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PORTUGUÊS -- Vladimir Putin -- Reunião com o Serviço Federal de Segurança (FSB)

Vladimir Putin -- Reunião com o Serviço Federal de Segurança (FSB)

Vladimir Putin tomou parte num encontro alargado do Serviço Federal de Segurança (FSB) a fm de discutir os resultados para 2016 e as tarefas prioritárias para assegurar a segurança nacional da Rússia.

Fevereiro 16, 2017



Presidente Vladimir Putin: Boa tarde.

Estes encontros anuais do Conselho do FSB oferecem a oportunidade de nos encontrarmos e não só, mas de analisar e rever em profundidade os resultados do trabalho da organização ao longo desse período, como também de discutir, demoradamente, todos os assuntos importantes de segurança nacional, em geral e delinear as prioridades para o futuro imediato e a longo prazo.   

O FSB desempenha um papel fundamental na protecção da nossa ordem constitucional, na soberania do nossos país e a defender o nosso povo contra as ameaças no país e no estrangeiro.

Deixem-me dizer desde o início que os resultados do ano passado foram positivos e mostram uma boa evolução. Isto diz respeito ao vosso trabalho em combater o terrorismo e o extremismo, numa série de operações de contra-espionagem bem sucedidas e nos vossos esforços em combater o crime económico e outras áreas.

Joint news conference with President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev

February 28, 2017
With President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev.

Joint news conference with President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev.

THIERRY MEYSSAN -- The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump

The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump

This article is a warning - in November 2016, a vast system of agitation and propaganda was set up in order to destroy the reputation and the authority of President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived in the White House. It is the first time that such a campaign has been scientifically organised against a President of the United States, and with such resources. Yes, we are indeed entering a post-Truth age, but the distribution of rôles is not what you may think it is.


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David Brock is considered to be one of the masters of agit-prop (agitation & propaganda) in the 21st century. A personality devoid of scruples, he is able to defend a cause as well as destroy it, according to the needs of his employer. He is at the head of an empire of mass manipulation.
The campaign waged against the new President of the United States by the sponsors of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the destruction of the Greater Middle East is on-going. After the Womens’ March on 22 January, a March for Science is scheduled to be held not only in the USA, but also throughout the Western world on 22 April. It’s goal is to show that Donald Trump is not only a misogynist, but also an obscurantist.
The fact that he is the ex-organiser of the Miss Universe pageant, and that his third wedding was to a model, is apparently enough to prove that he holds women in contempt. The fact that the President contests the rôle played by Barack Obama in the creation of the Chicago Climate Exchange (a long time before his Presidency) and rejects the idea that climatic disturbances are caused by the expulsion of carbon into the atmosphere attest to the fact that he understands nothing about science.

In order to convince US public opinion of the President’s insanity – a man who says that he hopes for peace with his enemies, and wants to collaborate with them in universal economic prosperity - one of the greatest specialists of agit-prop (agitation & propaganda), David Brock, set up an impressive system even before Trump’s investiture.

Memorial to Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin Proposed in Republika Srpska

Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin leaves the General assembly hall after a vote supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine at United Nations headquarters, Thursday, March 27, 2014

Memorial to Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin Proposed in Republika Srpska

© AP Photo/ Seth Wenig
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Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin, who died suddenly last week, should be honored for his contribution to peaceful relations in Bosnia and Hercegovina, President of the Eastern Alternative movement Vojin Pavlovic told Sputnik.

Representatives of the Istocna Alternativa (IA, Eastern Alternative) movement in Republika Srpska, one of the two constituent political entities that together comprise Bosnia and Herzegovina, have proposed building a monument to distinguished Russian diplomat Vitaly Churkin, who suddenly died last week.
Churkin became ill while working in New York as Russia's ambassador to the UN, a post he had held since 2006.
IA President Vojin Pavlovic told Serbia's Tanjug news agency that a tribute to Churkin in Republika Srpska would be fitting, since his actions helped to ease tensions in Srebrenica and the wider region.
"As Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Churkin contributed to the peace and stability of Bosnia and Hercegovina, and his actions contributed to spreading the truth about the war in Bosnia and breaking the Western stereotypes that Serbs bear all the responsibility for the war and suffering," Pavlovic said.
In July 2015, on the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica tragedy, Churkin's veto prevented the UN Security Council from approving a resolution that would have "aggravated the situation in the region," he told the UN.
This March 2005 file photo shows a general view of the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, with its mosque (L) and Orthodox church (R)
This March 2005 file photo shows a general view of the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, with its mosque (L) and Orthodox church (R)
The draft resolution was prepared by the UK, and described the tragedy at Srebrenica as "genocide." 
The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the document was politically motivated and unbalanced and "would have had a negative impact on national reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Balkans as a whole."
"The resolution would place the blame for the tragedy exclusively on the Serbs, disregarding the fact that the Serbs were also victims in that tragedy," the Foreign Ministry stated.
"In the absence of consensus on this issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina itself; as is well known, the country's parliament could not reach a consensus, nor could members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the adoption of this resolution at the UN Security Council in its current form would be an absolutely counterproductive step that would aggravate the situation in the region," Churkin told the Security Council, RIA Novosti reported.
"We are convinced that the role of the UN Security Council is to strengthen the foundations of international peace and security, not undermine them," he said.
On July 8 2015 ten members of the UN Security Council voted for the resolution, four countries (Angola, Venezuela, China and Nigeria) abstained and Russia vetoed the resolution, as a result of which it was not adopted.
The Eastern Alternative movement in Srebrenica has already submitted a request to the Municipal Assembly to find a suitable location for the memorial. 
The party was founded in 2012 by Dragan Todorovic, former Serbian Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure who had been vice-president of Vojislav Seselj's right-wing Serbian Radical Party (SRS). 

