truth ourselves?
[–]shadowofashadow 9 pontos  
Are there any conspiracy topics that you feel get far more play in the community than they deserve? Possibly being there to distract or lead the community down the wrong path?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 14 pontos  
YES! Haha Ready? Cabal Arrests! The most absurd meme out there. Never happened, probably never will, but I see it constantly including faux celebrations for their fall.....oh boy. Nice question, Thanks.
[–]dieyoung 5 pontos  
Benjamin Fulford is a charlatan
[–]lsc7 11 pontos  
What is the biggest twist you've discovered in your research. A belief you held going into the investigation but changed drastically with more evidence.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 21 pontos  
Well not so much a twist but the absolutely soulless mindset of the media and the people working there, who I have witnessed up close. I think realizing that they are hired guns, even if they are not always aware of it, is essential to a new view of the world. They are corrupt gatekeepers (in my opinion)!
[–]lsc7 9 pontos  
Awesome response! I certainly felt that way looking back. That realization forces the individual to question all 'authority' sources, truly making the media gatekeepers.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 14 pontos  
They are the biggest problem in our society for the simple reason that they are not reporting the truth.
[–]D-3PO 7 pontos  
Please pick any you would like to answer:
How did you get started down the road of Dark Journalism?
What is your most interesting conspiracy/event in history?
Do you think matter created consciousness or consciousness created matter?
Have you had any UFO experiences first hand or what is your strangest “dark” experience?
In your interview with Linda Moulton Howe, she mentioned that our world’s atomic bomb testing could affect the other multiverses. Can you give us your take on this and what you think about the topic of multiverses.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Ah I missed this earlier, interesting questions here. I think the chain of conspiracy events is what's most interesting. So if we go from the JFK Assassination to Watergate, to Iran Contra, to 9/11 and the Financial coup we can see a steady process building. When we combine the worlds of UFO secrecy and secret finance to these events they become more transparent. I think at this time in history it is particularly important to establish what the truth of our world is. That's why I'm a Dark Journalist now.
[–]neomatrixus 5 pontos  
Dan, not a question, but just wanted to say thanks.
You have really fascinating material, a great interview style, and I look forward to seeing much more.
Again, Thanks
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
That's great to hear thank you! I'm always impressed with the amazing feedback that I get and I'm glad that you enjoy the show!
[–]DomX 7 pontos  
What are your thoughts on the Tsarnaev ruling?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 17 pontos  
Well, you understand I come from Cambridge so I remember when this whole thing unfolded. There was certainly a lot of misinfo floating around about the brothers. In Peter Dale Scott's work he outlines what he thinks are clear ties from the older brother to the FBI. In fact he believes the FBI used him as an infiltrator of radical organizations. He's not often wrong...
[–]DomX 4 pontos  
Thank you for the response. I will look more in to PDS' work.
[–]DM90 10 pontos  
What is your opinion on DMT and the alien intelligences that are encountered on it. do you think that they are the same intelligence that the canadian defence minister and yourself speak of or do you think they are something else. i have experienced them personally multiple times and i cannot fathom them being an illusion, they have so much heart and character and genuine concern for me. it is baffling and beautiful and i'm curious of your views on the phenomenon
[–]darkjournalist[S] 11 pontos  
Well that's very interesting. First off one does not disqualify the other. They may be an off world group that can operate inter-dimensionally. I think that what you say about them having a kind of positive vibration is echoed by many abductees. I think the actual abduction experience is what has injected the fear aspect here. Also there may be elements not as positive. Certainly an altered state like DMT makes observation of a reality like that possible, if done under the right circumstances. My interview with Linda Moulton Howe touches on this somewhat:
[–]wazzard 3 pontos  
Easiest way for them to make contact. They have some cool 'organic' tech. Had an experience w/ a female entity using an instrument with a lot of tendrils on my chest and throat. A whole weight lifted from me when she was done. I think we also exist on a higher level simultaneously. Meatspace seems to just be the default plane of existence.
[–]shadowofashadow 2 pontos  
I think we also exist on a higher level simultaneously.
You can find plenty of very bright sciency types who postulate that our reality could be a simulation or a hologram of sorts. As above, so below. It amazes me that the further science goes the closer it seems to get to religion/spirituality.
[–]wazzard 3 pontos  
I think it's probably the most likely scenario :)
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 8 pontos  
What was it that made you decide to start doing your work and dedicating yourself to currently showcasing alternative and conspiracy news -was there a defining moment or event?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 12 pontos  
Well that's an interesting question. I certainly have always been a kind of Dark Journalist but only in the last year was I public about it. But I think the sightings of very unusual craft over NYC in October of 2010, and that I was told they would happen, made me realize I should make a bigger move.
[–]w3revolved 4 pontos  
Told in what context?
[–]lastyegg 4 pontos  
Could you expand on that aircraft and your thoughts about it?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Well these were fleets of ships hanging over NYC and just being there, no threatening action, I've talked to many witnesses of that event and I want to hear from more...
[–]TreeMonger 3 pontos  
Since this happened in 2010, do you have any video?
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 9 pontos  
Daniel- this is great stuff! What questions should we really be asking ourselves in all of this? (thanks!)
