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English - Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty

Manning also pleaded not guilty to 12 counts which relate to the major offences. (photo: Patrick Semansky/AP) 

Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty

By Ed Pilkington, Guardian UK
28 February 13

radley Manning has pleaded guilty to having been the source of the massive WikiLeaks dump of US state secrets, though he has denied the most serious charge against him that he "aided the enemy" that could see him languishing in military prison for the rest of his life.
Through his lawyer, David Coombs, the soldier pleaded guilty to 10 lesser charges that included possessing and willfully communicating to an unauthorised person all the main elements of the WikiLeaks disclosure. That covered the so-called "collateral murder" video of an Apache helicopter attack in Iraq; some US diplomatic cables including one of the early WikiLeaks publications the Reykjavik cable; portions of the Iraq and Afghanistan warlogs, some of the files on detainees in Guantanamo; and two intelligence memos.
These lesser charges each carry a two-year maximum sentence, committing Manning to a possible upper limit of 20 years in prison.
Manning also pleaded not guilty to 12 counts which relate to the major offences of which he is accused by the US government. Specifically, he pleaded not guilty to "aiding the enemy" - the idea that he knowingly gave help to al-Qaida and in a separate count that by causing secret intelligence to be published on the internet he knowingly made it accessible to the enemy.
He also denied that at the time he made the transmission of information to WikiLeaks he had "reason to believe such information could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation".
With Manning having pleaded not guilty to these overarching charges, the prosecution is now almost certain to press ahead to a full court-martial which is currently set for 3 June. The judge has indicated that the trial could run for 12 weeks, although Manning's guilty plea to the lesser charges may short-circuit the process as the government will no longer have to prove that he acquired and communicated the trove of classified material to WikiLeaks.
Manning confirmed that he wishes the trial to be conducted by the judge, Colonel Denise Lind, presiding in the case sitting alone. There will be no military equivalent of a jury.
Lind made clear that she will reserve her judgment on whether or not to accept Manning's guilty pleas until a later date. She has no power to influence the charges other than to ensure that they are consistent with the law - which she has already done.
She does, however, have the responsibility to ensure that Manning has made his plea in full knowledge of what it means for his future, and voluntarily with no coercion.
They will now spend the rest of the day in deliberations designed to meet that responsibility. Lind has said that Manning will be allowed to read out a statement, believed to run to 35 pages, that explains his decisions and may reveal his thinking about what he did and why he did it in transmitting such a huge mountain of classified material to WikiLeaks.

Source RSN

ITCCS: celebrating a Pope-free world !

Celebrating a Pope-Free World

February 28, 2013 - A Great Day in History: The Pope is Gone!

Our Citizen Jurors will speak to the World This Saturday - Their Common Law Court evidence is broadcast to millions on American Television - and Plans to Arrest the Guilty Move Forward

Latest News, Reflections and an Important Leaflet from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State and Kevin Annett

In this Update:

1. Fifteen countries are now part of our movement! Meanwhile, more Cardinals desert the sinking Papal ship, and The Court Order is served on the Guilty Cowards  -  Reports from the front line

This Saturday, the ITCCS global online radio program will feature some of the Citizen Jurors who found the Pope, Queen Elizabeth and Canada guilty of Genocide - On March 2 at 4 pm EST, 9 pm GMT on

What will happen next Monday, March 4 - and Beyond ... and What You can Do

4. This Friday, California Public Television will broadcast the complete Proceedings, Evidence and Verdict of our Common Law Court of Justice, to a viewership of millions of people

5. Our French activists launch a new ITCCS blogsite

6. A leaflet for you to distribute at churches this Sunday (attached to this email)


From Slovenia to Fiji to the Vatican itself, the Momentum Grows
It isn't only the half million hits on our websites that show that the world is aflame from the spark we've ignited.

Over the past few days, hundreds of people in fifteen countries have pledged their support to our Tribunal to occupy churches and help perform Citizens' Arrests of criminal heads of church and state in Rome, London and across Canada.

"This is the answer to a life time of hoping" commented an elderly aboriginal survivor of a Saskatchewan Christian internment camp - read, "residential school" - who contacted our Tribunal after he heard our Court's verdict.