Monday, February 27, 2017

VLADIMIR PUTIN -- Meeting of Federal Security Service Board/ Le discours de Poutine face aux agents du renseignement russe

2017 FSB Meeting - EN from Roberto Petitpas on Vimeo.
2017 FSB Meeting - FR from Roberto Petitpas on Vimeo.

THE SAKER -- Are Russian diplomats being assassinated? (UPDATED)

14717 Views February 21, 2017 176 Comments
Since the death of Vitaly Churkin I see more and more speculations that Russian diplomats are being killed (example here and here)  This is exceedingly unlikely and I consider these speculations to be based on ignorance and a form of “clickbaiting”.  Here is why:
  1. So four senior Russian diplomats have died in one month.  Considering how many diplomats Russia has worldwide, this hardly a tsunami.
  2. They died in Ankara (murder), Athens (natural causes), New Delhi (disease) and New York (heart attack).  There is no pattern, no modus operandi, no common link between these men and their deaths.
  3. During the Cold War the US and Soviets had an understanding that they would not attack each other’s personnel simply because any such attack would trigger an immediate retaliation which both sides wanted to avoid.  There is absolutely nothing suggesting that this has changed.
  4. Killing diplomats is useless.  They don’t really take decisions but their symbolic value is immense.  Thus the benefit for murdering them is zero and the cost potentially a nuclear war.
  5. Russia is not the Palestinian Authority which had to ask for a French expertise to establish the real cause of death of Yassir Arafat.  If anybody hard murdered Russian diplomats the Russians would inevitably find out who did it and why and the retaliation would be terrible (all, repeat, all the Takfiri Chechen leaders have by now been killed by the Russians, as have been the units who killed the Russian pilot in Syria as have been the key Takfiri leaders in Aleppo).
Coincidences do happen and not everything is the result of a conspiracy.  In this case, there is exactly zero evidence of a plot by anybody to murder Russian diplomats and spreading rumors about that is unhelpful and distracting from the important issues.
The Saker

UPDATE: okay, I am not coming across, so let me try something different: call two authorities to my rescue.  First, Carl Sagan who used to say that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence“.  In this case, the claim is absolutely extraordinary: the murder of a senior diplomat is basically an act of war.  As for the evidence, at this time of writing it is exactly ZERO.  Nothing.  Ziltch.  Nihil.  My next expert authority is William of Occam who wrote “Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem” which meaning can be roughly rendered as “the simplest explanation is the best”.  For example, while it is definitely *possible* that Russian diplomats have been murdered, it is far more likely that they simply died.  Of course, I cannot prove a negative.  But at this point in time I repeat that this line of speculation is based on absolutely nothing, that there is no evidence at all while the the claim is truly extraordinary.  To simple speculate on the basis of a statistically irrelevant sample and arrive far reaching hypotheses is simply not “analysis”.  At best, this is idle gossip.  Frankly, I am kind of shocked and even disappointed that so many seem to miss the total lack of evidentiary support, nevermind any “proof”, for this hypothesis.

THE SAKER -- Interesting week for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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Resultado de imagem para pictures of vladimir putin and trump

Putin’s latest move
I don’t follow the western corporate media so I don’t really know how much coverage this development has received in the West, but in Russia and the Ukraine the big news is the decision by Russia to begin recognizing official Novorussian documents such as passports, driver licenses, school and college diplomas, etc. The Russians were pretty specific in the way the made the announcement. They said that it was a temporary measure dictated by humanitarian considerations. They have a point. Until now, the residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics had to travel to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine to try to get their documents. Which, considering how the Ukronazis consider anybody from the Donbass was not only futile, but sometimes dangerous. This decision makes perfect sense practically. But, of course, it has a far-reaching symbolic dimension too. The timing is also crucial: by recognizing the documents issued by the DNR and LNR authorities, the Russians have de facto “semi-recognized” the authorities which issued them and that is just a fairly short step away from recognizing these republics.
Right now, the Kremlin is vehemently denying any such thoughts. But all the Kremlin-affiliated commentators are rather blunt about what this really means. According to them, the message for the junta in Kiev is simple: if you attack Novorussia or if you officially ditch the Minks agreements we will immediately recognize these two republics. And, once that happens, it’s over the the Ukronazis, these republics will be gone just like South Ossetia or Abkhazia. Of course, nobody will officially recognize the independence of these republics, but neither will anybody do anything meaningful about it. And, let’s be honest, the Russian authorities couldn’t care less about what western politicians or their corporate media have to say: they already heard it all and it’s not like they could be demonized much further.