[–]darkjournalist[S] 9 pontos  
Hah , well you guys are asking some great questions, I'm really enjoying this now. I think a good question is about the missing money, which is covered in a few episodes, but nowhere better than in the UFO Economy episode with Former Asst. Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts:
[–]D-3PO 5 pontos  
Do you think "Mr. Global" knows about free energy technology and is actively trying to keep this information secret?
[–]Orangutan 6 pontos  
Any thoughts on the upcoming 20 year anniversary of the OKC bombing attacks in 1995?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Sad. I think this tragedy was done for a reason far different than some right wing ex-marine out of control.
[–]manystrom 4 pontos  
What is your theory on the origins of the Great Pyramids in Giza? The technology required for such a feat is incredible. I doubt they were built by slaves pulling stones with rope.
Was it an off-world intelligence, or an advanced terrestrial culture that has since been destroyed?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 11 pontos  
Well I believe this is an antediluvian culture that built it in 10,500 BC the archeo-astronomy data strongly supports that. I think it is the ultimate symbol of transformation from a physical to a spiritual existence. These 'Atlanteans' knew quite a lot about that and shared it with early Egyptian culture.
[–]aregulardude 2 pontos  
There are some extremely convincing theories out there that the great pyramid is actually an ancient thorium nuclear reactor that was used by extraterrestrials, with the other pyramids in the area being attempts by humans of the time to recreate the technology. There was so much scientific basis for these claims that it is almost undeniable.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
That's interesting. I always ascribe a truly spiritual purpose to the Great Pyramid. There are books, like 'Giza Power Plant' and 'Giza Death Star' that are fascinating and show the pyramid as an energy grid. I have a feeling they were using something finer than modern nuclear energy at that point.
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 2 pontos  
Do you ever receive assistance from more ethereal sources?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Well I believe in those influences in this kind of work. I don't say I can prove that, you either know it or not. But some of the luck involved when working on hidden knowledge has been truly supernatural.
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 5 pontos  
This AMA has just been fantastic - thanks so much!!!
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Hah thank you, I loved your questions!
[–]JUSTIN_HERGINA 3 pontos  
Have you ever heard of this ? This supposedly funded a great deal of black ops in the post WWII world
Peggy & sterling seagrave are amazing & thorough researchers. It's a very deep rabbit hole.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
Good call, interesting stuff...I've found it in Joseph Farrell's material but there is a lot there to explore!
[–]JUSTIN_HERGINA 5 pontos  
Yeh it's very interesting. Very murky with some big names, some still living
Btw, your Oswald doco was great. I will share it.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Thank you!
[–]JUSTIN_HERGINA 2 pontos  
You're welcome. It's a great piece of work.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
I appreciate that!
[–]LittleHelperRobot 2 pontos  
Non-mobile: this
That's why I'm here, I don't judge you. PM /u/xl0 if I'm causing any trouble. WUT?
[–]p3u1 4 pontos  
Just want you to know, i subscribed to your youtube channel, i love your interviewing technique, it's obvious by the questions you ask you are very well read and well prepared for each interview, i love Joseph P Farrel & Richard Dolan, I'm a big believer in the Breakaway Civilization. You should get your content on iTunes in the podcast section. I have no questions, well actually, what made you want to start podcasting when there are so many doing it, what future plans do you have. Once again i love your stuff.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the show. I have some new episodes on the Breakaway Civilization coming up. Thank you for the iTunes suggestion.
I started with the Dark Journalist show for a number of reasons, but mostly because I wanted to do something worthwhile and innovative around these topics. I was also concerned that important things were being overlooked...
[–]McCoy625 7 pontos  
How do you see our world in 10-20 years? Do you think all hope is lost?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 11 pontos  
No McCoy I don't think all hope is lost. But I think now is the time to get a handle on this runaway centralization and we certainly can. I think the guests on my show, like Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer show us a glimmer of where we may go:
[–]Orangutan 6 pontos  
Who do you consider to be in control of our election system and national presidential debates in the U.S.? Do you support hand-counted paper ballots publicly counted in every polling place, an election day holiday, automatic voter registration, and a national popular vote with no electoral college? Any other solutions to our corrupt and heavily influenced election process?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 10 pontos  
I think the political process in America needs a complete reform. I think with the kind of corruption we see electronically we cannot, as it stands, trust the electronic voting. I think the electoral college is really not a good system...
[–]DoctorMiracles 6 pontos  
Do you exercise heightened protocols on your communications/computing equipment to ensure security and avoid surveillance/spying by third parties? Without giving anything away, any tips on that issue?
What's your opinion on William Cooper?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Wow 2 interesting questions in one! I'd say it's important to try alternatives like StartPage and secure mail services. My work by nature requires some forethought around these things. But also it's important not to get too distracted by that. A good protocol put in place to start and boom we're looking good!
Cooper eh? Anyone has to admit that he was early on talking about Bilderberg and the NWO and the ET/MJ12 aspect. He certainly had info no one else seemed to have publicly then I think he changed his public stance on UFOs which was really strange. I think he was troubled at the end also, before he was eliminated...
[–]quantumcipher 3 pontos  
If you're going to exchange critical data, that is extremely sensitive and/or dangerous in the wrong hands, consider using Tor over a VPN, and be sure to encrypt anything and everything worth encrypting, ideally using a combination of algorithms (i.e. AES-Serpent-Twofish).