"Count me in. I may be eighty two but nobody will keep me from occupying the local catholic church. Those priests killed my brother in there and now they're going to answer for him"

People from as far away as the Pacific islands, South Africa, China and a dozen European countries, as well as across North America, are being recruited to launch public actions against their local Catholic churches after March 4, when International Citizens Arrest Warrants will be issued by the Common Law Court in Brussels.

In Canada, more than twenty United and Anglican churches have also been targeted for picketing or occupation that week, along with Catholic cathedrals. Protestors even plan to strike at the Archbishop of Canterbury's church and Buckingham Palace.
These church occupations will grow and culminate in a Global Week of Reclamation during Easter, March 24 -31.

Not coincidentally, the top Catholic official in England, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, suddenly resigned this week and announced he would not vote at the Vatican Conclave on March 15 to elect a new Pope. This unprecedented defiance may indicate a collapse in the disciplinary chain of command within the church, since Cardinals' attendance at the Papal Conclave is normally mandatory.

Meanwhile, Common Law Court officers have begun to serve the Order of Compliance to the thirty officials found guilty of Crimes against Humanity last Monday, including Joseph Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor, top Roman Cardinals and Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada. All of the accused parties seem to be in hiding.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Common Law Court! Tune in on Saturday to learn Why
The Vatican black ops department swung into full gear after last Monday's Court verdict, spreading the Big Lie throughout the Italian and world corporate media that our Court is a fabrication of one man - Kevin Annett.

In response, two of the Citizen Jurors from the Common Law Court who found the Pope and others guilty will be featured on the new blog talk radio program We the Jury this Saturday, to describe why they volunteered
for the historic position and voted as they did.

The Jurors are Lisa Shannon from the United States and Melanie Spencer from the Netherlands. They'll be joined by ITCCS activists from Ireland John Deegan, Gerry O'Donovan and Dave O'Brien, who have led and will continue church occupations in that country.

This two hour We the Jury program will be broadcast this Saturday, March 2 at 4 pm EST, 9 pm Greenwich time, at Hosts will be Kevin Annett and Bill Annett, with producers Marcie Lane and Claudia Julien, who are of aboriginal descent.

Can we really place Caesar under Arrest? What will Happen on and after March 4, 2103?
by Kevin D. Annett

People are dreadfully concerned these days that arresting folks like Lizzie Windsor and ex-pope Joe the Rat won't be possible for people like us. But the truth is, of course we can arrest them - with enough resolve, and numbers, and by not playing by their rules.
Remember, first of all, that "arrest" simply means to stop someone or something - and we are already doing that. These child killers are cowering in confusion because of our work. And as for physical detention, well, they are presently hiding out in their palaces under massive security, like any guilty criminal, encased in lies and fear. I'd call that imprisonment.

But beyond all that, the right of citizens to perform their own arrests on convicted criminals - even when they're "rulers" - is enshrined in customary law and such doctrines as the Right of Claim and Necessity Defense in common law, which compels citizens to act when the authorities refuse to, out of a higher need to protect the community that supersedes any statute law.
So on March 4, if the thirty guilty parties don't surrender themselves to our Officers, our Court will issue International Citizens' Arrest Warrants, of one year duration, which any man or woman anywhere can use to empower themselves to enforce the lawful Verdict of February 25, 2013 issued by our Common Law Court.

In other words, hundreds of people will be armed to perform these arrests on anyone shielding the Thirty from arrest, as well as on the culprits themselves - AND on any of their accomplices, like known child raping priests through the Catholic, United and Anglican churches.

Think of it: an army of Common Law Peace Officers, roaming fifteen countries, perpetually armed with the power to arrest these criminals, banish them from our communities, occupy their churches and seize their assets and properties!

I call that having an impact. It's actually the launching of a civil war. But see my attached article ("What will we do with the Freedom we have Won?") for more of a perspective on why we are unbeatable - once we overcome our own fears and illusions.

Lights, Camera ... Lighting up the Truth this Friday, March 1!