In Memory of Vitaly Churkin
“…the cold war is still not over”
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

In the art of war, financial payment for military readiness is a cornerstone of preparation.  As any serious military historian knows, it is that state-payments among allies for the expenditures of war is not always calculated in terms of gold, silver and dollars, but in the hidden costs that are not understood at the time in the preparation for war.  There is a commentary by a research think tank which commented on such issues after the Persian Gulf War, in which the author wrote in 1991 “In addition to the direct costs of the gulf conflict, there are other factors that have to be taken into account in figuring the total cost of the war. Again, accurate figures are hard to come by, either because the total will depend on political decisions yet to be made, or because the economic impacts are difficult to quantify. But in the long run, the financial impact of these decisions could be much greater than the expenses involved in fighting the war”.[1] 
 In the modern situation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance, there is always the issues of who has been more disciplined in paying their fair share of military expenditures and who, for numerous hidden political and economic reasons, fall short in their economic responsibilities in a military alliance like that of NATO. What should be remembered is that the United States, by insisting that its nominal allies pay for the major expenditures of the Persian Gulf War, which had not been seen on the world’s stage since Ancient Athens demanded tribute payments from its allies during its own endless wars.  Thus, what is taking place among NATO allies regarding military payments and the United States demanding an exact military expenditure is not anything new in history.

DONINEWS -- Russian humanitarian convoy delivers about 200 tons of baby food to DPR

Russian humanitarian convoy delivers about 200 tons of baby food to DPR

The 61st Russian humanitarian convoy delivers about 200 tons of baby food to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) on February 28, the DPR Emergencies Ministry Press Service reported on Monday.  
“On February 28 in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) there arrives the 61st Russian humanitarian convoy. According to the preliminary data, the cargo total weight amounts to 198 tons. It will comprise baby food packages: Num.1 (till one year) and Num.2 (from one till three years),” said the representative of the press-service.  
According to the DPR Emergencies Ministry, the column is to consist of ten white cargo trucks. Cargo unloading is to take place at the warehouse in Donetsk by the Emergencies Ministry workers. 
It should be noted that the 60th Russian humanitarian convoy that is the first one in 2017 arrived in the Republic on February 21. The rescue workers brought about two hundred tons of baby food and targeted cargoes. 

DONINEWS -- ‘Fair Aid’ President-elect evacuates DPR severely-ill children to Russia

Fair Aid’ President-elect evacuates DPR severely-ill children to Russia

Evacuation of severely-ill children from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) to the Russian Federation takes place in the presence of the International Public Organization ‘Fair Aid’ President-elect Kseniya Sokolova, the organization’s  plenipotentiary in Donetsk Tatyana Svetlichnaya reported on Monday. 
“The International Public Organization ‘Fair Aid’ is going to evacuate critically-ill children to the Russian Federation this week for treatment. Besides, Kseniya Sokolova, the President of the International Public Organization ‘Fair Aid’ and Natalya Avilova, the manager of the projects ‘Assistance to Donbass’ and ‘Assistance to children from Syria are going to visit the Republic,” pointed out Tatyana Svetlichnaya . 
According to her, as part of the visit the guests will attend the Republican Traumatology Center and the Donetsk Urgent and Corrective Surgery named after Gusak. The delegates are going to meet with the representatives of the Capital City Hall as well.  
Valery Mitishin, the Emergency Paediatric and Traumatology Surgery Scientific Research Institute Moscow Health Department Director is going to arrive to the Republic during this time as well. 
He holds a conference for doctors, which takes place inside the building of the Republic’s Traumatology Center. 
Earlier it was reported that on March 3 the International Public Organization ‘Fair Aid’ would send another group of severely-ill children from the DPR to Moscow for treatment. 

DONINEWS -- 230,000 DPR residents sign Donbass peace petition to world leaders

230,000 DPR residents sign Donbass peace petition to world leaders

Nearly 230,000 DPR residents have signed the petition to world leaders asking them to force Kiev to stop genocide of Donbass residents, the Republic’s parliament press service reported on Wednesday.
“As of the evening of Feb.27, the petition to the Russian, US and German leaders was signed by 229,778 DPR residents,” said the representative of the press-service. 
On 31 January, Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Degtyarenko, the DPR and LPR People’s Councils Chairmen brought forward a joint petition to Vladimir Putin, Russian President, Donald Trump, the U.S. President and to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor asking them to make Ukraine’s leadership stop the genocide of Donbass residents. 
The campaign to collect signatures in support of the document began in the Republic on the same day. The petition with signature lists will be handed over to the OSCE special representative to the Contact Group Martin Sajdik and then to Western and Russian leaders.
DONi News Agency 


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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