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Thank you.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 7 pontos  
OK Everyone Thank You! I am wrapping our wonderful AMA up now. I look forward to seeing you all again and I hope you will visit the Dark Journalist website for more! Http://
[–]Orangutan 9 pontos  
What aspect of 9/11 do you find to be most compelling in making the case that 9/11 was an inside job?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 8 pontos  
Well that's a great opener. It sure was a job alright. I'm not sure we know exactly whose job it was. But certainly the lack of a robust response to the hijacking from the worlds greatest military instantly made it into a deep event!
[–]thefuckingtoe 2 pontos  
I would have gone with controlled demolitions.
Especially WTC1 and WTC2.
WTC7 is too obvious of a controlled demolition.
We need to start talking about 110 story buidings that fall through themselves at nearly free fall speed.
[–]dmareddit 8 pontos  
What are your thoughts on who might be behind JFK assassination?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 11 pontos  
Intel agencies and covert networks of private interests, I outline some of that in my documentary Agent Oswald:
[–]freecloud83 3 pontos  
OSWALD! How in the hell at the height of the coldwar could a marine defect, live in Russia, marry a soviet, come back to the states without being stopped? Magic Bullet my ass!... Disgusted in the United States of Apathy.
[–]smokinbluebear 4 pontos  
Any thoughts on the "Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick" documentary?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
I'll watch it...I was put off by the Tippit shooting body switch but now I'm over that and I'll check it out again.
[–]JUSTIN_HERGINA 2 pontos  
I'm going to x-post this to /r/jfkresearcher.
[–]quantumcipher 2 pontos  
It's apparent Oswald was an asset, and more likely a patsy. The Gemstone File had put forth an interesting, and entirely plausible hypothesis eluding to such. One of the more interesting aspects of the file was pointing to John Roselli as the second (or third) shooter. I find this portion of the theory increasingly plausible, considering he was involved with the mafia and had been recruited by the CIA to take part in a plot to assassinate Castro, and that he had later admitted to others in taking part in the JFK assassination, and considering the circumstances of his death just prior to continuing his testimony before Congress to that effect.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
There is interesting information in the Gemstone File. I tend to go more in the Torbitt Document direction on that one. No question Roselli was a major CIA asset, that's well documented. His position between the mob and the CIA would potentially give him access to some plot details in the JFK Assassination. But I agree with you he was not part of the shooting team.
[–]I_see_youz 8 pontos  
Are you tracking any major disasters for 2016?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 13 pontos  
The election of Jeb Bush...ah you mean earth changes. I feel like we are not getting the whole story on Fukushima and that is truly scary stuff. One more good shake there and we have a worldwide problem!
[–]manystrom 3 pontos  
What are you most excited about in your current lines of investigation?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
Uncovering where the secret system of finance took the missing trillions of dollars from the public financial system. I believe it has gone into a secret space program.
[–]shadowofashadow 5 pontos  
Oh damn, you just got a new subscriber from this one. I can't wait to hear about this.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Thank you!
[–]neomatrixus 3 pontos  
You mention in an earlier answer "the sightings of very unusual craft over NYC in October of 2010" and "someone told you they would be there". Is there additional information available on this event?
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 3 pontos  
Is there anything you've been (credibly) told that made you think "This is just too hot to handle"?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Yes, haha. Still is. But I can say that I integrate everything into the shows I'm working on so even if I can't come on too strong on a sensitive topic until I know more... I publicly source these things in the interviews..
[–]h4stings 3 pontos  
Do you have any theories that have any concrete proof? If yes, could you share those with us?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
The financial bailouts of 2009 sucked trillions out of our economy. We don't know to where exactly. Many military figures, astronauts, even politicians have told us there have witnessed UFO activity and were threatened to keep silent. That's for a start...
[–]mr_dong 4 pontos  
Military figures, astronauts, politicians on UFO activity
This is the tip of the iceberg.
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 3 pontos  
Daniel - did you cultivate your own interview style? or.. was there someone who mentored you? It strikes me that your skill set sharpened up significantly from about 12-14 months ago, was that a significant time?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Thank you! Well I really like talking with people and going deeper than a normal conversation, I always have and I feel that there are powerful things individuals will reveal and really enlighten you with if you are right there with their thought process and really focused. No mentor, I think maybe I just am more fully engaged... i appreciate that.
[–]beechcott 3 pontos  
What do you think is the motivation of tyrants, totalitarian schemers, and NWO types? Why do they go through all of the trouble and stress of trying to control and change countries and the world for the worse? Why don't they just take enough ill-gotten gains to retire filthy rich and lead a life of ease, then leave everyone alone? Do they believe, in some twisted way, that what they are doing is humanitarian?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Well isn't that a question...there is an aspect deep in the human race and it seems completely at odds with our evolution towards spiritual awareness. Perhaps that is where the real war is...
[–]caine_rises_again 3 pontos  
Thoughts on Townsend Brown's research, and the weirdness associated with his reputation via the Philadelphia Experiment?
I personally suspect that all the weird rumors about the PE were created to make Brown seem like a crackpot, so that people would not investigate his technology, which has immense potential when modified with newer (2012) metamaterials. I'll elaborate on that last part if anyone is interested.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Please do, interesting stuff there. The evidence suggests that the Philadelphia Experiment really happened and Townsend Brown is an excellent place to start...
[–]DysenteryShawn 3 pontos  
are reptillian aliens real?