Millions of Americans will watch the full proceedings of our Trial and Conviction of the Pope and his cohorts during March, thanks to the good people of Napa Valley Television in California.
Starting this Friday, and every Friday evening in March, at 11:30 pm Pacific time, the full evidence used to convict the Thirty will be broadcast by Napa TV and will be permanently archived as well as live streamed to any other network or service. Any local public access TV station can then broadcast our full four hour Court sessions. So prod your local broadcasters, educators and librarians to access and broadcast this historic evidence.

Here is the link to the broadcast, commencing this Friday at 11:30 pm pacific time, and 7:30 am (Saturday) GMT in Europe:

Et Maintenant! La Revolution, en Francais!

Our compatriots in Paris have created an exclusive ITCCS blog site in French, which you can find at:

Spread the word among Francophones, s'il vous plait ... and link up with the French ITCCS network. Kevin Annett will be speaking in Paris and throughout France during the last half of May as part of his European speaking and organizing tour.

And finally, Leaflet and Occupy a church for Jesus ... and the missing children

Please print off the attached leaflet this Sunday, March 3, and distribute it to parishioners at your local Catholic church, and at United and Anglican churches as well. It gives church goers a chance to join with our movement and take back their own churches from the criminals who run it, with their money.

Good luck! Keep us informed of your work and film any of your public actions.

More updates will follow after March 4.

ITCCS Central - Brussels

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kevin Annett: Condamnation Reine Elzabeth, Pape et plus !

La Cour Internationale de Justice du Droit Commun

De la Ville de Bruxelles



LE 25 FEVRIER 2013

Les Accusés enregistrés sous le rôle de la Cour N°001 concernant le Peuple, Le Gouvernement du Canada et la Couronne d’Angleterre, le Vatican et l’Eglise Catholique Romaine, l’Eglise d’Angleterre – Anglicane, et l’Eglise Unie du Canada, et les Administrateurs de ces Organisations et autres Parties dépendantes.

doivent se rendre volontairement aux Officiers et Agents de la Paix autorisés par cette Cour, ayant été jugés coupables et de fait condamnés par cette COUR.

Les Accusés, cités ci-dessous sont condamnés par la Loi et ne sont pas autorisés à rechercher ni aide ni conseil de quelque partie pour éviter la soumission à l’ORDRE DE CETTE COUR.

Les Accusés ont sept jours à dater de l’émission de cet ORDRE, jusqu’au 4 Mars 2013, pour

s’y conformer.

Après le 4 Mars 2013, un Mandat d’Arrêt International sera lançé contre ces Accusés.



Voir la liste ci-dessous

COBRA: Mise-à-jour de la situation

COBRA: Mise-à-jour de la situation

Il y a eu certains développements, en coulisses et j'ai enfin la permission de les divulguer.

La Résistance a progressé significativement vers la surface. Essentiellement, toute la région entre 0 et 30 m sous la surface a été libérée sur le plan physique. Cela signifie le nettoyage final des niveaux supérieurs de toutes les bases souterraines militaires restantes. Tout ce qui était associé, de quelque façon que ce soit, avec les projets sombres a été complètement enlevé de la couche entre 0 et 30 M sous la surface. Cela signifie que la cabale ne peut plus utiliser aucun type d’installations souterraines, pour tout genre d'objectif illégal. Le petit nombre d'installations souterraines, qui étaient utilisées par la cabale pour leurs rituels et leur programmation de l'esprit, ont été complètement enlevées. Tous les entrepôts d'armes et de drogues et toutes les installations souterraines que la cabale a utilisés, ont été complètement enlevés. De plus, tous les entrepôts où se trouvaient l'or, les objets précieux et les objets anciens ont été enlevés des mains de la cabale. La cabale n'a maintenant que la surface de la planète pour accomplir ses actions.

La Résistance a utilisé sa technologie pour nettoyer la plus grande partie de la pollution environnementale, dans la couche entre 0 et 30 m sous la surface, et qui se trouvait là à cause de l'activité de l'humanité. La Résistance a aussi enlevé la majeure partie des restes des guerres passées tels que les armes, les squelettes et les os, qui se sont accumulées dans cette couche, durant les millénaires d'activités violentes de l'humanité et qui étaient une ancre pour l'énergie négative, pendant très longtemps.

La Résistance a aussi bloqué une certaine technologie que les Arcons éthériques possédaient et qui leur servait à manifester leurs subalternes sur le plan physique. Toutes les apparitions de Gris et de Reptiliens se sont donc terminées.