[–]fw190d 9 pontos  
What are your thoughts on Philip Schneider’s story about getting in the firefight with aliens in an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico? Also, can you recommend a good podcast that talks about such topics?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 8 pontos  
I believe Schneider and I think his story touched upon the holy grail of intel projects: the building of extensive underground bases. I will also mention that Schneider's untimely death was most likely at the hands of covert intel operators. On that topic, not sure what podcast tackles it, I like listening to guys like Joseph Farrell.
[–]mr_dong 7 pontos  
Richard Sauder has also done some sterling research into D.U.M.B.S and the technology behind them.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 7 pontos  
Sauder's work is very important!
[–]beechcott 7 pontos  
What do you think about the theory that the greys and other such "aliens" are the same creatures that are known as "demons" in many religions (ie, deceitful, malevolent creatures that seem supernatural to us humans and try to mislead humanity with lies and other forms of deception)?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 8 pontos  
Interesting, well I think visiting aliens in those times, would have been taken for demons by superstitious folk. However, we are now the aliens they worried about, I guess. I don't think aliens are 'evil' but I think there may be types that are not concerned about our future at all...
[–]mr_dong 4 pontos  
Jacques Vallee championed the same theory in Passport to Magonia.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Great point! Love early Vallee and John Keel...
[–]mr_dong 7 pontos  
You mentioned in one of your fb posts that you have some possibly new information for the AMA. Can you give us some more insight into the nature of this new info at all?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 11 pontos  
Thank you for reminding me! I will have full shows on both of these things coming in May. First, a very good inside source I have been using has told me that the CERN particle accelerator is being used to "repair a grave issue." The notion of a tech wonder project is just a cover. More later on that. Also, I did touch on this in an early question. The October 2010 NYC sightings were a kind of disclosure from the visitor side, I've actually been working on this story for five years, in May a documentary video on it will be released.
[–]DomX 3 pontos  
Do you believe that the construction of underground bases/cities could be used to shield the elite in the event of an EMP Strike?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
I believe they have been building them since the fifties with the public's money. I and you and everyone here should know about them!
[–]manystrom 6 pontos  
The musician (once again known as) Prince references the existence of underground cities in his very hard to find 1998 single "The War"
Underground right now as we speak, there is a metropolis
Awaiting, waiting... 4 U, me Clean air, food 2 eat
Will U go underground 2 this metropolis, this metropolis paradise?
Will U go, will U go?
...One condition: microchip in your neck
He makes a lot of allusions in that song to "dark" ideas.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
whoa, hah
[–]RMFN 5 pontos  
Hello darkjournalist, you do great work. My question is, what do you think of the state of alternative media as it stands today? Do you see it blossoming amid the obvious propaganda in the main stream? Or do you think the cointelpro is doing a good job to discredit truth speaking? What has your personal experience been?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 9 pontos  
Thank you! I'm not pleased too well with Alternative Media as it stands, although I'm hopeful we're seeing a new stream come in. I feel like we need new definitions around what we are dealing with. We may even need new titles for subject matter because the media has taken terms like 'conspiracy theory' and tried to paint them with a derogatory brush.
[–]RMFN 6 pontos  
I completely agree. The truth needs a new name. The conspiracy theory label is like labelling thinking people to heretics of the approved story.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 10 pontos  
Well they've taken this and hammered away at it for years to brainwash us. I call it "The Scorn Name." The scorn name is an unflattering term applied to a group you are trying to discredit. In a fair society, the media would object to these terms and try to show a neutral point of view in matters relating to intense differences of opinion. However, instead we get Truther, Conspiracy Theorist, Anti-vaxxer, Gun-nut, Extremist, Birther. I imagine when the pollution levels start to interfere with our normal respiratory function they will start to call anyone who points out that our corporations have destroyed the oxygen content in the air as a “Breather.”
[–]quantumcipher 3 pontos  
I've found 'conspiracy realist' or 'conspiracy researcher' to be preferable, or simply no label at all.
Some background as to how and why the term exists, in its current form, within the popular lexicon:
Abby Martin talks to Lance deHaven-Smith, Florida State University professor and author of 'Conspiracy Theory in America', about some of the US' most controversial events and how labeling truth-seekers as 'conspiracy theorists' damages democracy.
"The use of “conspiracy theory” to deter citizens from investigating historic events is paradoxical, to be sure. It suggests that those who commit criminal conspiracies can only be relatively powerless people who happen to live on the most strategically important lands, and conspiracies among rich, powerful people are impossible or absurd.
Basically, our entire legal system is based on the idea of conspiracy. Despite this fact we have been conditioned by the government and the media to blindly accept the official reports and to treat any questioning of those reports as “conspiracy theorizing.” That is, you are a conspiracy theorist if you don’t believe the government’s conspiracy theory.
This cultural phenomenon goes back to 1967. At that time, in response to questions about the Warren Commission Report (which President Ford helped create), the CIA issued a memorandum calling for mainstream media sources to begin countering “conspiracy theorists.” In the 45 years before the CIA memo came out, the phrase “conspiracy theory” appeared in the Washington Post and New York Times only 50 times, or about once per year. In the 45 years after the CIA memo, the phrase appeared 2,630 times, or about once per week.
Before the CIA memo came out, the Washington Post and New York Times had never used the phrase “conspiracy theorist.” After the CIA memo came out, these two newspapers have used that phrase 1,118 times. Of course, in these uses the phrase is always delivered in a context in which “conspiracy theorists” were made to seem less intelligent and less rationale than people who uncritically accept official explanations for major events.
President George W. Bush and his colleagues often used the phrase conspiracy theory in attempts to deter questioning about their activities. When questioned by reporters about an emerging scandal in September 2000, Bush said the idea that his presidential campaign was flashing subliminal messages in advertisements was absurd, and he added that “conspiracy theories abound in America’s politics.” When in 1994, Bush’s former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through several investors, Bush’s spokeswoman, Karen Hughes, shut down the inquiry by telling the Associated Press — “We have no response to silly conspiracy theories.”
Because Bush’s campaign had, in fact, been flashing subliminal messages in its advertisements, and Harken Energy was actually linked to BCCI, people began to wonder what Bush and his colleagues meant when they made diversionary comments about conspiracy theories. More importantly, that track record raised questions about Bush’s statement after the 9/11 attacks, in which he said in a televised speech — “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”
There is no question that criminal government-sponsored conspiracies exist. History is replete with them and they usually involve the government claiming that the country was under attack from “terrorists.” This was true of Hitler’s Reichstag fire and it was true of the attacks that occurred in 20th century Western Europe under the guise of Operation Gladio. An example more relevant to 9/11 was the conspiracy behind Operation Northwoods, a plan drafted and approved in 1962 by the highest levels within the U.S. military.
Author James Bamford wrote of Operation Northwoods that it called “for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. [This would provide] the public and international backing they needed to launch their war.” The signed documents are available to everyone today and because of this we know that high level U.S. government representatives do conspire, on occasion, to commit crimes against the American people for the purpose of starting wars.
The origins and rhetorical function of the term "conspiracy theory" constitute an important subject matter for SCAD theory and research. At least since the 1970s, the conspiracy-theory label has been applied pejoratively to a wide range of suspicions and allegations of official wrongdoing that have not been substantiated by public officials themselves. The label suppresses mass suspicions that inevitably arise when shocking political crimes benefit top leaders or play into their agendas, especially when those same officials are in control of agencies responsible for preventing the events in question or for investigating them after they have occurred.
Communication scientists Ginna Husting and Martin Orr, both professors at Boise State University, have studied the use of the conspiracy-theory label as a putdown and have explained how the label works to silence suspicion. The conspiracy-theory label challenges the very rationality of persons who voice suspicions and thus shifts the subject of discussion from the suspicions to the speakers’ competency or lack thereof.
DeHaven-Smith has shown that the conspiracy-theory label was popularized as a pejorative term by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a propaganda program initiated in 1967. The program was directed at criticisms of the Warren Commission’s conclusion that President Kennedy had been assassinated by a lone gunman. The propaganda campaign called on media corporations and journalists to criticize “conspiracy theorists” and raise questions about their motives and judgments. The CIA told its contacts that “parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists.”
SCAD scholars hypothesize that the CIA’s role in inserting the conspiracy-theory label into the American lexicon of political speech is only one of many instances when U.S. intelligence operatives have manipulated domestic opinion by structuring the terms of discourse. For example, deHaven-Smith has argued that the nomenclature surrounding the Global War on Terror—terms like “axis of evil,” “ground zero,” and “homeland security” that are associated with World War II - and the meme “9/11” used to denote the terror attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001 - emerged too quickly and were too sophisticated to have been developed without the expertise of public relations specialists.
By their very nature, SCADs are events that present a profound challenge to citizens’ most closely guarded beliefs about government and democracy. Laurie Manwell has written extensively on the many attitudes, biases, and faulty beliefs which can prevent people from processing information that challenges these pre-existing assumptions about government, reasoned dissent, and public discourse in a democratic society. In contrast to other academics’ suggestions on how to deal with conspiracy-related speech (e.g., Sunstein and Vermeule’s 2009 suggestions for taxing, fining, or banning conspiracy-related speech or for government-orchestrated cognitive infiltration of private and public beliefs) Manwell’s recommendations all involved more open discourse, greater public education and media literacy, and increased political knowledge, participation and tolerance. She argues that, for a functioning democracy to, at the bare minimum, survive, let alone thrive, “the right to dissent with the majority opinion, and the necessity to have this dissenting discourse within the public sphere, must be protected” (Manwell, 2010, p. 849).
CIA Instructions to Media Assets, re: Assassination of President Kennedy (CIA Document #1035-960, marked "PSYCH" for presumably Psychological Warfare Operations, in the division "CS", the Clandestine Services, sometimes known as the "dirty tricks" department)
b. To employ propaganda assets to and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories. In the course of discussions of the whole phenomenon of criticism, a useful strategy may be to single out Epstein's theory for attack, using the attached Fletcher article and Spectator piece for background. (Although Mark Lane's book is much less convincing that Epstein's and comes off badly where confronted by knowledgeable critics, it is also much more difficult to answer as a whole, as one becomes lost in a morass of unrelated details.)
[–]conspos 6 pontos  
What are your views on the Apollo missions, the (alleged) moon landings, and the connection to the breakaway civilization and the secret space program?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Hey you said Breakaway Civlization! That is a big term in my research now, of course it originally was coined by author Richard Dolan and fleshed out further by Dr. Joseph Farrell, you can guess they are high on my reading list. The Breakaway Civilization has the power over the secret space program. The public space program languishes and the secret one flourishes, that's what research tells us. We went to to the moon but were never told about what was there...