La technologie de la Boîte Noire a été enlevée. Les Arcons physiques doivent maintenant se fier aux rituels occultes pour obtenir de l'information de la part du plan éthérique, en utilisant une certaine forme de canalisation ( channeling ) et comme vous le savez tous, la canalisation peut être une source douteuse pour obtenir de l'information.

22,000 agents de la Résistance sont venus à la surface de la planète, afin de supporter la préparation pour la libération finale. Ce nombre ne fera qu'augmenter avec le temps.

Au moment présent, la cabale contrôle encore passablement la surface. Leur point focal actuel est le contrôle de la trésorerie partout sur la planète, la manipulation de l'information par les médias de masse envers le peuple et par les agents de désinformation pour les Travailleurs de Lumière et par la suppression de toute preuve de vie au-delà de la quarantaine de la Terre.

Certaines opérations des forces de la Lumière seront nécessaires avant que leur contrôle se termine et tout est en place, prêt à être activé au moment opportun. Une de ces opérations est actuellement en cours et elle implique la flottille des Pléiadiens. Il reste beaucoup de choses à faire et il est très peu probable que l'Événement arrive avant l'ouverture du portail le 25 mai.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Portuguese -- Support Bradley Manning!


Ajude-nos a continuar a pagar a totalidade (100%) das despesas da defesa

de Bradley! 

1,000 dias sem julgamento. Esteja presente num dos 58 eventos para Bradley!

Adira ao apelo internacional para apoiar Bradley Manning, o soldado heróico que tem sido perseguido por ter feito o que era correcto – Expôr os crimes de guerra para motivar em todo o mundo as discussões, debates e reformas.
Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

Uma enorme efusão de apoio a Bradley!

Os Eventos incluem protestos, comícios, exibições de hip-hop, concertos e arte. Pedimos que estejam presentes num evento perto de vós, neste fim-de-semana afim de educar/informar/elucidar outros sobre Bradley e mostrar igualmente às autoridades militares que os povos de todo o mundo apoiam-no. Os soldados têm direito a um julgamento rápido, não apenas sob a legislação da Constituição dos Estados Unidos da América, mas também de acordo com o Código Uniforme da Justiça Militar daquele país. Mas o Tribunal Marcial tem sido atrasado porque as forças armadas têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa em aceder a evidência importante.

No entanto, o tribunal marcial designado para Bradley foi adiado porque os militares têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa para impedi-la de aceder a provas importantes e proporcionar um apelo a este informador.
Eventos nos E.U.A.
Tucson, AZ Feb 23, 11am-5pm
Tempe, AZ Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Guerneville, CAFeb 23, 12-1pm
Cahuenga (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 9-11am
Los Angeles, CAFeb 23, 5:30-6:30
Long Beach (L.A.), CA Feb 23 at 1pm until Feb 24 at 2pm
Montrose (L.A.), CAFeb 23, 5:30-7pm
Studio City (L.A.), CA Feb 22, 6:30-7:30pm
San Francisco, CAFeb 23, 1-4pm
San Diego, CA Feb 23, 7-9pm
Denver, CO Feb 23, 12-3:30pm
Washington, DCFeb 24, 6:30-9pm
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Feb 23, 12-1:30pmPensacola, FL Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pmTallahassee, FLFeb 23, 12-1pmHonolulu, HI Feb 22, 4-5:30pmChicago, IL Feb 23, 12-1:30pmFt. Leavenworth, KS Feb 23, 1-3pm
Boston, MA Feb 23, 1-2pmAugusta, ME Feb 23, 11:30am-12pmPortland, ME Feb 23, 12pmDetroit, MI Feb 23, 3-8pmEatentown, NJ Feb 23, 12-1:30pmNew Orleans, LAFeb 23, 2-6pmMinneapolis, MN Feb 23, 9:30am-12pmWilmington, NC Feb 23, 12-1:45pmAlbuquerque, NM Feb 23, 10am-12pmNew York, NY Feb 23, 2-4pmRochester, NY Feb 23, 10am-12pmToledo, OH Feb 23, 12pmCorvallis, OR ongoingPhiladelphia, PA Feb 23, 2-4pmNewport, RI Feb 23, 1-2pmAustin, TX Feb 23, 10:30amHouston, TX Feb 23, All DayBristol, VT Feb 23, 10am-12pmSeattle, WA Feb 23, 12-4pm
Eventos Internacionais
Melbourne, Australia Feb 22, 2-4pmSydney, AustraliaFeb 23, 11am-2pmVancouver, CanadaFeb 23, 1-5pmParis, France Feb 23, 3-5pmBerlin, GermanyFeb 23, 12:30-3pmBrussels, BelgiumFeb 23, 1-2pmKaiserslautern, Germany Feb 23, All DayRome, Italy Feb 23, 4-5pmOslo, Norway Feb 23, 10am-12pmOporto, Portugal Feb 23, das 15:00 às 18;00H.Seoul, South KoreaFeb 23, 11amKampala, UgandaFeb 23, 10am-12pm
Dublin, Ireland Feb 23, 1-3pmBirmingham, UK Feb 23, 2pmLondon, UK Feb 23, 2pmPeterborough, UK Feb 23, 12-2pmYorkshire, UK Feb 23, 11amFairford UK Feb 23, 9:30am-12pmBangor, Wales Feb 23, 11am-2pmCardiff, Wales Feb 23, 10:30am-2:30p

No dia 3 de Junho, 100 dias após o próximo sábado, a acusação militar irá proferir uma sentença terrível para toda a vida, no tribunal marcial que está julgar Bradley. As demonstrações públicas são a melhor maneira de dar uma oportunidade de liberdade a este jovem informador. Nunca houve uma ocasião mais importante para divulgar o nosso apoio para expor crimes de guerra, justiça internacional e o direito do povo de saber o que o governo faz em nosso nome.
Se estiver presente numa demonstração, por favor tire fotografias e envie por email

Obrigado por apoiar Bradley Manning


Ajude-nos a continuar a pagar a totalidade (100%) das despesas da defesa

de Bradley! 


Foodsharing: A brilliant idea to share food before it is thrown away by the supermarkets !!!

Why not Share this idea ...
Raphael Fellmer has created several associations in Germany one of which is really brilliant!  

It is called "Foodsharing". (

In brief, adherents in this organisation use their Internet website to share edible food that’s been foraged from grocery-store dumpsters. An efficient way of “rescuing” food for distribution just before it is thrown away.

The organisation has registered more than 12,000 people across the country in just two months of its existence!

I think this idea should be spread over the globe! 
Unfortunately the website is only in German and so I went onto their Facebook page and found the following video in which the concept is explained.
They are currently working on an English video explaining the functioning of Foodsharing.
(Video in Spanish with English Subtitles)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Lives Without Money—By Choice—and Thrives

Family Lives Without Money—By Choice—and Thrives

Berlin family of three has been living on practically nothing but love and the goodwill of others for more than two years and counting—not as a victims of the rough economy, but as activists who are on a money strike to protest what they call our “excess-consumption society.”

“As consumers, we support the system, and we are all responsible for making a wasteful society,” Raphael Fellmer, 29, told Yahoo! Shine. “This strike is to inspire other people to reflect about our other possibilities.” 

Fellmer, who said he’d held jobs since he was 12 years old, began his protest after years of working in hotels, bars, restaurants and various offices. In 2010, after graduating from college in the Hague as a European Studies major, he and two friends embarked upon a 15-month “journey of humanity” to raise awareness of environmental destruction and of society’s many wastes, including estimates that about one-third of all food produced worldwide (valued at about $1 trillion a year) gets wasted.

That trip involved hitchhiking from Europe to Mexico without cash, simply depending on the goodwill and excess resources of others. It carried them over more than 19,000 miles on more than 500 vehicles—including a sailboat that took the trio from the Canary Islands to Brazil in exchange for crew duties—and soon led Fellmer to meet his wife, Nieves Palmer, who became pregnant along the way.

Now the couple, along with their 18-month-old daughter Alma Lucia, are continuing to live nearly money-free in Berlin, where they do odd jobs and organizing work in exchange for living space, with roommates, in the Peace House Martin Niemöller, which contains various non-profits. (Though Fellmer uses no money, he said Palmer does use a little, mainly in the form of child support she receives from the government, which is granted to all children.)

Fellmer has become a full-time activist in the name of bringing attention to problem of waste and overconsumption, running organizations and websites including The (R)evolution: In Harmony with the Earth. There is a network of others, too, beyond the two pals he traveled with. A 2010 documentary called “Living Without Money,” for example, profiles a 68-year-old German woman named Heidemarie Schwermer who gave up money 14 years ago. She says she’s never felt freer. 

But Fellmer admits his lifestyle is radical, explaining that it’s to get his message across. “Not everybody needs to do this to such an extreme. This is for protest. We want to inspire people to think about changes they can make. There are so many tools out there, so many ways to reduce one's carbon footprint.” 

One is through the fast-growing German movement of “foodsharing,” in which adherents use the Internet to share edible food that’s been foraged from grocery-store dumpsters. Fellmer founded an organization in which he partnered with a leading German organic-food chain to create an efficient way of “rescuing” food for distribution just before it is thrown away. He's also part of a website,, which has registered more than 12,000 people across the country in just two months of its existence, he said, and has drawn interest from around the world in more than 20 languages (6 of which Fellmer speaks). In the U.S., where about 40 percent of food—or about $165 billion worth—gets wasted annually, there exists a similar fringe movement of vegan dumpster divers called “freegans.”

Other ways to take part in what Fellmer calls “collaborative consumption” include using popular couchsurfing sites, or finding people with empty homes who need long-term house-sitters. “We have not only a surplus of food but of housing,” he said. “Everything we need is already there. We just need to make the connections.” 

Even as a new parent, Fellmer said he’s been able to stave off money-related anxieties. “Children need from parents love, attention, time. All these materialistic things are really ridiculous,” he said, adding that used baby clothes are as easily had as thrown-away food. Germany offers universal medical care, although Fellmer and his family have managed to find a dentist to give them free services, and did gardening and repair work for a gynecologist when Palmer was pregnant. (They did spend their one bit of money on the overseas journey, however, when Palmer, a former psychologist, used funds she had saved in order to pay a midwife.) 

Though Fellmer’s parents are supportive of his lifestyle and “pretty open,” he admitted to having plenty of critics. “People are very creative with their negative comments. They say I’m lazy, abusing other people,” he said. “But when they talk to me, they learn I’m working 40 to 50 hours a week on projects for the good of society.” 

Mostly, Fellmer hopes his money strike can help change others’ lives. “Money is hampering our dreams. Most people have forgotten it, or are completely afraid of living without money, so they are enslaved by the monetary system,” he said. “I hope to motivate people to believe a little more in their dreams.”

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ENGLISH/FRENCH -- Free Bradley Manning Now!

Help us continue to cover 100%
of Bradley's legal fees! Donate today.

1,000 days without trial. Attend one of 58 events in support of Bradley!

Join the international call to action in support of Bradley Manning, the heroic soldier who has been persecuted for doing the right thing - for exposing war crimes to motivate worldwide discussions, debates and reform.

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

An enormous outpouring of support for Bradley

Events include protests, rallies, hip-hop performances, concerts, and art. We ask you attend an event near you this weekend to educate others about Bradley, and also to show the military authorities that people worldwide support him. Soldiers are supposed to have the right to a speedy trial, not only under the US Constitution but also under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Yet Bradley's court martial has been delayed as the military has continuously created roadblocks in the defense's way to access important evidence and offer a whistle-blower plea.

On June 3, 100 days from Saturday, the military prosecution will pursue a truth-chilling life sentence at Bradley's long-overdue court martial. Public demonstrations are the best way to give this young whistle-blower a fighting chance at freedom. There has never been a more important time to broadcast our support for exposing war crimes, international justice, and people’s right to know what the government does in our name.

Find an event in your area, or host your own!

U.S. Events

Tucson, AZ Feb 23, 11am-5pm
Tempe, AZ  Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Guerneville, CA Feb 23, 12-1pm
Cahuenga (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 9-11am
Los Angeles, CA Feb 23, 5:30-6:30
Long Beach (L.A.), CA  Feb 23 at 1pm until Feb 24 at 2pm
Montrose (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 5:30-7pm
Studio City (L.A.), CA Feb 22, 6:30-7:30pm
San Francisco, CA Feb 23, 1-4pm
San Diego, CA Feb 23, 7-9pm
Denver, CO Feb 23, 12-3:30pm
Washington, DC Feb 24, 6:30-9pm
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Pensacola, FL Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Tallahassee, FL Feb 23, 12-1pm
Honolulu, HI Feb 22, 4-5:30pm
Chicago, IL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Ft. Leavenworth, KS Feb 23, 1-3pm
Boston, MA Feb 23, 1-2pm
Augusta, ME Feb 23, 11:30am-12pm
Portland, ME Feb 23, 12pm
Detroit, MI Feb 23, 3-8pm
Eatentown, NJ Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
New Orleans, LAFeb 23, 2-6pm
Minneapolis, MN Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Wilmington, NC Feb 23, 12-1:45pm
Albuquerque, NM Feb 23, 10am-12pm
New York, NY Feb 23, 2-4pm
Rochester, NY  Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Toledo, OH Feb 23, 12pm
Corvallis, OR ongoing
Philadelphia, PA Feb 23, 2-4pm
Newport, RI Feb 23, 1-2pm
Austin, TX Feb 23, 10:30am
Houston, TX Feb 23, All Day
Bristol, VT Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Seattle, WA Feb 23, 12-4pm

International Events

Melbourne, Australia Feb 22, 2-4pm
Sydney, Australia Feb 23, 11am-2pm
Vancouver, Canada Feb 23, 1-5pm
Paris, France Feb 23, 3-5pm
Berlin, Germany  Feb 23, 12:30-3pm
Brussels, Belgium Feb 23, 1-2pm
Kaiserslautern, Germany Feb 23, All Day
Rome, Italy  Feb 23, 4-5pm
Oslo, Norway Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Oporto, Portugal Feb 23, 3-6pm
Seoul, South Korea Feb 23, 11am
Kampala, Uganda Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Dublin, Ireland Feb 23, 1-3pm
Birmingham, UK Feb 23, 2pm
London, UK Feb 23, 2pm
Peterborough, UK Feb 23, 12-2pm
Yorkshire, UK  Feb 23, 11am
Fairford UK Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Bangor, Wales Feb 23, 11am-2pm
Cardiff, Wales Feb 23, 10:30am-2:30pm
Wales/Ireland/Scotland/England ongoing
If you attend an event, please take photos and e-mail them to
Thank you for supporting Bradley Manning

Help us continue to cover 100%
of Bradley's legal fees! Donate today.


1000 jours sans procès ! Venez assister aux 58 manifestations pour soutenir Bradley !

Rejoignez l’appel international en soutien à Bradley Manning le soldat héroïque qui a été persécuté pour avoir fait une bonne action, pour avoir révélé les crimes de guerre et avoir provoqué des débats internationaux et  des réformes.

Les évènements  sont des manifestations de protestations, des actions, des rallyes, du hip hop, des concerts, des activités artistiques.

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial 

Un énorme soutien pour Bradley !

Nous vous demandons de participer à ses évènements proches de chez vous, ce weekend pour informer les gens sur la situation de Bradley et aussi pour démontrer aux autorités militaires que les gens le soutiennent dans le monde entier. Les soldats ont droit à un procès rapide, pas seulement dans le cadre de la constitution des Etats Unis, mais aussi dans le cadre uniforme de la Justice du code militaire. D’ores et déjà, le procès en cours martial de Bradley a été retardé ; alors que l’armée a constamment provoqué des entraves pour l’accès à son dossier de défense, en utilisant des éléments de preuves suffisamment importantes pour alimenter des rumeurs de culpabilité ici et là.

Le 3 juin, soit cent jours depuis samedi, les poursuites militaires vont se poursuivre comme une véritable sentence de la cours martiale à l’encontre de Bradley. Les manifestations et protestations publiques sont le meilleur moyen pour faire de cette  rumeur une occasion de combattre pour les libertés. C’est le moment le plus important maintenant, afin de montrer notre soutien contre les crimes de guerre, pour une justice internationale, afin que le peuple sache réellement ce que les gouvernements font en notre nom.

Chercher une action dans un lieu proche de chez vous, ou créez le votre !


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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