[–]throwawaynameday 5 pontos  
What is the best film documentary about the "breakaway civilization" and the secret space program? Or the best way to learn about it.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
Ahh it's coming! Hah, well I really believe an interesting place to start and this may sound like a cliche, is the actual testimony of Major Jesse Marcel the intel officer who was the first on the scene to the Roswell crash. You see the root of the Breakaway is there. Then I'd look at documentaries on Nazi occultism, then start thinking of these two together.
[–]SatansAliens 5 pontos  
You say that the government has been hiding alien contact for 60 years and that the elite are retro-engineering their technology and exploring space. What is their end game and why isn't the public being told?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 7 pontos  
Well I'm afraid neither you, nor I, nor our friends will be too happy with the answer. They may have had a legit reason to hide it at first, during the Cold War and post WW2. But then right around JFK's presidency it fell into the wrong hands, that is the technology and its progress. JFK was the last President to try and recapture the power over the advanced technology. They consider us as obstacles largely and feel unaccountable. As far as what they are building out there, they've had 60 years...what should we think?
[–]shadowofashadow 5 pontos  
What would the end game be though? I feel like after 60 years of working with this technology they could have us all doing their bidding with ease. Then again...we pretty much are as it stands today, but you know what I mean.
EDIT: Actually listening to your interview with Farell and I get it now.
[–]3rdEyeNavigator 11 pontos  
Considering the moderator axolotl_peyotl hosted a fake AMA with AE911Truth — I would love some legitimate verification that the user "darkjournalist" is not another fake guest. If this brings downvotes then so be it.
Edit: I have been banned by SovereignMan and flytape for "using all caps" when all I did was quote someone's post,which happened to be in all caps. Lol their vendetta is pathetic.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 13 pontos  
Well it's on my website feel free to see it.
[–]3rdEyeNavigator 8 pontos  
Yo you should edit this into your post description! Glad you provided legitimate verification.
Sorry if I came across as rude - I don't trust the mods here after their previous AMA performances.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
[–]D-3PO 3 pontos  
Go check out his youtube channel:
[–]registereduser2 4 pontos  
While trying to strike a balance in the criteria,
  • Most easily provable
  • Most wide spread, greatest ramifications for largest number of people
  • Easiest to put a stop to
  • Something anyone could get involved with, and contribute to making better
Pick an issue.
[–]my_newz_account 4 pontos  
When do you think disclosure about extraterrestrials is going to happen?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Not from this Government. Its possible it may happen by an unforeseen event...
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Well there are two sides, their side and ours. Our side will never voluntarily give that information up. Too much hubris and human greed involved. Certainly I would not look to official institutions. I could tell you for hours about NASA and others spending our money on things we will never see. The visitors on the other hand...
[–]my_newz_account 4 pontos  
Any chance you could be more specific? Your answer is quite vague. What unofficial institutions would disclose?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
NASA for one...or the Pentagon, I don't think they want to tell us.
[–]Flecks_of_doom 4 pontos  
Personally I find most if not all of his answers to be vague and hardly more than anyone could glean from the Internet with just a little effort.
I'm interested in something novel, or a more thorough reply to any particular topic.
[–]hbenthow 5 pontos  
My parents knew a man who claimed to have been a White House guard during the Kennedy/Johnson years. He told them that he knew that Lyndon Johnson was behind the killing of JFK and that Oswald was framed. He also said that Oswald's mother was secretly flown to the White House in a helicopter, and that she met with LBJ behind closed doors. None of the guards were allowed in the room with them.
Do you believe that his claims are likely to be true?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
Well Johnson's involvement is seeing the light of day almost fifty years later. He was clearly involved but perhaps not as a sole architect but part of a coalescence of interests...
[–]axolotl_peyotl 3 pontos  
part of a coalescence of interests...
I'm assuming you've read the excellent book LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy: A Coalescence of Interests by Joseph Farrell?
I really enjoyed your interview with Joseph too.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Thank you! Yes that book is a treasure. He had to complete it in a short period of time, I can only imagine what would happen if he had a solid year...
[–]hbenthow 2 pontos  
What about his claims that Oswald was framed, and his mother was flown to the White House? And what possible reasons do you think there could have been for flying her there and LBJ having a secret meeting with her? Do you think it's possible that she was hired to help frame her son or something of that nature?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Well they could have done that, fly her in, but there's no way to prove it. I don't think she was used to frame him. Of course I do believe Oswald was framed. I made a documentary called Agent Oswald: The CIA Patsy
[–]Orangutan 5 pontos  
What do you think the motive was behind the anthrax attacks that targeted Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle and who was responsible for making them happen?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
That was unusual, no idea. I do think there was a need for media distraction at that time.
[–]Big_Wow 5 pontos  
Hi this is Sarah from Business Game Changers... I wanted to ask you more about the economy. Catherine Austin Fitts has stated that the inequality in the economy has been caused by the black budget and the loss of trillions. Do you think the black budget has this effect and is it causing the fragile condition that we are experiencing?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
That's a great question Sarah. Fitts is certainly the most insightful investment advisor and financial expert I've come across. What I think she has just nailed in a way that is undeniable is how the black budget, which finances itself largely with money laundering and drug money, can come in and literally destroy a neighborhood. This has an impact on the broader economy, housing values, loss of good jobs. She refers to this as harvesting our assets, I believe they are doing that and that they are making our financial future very precarious.
[–]whipnil 5 pontos  
Firstly, thanks for doing this.
I would like to hear your thoughts on supressed technology. Do you think free energy has been discovered? Are you familiar with Nassim Haramein's work?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
Yes I do think Free Energy has been discovered and suppressed. I think they've had it since Tesla's work was backtracked and then we had reverse engineered alien technology. There is an interesting section in the movie documentary Thrive that discusses what happened to some of the people working on alternative energy, not too pretty what became of them, this we should bring to public awareness. Haramein is interesting I can't say I know him too well...
[–]lsc7 2 pontos  
What do you think is the driving force behind climate change - humans, solar cycle, magnetosphere, Nibiru... or is it just number manipulation for the carbon tax?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 5 pontos  
This is important to get right. There is climate change, no question. Will they use it to manipulate a tax? Yes. But it's real. If some conservative radio or faux libertarian figure says it's not, they are misinformed. By the way I say faux libertarian because a real one is better informed! Where it comes from? Pollution! No question and earth changes too.
[–]lsc7 2 pontos  
Do you believe humans have been through the Van Allen belt (i.e. to the moon)?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Yes, but there are things out there they didn't tell us about. I always think of Ingo Swann's research on this. I did a show with Dr. Joseph Farrell that touches on some of what was found:
[–]kthoddo 2 pontos  
What sparked your interest in UFOs? Have you had any sightings yourself?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Always been interested in UFOs and since childhood followed the topic. All of the interesting stories like Betty Hill and Gulf Breeze, these are very real people and I always believed their stories. As far as sightings go yes, but nothing near even close to some of the great ones. I like the Phoenix Lights case as a real show stopper of a sighting. An entire city saw that. Linda Moultown Howe told me that after that incident UFO secrecy went into overdrive. That interview is here:
[–]kthoddo 2 pontos  
Thanks for the link darkjournalist. I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying your AMA session, it's proving to be very insightful.
Great webpage! Very talented indeed.......
Keep supplying us with the TRUTH
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm having a great time with excellent questions...
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 2 pontos  
Is there any of the modern Sci-fi films that made you think "Ah, they've got the real idea in the story line"?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Well I love Movies, I'm a pretty big fan. For Sci-fi I think 'They Live' has classic commentary on our modern world even though it's from the eighties, I like the original Total Recall, I also enjoyed the 'Taken' mini series that had some Spielberg involvement. The fifties episodes were great!
[–]dimensionsandbeyond 3 pontos  
ah, but no 'Forbidden Planet' references haha
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Haha I could mention Twilight Zone episodes also..
[–]TreeMonger 2 pontos  
What are your thoughts on God? Are we being protected?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Oh we're protected! But we have to do our part to make sure it works...
[–]TreeMonger 3 pontos  
Who are we protected by?
[–]Dysnomi 2 pontos  
What do you think of Benjamin Fulford?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Well let's say first he is an interesting guy. He actually interviewed David Rockefeller, that alone is priceless. The strange White Dragon stuff which developed into bizarre 'cabal arrests' theme is just a dead end and has failed to materialize again and again. So he is probably a good journalist getting bad advice??
[–]Dysnomi 2 pontos  
And thanks. Best AMA in reddit ever.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Thank you! I really appreciate that...
[–]Kavc 2 pontos  
What is the one thing most people should know but don't
[–]darkjournalist[S] 4 pontos  
Their reality is being controlled by people who wake up in the morning and go to work to do exactly that.
[–]fw190d 2 pontos  
I see you are still at it 4.5 hours after you started. I made sure to be here at the onset to get in a question or two. I shall ask another.
We are getting fucked up bad by a group or groups of people that have an agenda. Whether it is manipulating our money or hiding knowledge of ET contact, or wars of aggression that line the pockets of corporations, there is evidence to realize there is something there along those lines.
Do you suspect an entity or group that is responsible?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
I'm just a sucker for a good conversation, hah.
Well I agree that it is a group of interests. It appears to me that they have warring factions and that we may see more conflict between them as they consolidate. My best analysis for who they are goes back to the secretive National Security group that slowly drained the power of the ET technology program from the executive branch. As they transferred that power to these military contractors like Boeing and others some separate or breakaway civilization came into being. That is I think the root of the modern wave of this power push. I'm sure the money powers/mystery schools and that aspect goes back much further.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
You Guys and Gals Made my Day and Night! Thank You! And Thank You to the Conspiracy reddit, What a Wonderful Invitation!! For the latest stuff visit Have a great night!
[–]Irradiance 2 pontos  
It is my opinion that any UFO sightings/encounters that involve coherent humanoid entities or ships/flying saucers cannot be of extraterrestrial origin. This is because of the hypothesis of the technological singularity. Any civilization sufficiently advanced to visit earth from afar has without a doubt created artificial intelligence, has near infinite insight and the means to construct anything, be anything, and manipulate reality to the extent that it is possible for an intelligence existing within this universe could ever be capable.
Therefore, it seems highly incongruous that members of said species would firstly adopt a disadvantageous form (greys/little green men/etc.) then fly, in person, around population centers on earth.
Even we as humans in 2015 have almost transcended that need, with the advent of drones and other autonomous craft.
Clearly, if the crashed craft was indeed alien, packed with very interesting new technologies, it indicates at least that TPTB do not have access to strong AI technology, or else they would already have an army of robotic Einsteins who could rapidly reverse-engineer and capitalize on said technology.
But, what would be the point, anyhow? Said army would no doubt be able to elucidate all remaining scientific and technological hurdles, obviating the need for the head-start of finding an alien craft.
I guess this is more a comment than a question, but the whole ET theory doesn't make logical sense in my opinion for the reasons I stated.
If there are ETs, and I would say, rather that if ET intelligence is here, then it's everywhere and is more of a conglomerate 'presence'. I think we're more likely to find evidence of this presence at the microscopic level, in anomalies in our genes and cellular machinery, in anomalous electromagnetic energy configurations and signals, etc.
Its nature would not be easily understandable by us, and probably wouldn't be fully elucidated until we are able to transcend our present intellectual and perceptual limitations.
ETs most likely exist, but any that have made their way all the way to Gaia won't be meeting the president and shaking his hand, they or it would most likely perceive humanity as a totality, as something to be instantly and comprehensively infiltrated (which, no doubt, it has been).
Cool AMA btw, and thanks. I'd never heard of you before but your interviews on your website are very informative and interesting!
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
Thank you! Interesting overview.
I don't know that we can easily ascertain what the motives of the visitors are, but they are certainly coming here. The most convincing evidence for the fact we are being visited by extraterrestrials are the thousands of sightings, abduction witness testimony, and retired military and industry whistleblowers who have leaked that the national security state knows we have off-world visitors.
Astronauts Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, Retired Intelligence Officer Phillip Corso, Major Jesse Marcel and so many more. I guess at a certain point I have to weigh the accumulated evidence and testimony and come to the conclusion of an undeniable alien presence. My question is, "why do the media play along with the official story on this one?" Why does a profession which has at its very heart the concept of finding out the truth allow this sham and the known falsehoods to stand as the official version of reality...why? When we start to answer that question we can see other things falling onto place so we get a true picture of what is really happening.
[–]ThingsIveSeenandDone 2 pontos  
Approximately how much money do you make directly and indirectly related to your journalism, and where does this revenue come from?
[–]freecloud83 2 pontos  
When do ou think the american public will demand the truth ? I remember reading about big brother 25 years ago, ie. project Eschelon, The aurora project,kennedy assasination both John and Robert. The list goes on forever ..UFO's were know in modern times from WWI till today.Our leaders can't even lie to us with any believability anymore. Ttey really think we are Sheeple, stupid sheep. What will it taketoreturn to truth and open communication with the people that elected them, not the special groups of influencial people that are funding these pet further thier own financial gain?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Good points. I do think there are definite periods of overreach on the part of the power establishment and then the pendulum swings back in the other direction. The 70's and the 90s were better periods, historically for transparency in government and covert operations. We need this next renaissance of accountability to be the most powerful yet in the modern era...
[–]no1113 2 pontos  
Are you familiar with Captain Randy Cramer, sir? He is a Marine that says he's been part of a secret space program and has spent 17 years on Mars protecting a human colony there from, among other things, two intelligent species native to that planet.
[–]sheasie 2 pontos  
What do you consider to be the most cutting edge / revolutionary / disruptive / "dark" topic at this very moment ?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 3 pontos  
This is a great question! It is the probability that the trillions that went missing from the budget during the financial bailouts and before were siphoned off into a secret space program by a group that possessed advanced technology. We've been referring to that group here as The Breakaway Civilization.
[–]sheasie 2 pontos  
9/11 (WTC1 & WTC2)
  1. thermite
  2. energy beam
  3. mini nukes
  4. none of the above
  5. at least one of the above.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Some version of number 2...
[–]sheasie 2 pontos  
vaccines: gods gift to humanity (and stray dogs) --OR-- the devil's trap door to vaccine-resistant "super viruses" ?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 2 pontos  
Well it's this theme again of turning a good thing, preventive medicine, into a bad thing, excessive, irresponsible, profit-driven and often toxic products created by a self serving pharmaceutical industry.
[–]RandWatcher 3 pontos  
Do you believe that Rand Paul has a better or worse chance at getting the GOP nomination than his father, Ron Paul? What do you think of his strategy, compared to that of his dad?
[–]darkjournalist[S] 6 pontos  
Well Rand decided to play ball you see, that's rough. I like the things he stands for but when he came out for an increase in defense spending as a way to secure the nomination I wasn't into it. So he has a better chance at the nomination but a lesser chance of being like Ron Paul, as it stands, I hope that changes!
[–]fw190d 4 pontos  
What are your thoughts on the theory that Israel and the USA fund and support ISIS/ISIL so that this group can gain as much ground as possible before it attacks Israel? Then Israel would have the excuse it needs to go into other Levant countries so that it can extend it's territory to the Euphrates river.
[–]darkjournalist[S] 12 pontos  
It has to be bigger than Israel. But their funding etc is off the charts. Where does it come from? Those beheadings etc, quite horrific and nice stagecraft also. I think they are real and intended to keep us involved over there. Syria wasn't enough, Here comes ISIL, I really don't want to use the wonderful goddess name for that gang...

[–]LarrySawWhatHappens 4 pontos  
Have you read the Mark Gorton PDFs? If so, what do you think?
[–]manystrom 5 pontos  
Thanks. I hadn't heard of this. Here is some background, as well as one of the documents: