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President of Russia Vladimir Putin: New Year Address to the Nation.

New Year Address to the Nation
December 31, 2015

 New Year Address to the Nation.

New Year Address to the Nation.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: 

Citizens of Russia, friends,

In a few moments, we will see in the New Year of 2016. The sensation of this wonderful moment between the past and the future is familiar since childhood. We look forward to it with joy, hope and excitement, believing in the best.

Traditionally, we celebrate it with our families, with all our near and dear ones. Of course, not all manage to see the New Year in with their families.

People have to work at hospitals and production facilities, perform their service and combat duty, defend our borders, and be on regular duty ensuring our security on land, at sea and in the sky.

We are grateful to all those who are always on their post, day and night, weekdays and holidays. Today, I would like to extend special greetings to those of our service members who are fighting international terrorism, defending Russia’s national interests at distant frontiers, showing their willpower, determination and staunchness. Though, these are the qualities we need all the time, whatever we are doing.

The success of the entire nation depends on the efficient labor and achievements of each one of us. We are united by the same goals, by our common desire to benefit our Motherland and by our sense of responsibility for its future.

In the outgoing year of 2015, we marked the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Our history, the experience of our parents and grandparents, their unity in times of trouble and their willpower shall always serve as an example for us. They have helped and will help us to meet all current challenges with dignity.


On this New Year’s night, we feel especially strongly just how much our near and dear ones mean to us. It is so important for all to be healthy and everything to be fine. For our parents to be surrounded by love and care, so that all the good things they have ever taught us come back to them.

Let our children grow smart and active, while love and responsiveness, kind-heartedness and compassion support us in our everyday chores.

There are a few seconds left before the New Year. Let us wish each other success and happiness.

Let us thank each other for understanding and support, for sympathy and responsiveness we give each other.

And let us raise a toast to the prosperity and wellbeing of Russia!

Happy New year to you! Happy 2016!

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Jim W. Dean -- China builds new aircraft carrier in show of strength to Washington

China builds new aircraft carrier in show of strength to Washington

… by  Russia Today,  Moscow 
China is dreaming of large platforms when they need lots of smaller onesChina is dreaming of large platforms, when they need lots of smaller ones
[ Editor’s Note:  China’s move to build a second carrier could be just providing the opportunity for an opponent to send a lot of its defensive spending to the bottom of the ocean on day one of conflict.
Carriers typically have to travel in battle groups to protect themselves, another huge investment and one with huge ongoing operating costs.
Also, carrier operations are extremely complex, as one Navy spokesman once said, “Having a carrier and being able to use it in combat conditions are two entirely different things”.  Despite of the US experience its newest Littoral ship had to be towed back to port for major engine repairs.
The major war is going to be dominated by who has the best missile technology and electronic warfare technology. China has a long coastline from which to launch missile strikes from hardened positions and movable ones like the Russians have developed.
As the Russian’s demonstrated in the Caspian Sea cruise missile attack against ISIL in Syria, the blew the Pentagon’s mind by showing they had them on 2000 ton boats when the minimum for the US is 10,000 tons…much cheaper boats, easier to have more of them and defense in depth. It gives and attacking naval force a lot more to worry about, which is one of the reason the US carrier battlegroups have a lot of ships. They are a huge target.


The year 2015 will come out as the most pivotal year for humanity. This is the year when geopolitical rhetoric were translated into decisive actions and the once covert and hybrid World War 3 has come out in the open for all the world to see.

This is the year when multiple instigations for a full blown nuclear exchange with China were rejected gracefully in favor of the establishment of multiple financial institutions that will finance the massive revival of the ancient Eurasian Silk Road which should render the Rothschild Khazarian World Bank a mere relic of our decadent past.

This is the year when BRICS Eurasian security groups were consolidated into one coherent force to battle and defeat global terrorism – the Reformist Collective’s euphemism for Khazarian Mafia; This is the year when the real face of terror was unmasked in all its Khazarian glory for all the mainstream spectators to see;

This is the year when alternative media celebrate its undeniable victory over mainstream media which are losing at least 60% of the US audience, while the rest of the world were already digging alternative sources of information much earlier.

But what they can’t hide is their incoherent responses to multiple attacks by the BRICS Alliance and other covert groups. The falling narrative anchored in false flag operations that have lost their intended psychological effect is forcing the White House / State Department spokesman to venture into the parallel world of illusions.

This is the year when multiple first-hand, direct witnesses and courageous whistleblowers are taking the podium to tell the world we have been deliberately deceived and poisoned for decades with all sorts of chemicals, heavy metals, and germ warfare.

This is also the year when the Keenan Group confirmed the recovery of at least 70% of the Collateral Accounts and is releasing about $1.7 Trillion for humanitarian assistance starting next year.

Surely, these could all be exploited through that same dialectic principles guiding societies for centuries, or maybe the whole objective all along is to turn everybody into more obedient citizens just like the Chinese people in one massive social engineering.

Garikai Chengu -- The Black Man’s Burden

The Black Man’s Burden


Global Research, December 31, 2015
garikaichengu 29 February 2012

So much has been said of the “white man’s burden:” namely, how the collapsing American Empire and bygone British Empire have shouldered the burden of civilising Africa and driving the global economy for centuries. The opposite is true. The fact of the matter is that not only was Western civilisation invented by black Africans in ancient Egypt, Africa has driven global economic growth for centuries.

African natural resources, labour, land, slavery and skilled émigré – as any decent economic historian will tell you – have fueled the world’s economy for many, many decades. To this day, Africa is the world’s engine-room for growth. In short, driving global economic growth abroad, whilst benefiting little at home is the “black man’s burden.” That Africans know that there are immense riches just beneath their feet as well as just above their heads in High Office, only adds to the burden.

The roots of “Western” civilization, technology, religion, culture and science are to be found not in Greece, but in Black Egypt. Infact as early as 9,000 BC to 500 A.D. black empires, from the prehistoric Zingh Empire of Mauritania to ancient Khemet of Egypt, were at the forefront of development in technology, politics and culture. Far from “civilising the natives,” Europeans replaced communitarianism, cooperation and spirituality – that prevailed across Africa – with a corrupt, aggressive and inhumane form of civilisation.

First there was the brutal kidnapping of millions of Africans, so as to replace the indigenous Americans that Europeans had wiped out. The slave trade broke the back of African economies whilst creating capital for plantation owners that kick started Europe’s industrial revolution.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Deutsch -- Unbekannter zahlte muslimischer Familie die Restaurantrechnung

Bild zu Unbekannter bezahlt Rechnung für muslimische Familie in Restaurant

Aktualisiert am 30. Dezember 2015, 13:39 Uhr
In Kooperation mit,pd=2/spiegel.png

Eslam S. Mohamed sitzt in einem Restaurant im US-Bundesstaat Georgia und will für seine Familie bezahlen. Doch die Rechnung ist bereits beglichen. Für Mohamed eine Geste wider den Hass, wie ihn Präsidentschaftsanwärter Donald Trump sät.

Es gibt sie noch, die schönen Dinge, die das Herz wärmen: Als Eslam S. Mohamed am 24. Dezember mit seiner Familie in Augusta im Bundesstaat Georgia in ein Restaurant ging, ahnte er noch nicht, dass er ein Weihnachtsgeschenk der besonderen Art erhalten würde. Da hat es jemand mit dem viel strapazierten Begriff Nächstenliebe offenbar ganz ernst gemeint.

Ein Unbekannter übernahm für ihn und seine elf Begleiter die Rechnung und hinterließ eine überraschende Nachricht - direkt auf der Rechnung: "Bezahlt. Fröhliche Weihnachten wunderbare Familie". Am ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag postete Mohamed das Foto der Rechnung auf Facebook.

Yesterday i went to Olive Garden restaurant to have dinner with nice families. We were a group of 7 adults and 5 children. Everyone in the restaurant was knowing that we were Arabs Muslims on the table coz of the language and the ladies were having scarves over their head ( Hijab ). After finishing we asked for the receipts and the waitress came to us with that receipt in the picture. Yes, someone paid for us and wrote those wonderful words on the receipt. I can't express how this act touched our hearts. Among all the bad things happening to Muslims and the hate speech that the presidential candidate had made lately , there is still light in the dark, there is still hope within the frustration. All what i can say to who did that, Merry Christmas to you too and God bless such a beautiful heart you have „smile“-Emoticon

Seitdem ist die Geschichte ein viraler Hit - mehr als 25.000-mal wurde der Post schon geteilt. Verschiedene Newsseiten wie die "Daily Mail" oder "The Blaze" berichteten darüber. Wer der unbekannte Spender war, und ob Mohamed bedürftig ist, bleibt offen. Rührend ist die Geschichte aber auch so. Für den Beschenkten jedenfalls ist sie auch ein Symbol dafür, dass nicht alle in den USA so über Muslime denken wie der Präsidentschaftsanwärter der Republikaner Donald Trump.

"Neben all den Hassreden ist Licht im Dunkeln."

"Gestern bin ich mit meiner Familie zum Essen ins Olive Garden Restaurant gegangen. Wir waren eine Gruppe von sieben Erwachsenen und fünf Kindern. Jeder im Restaurant wusste, dass wir arabische Muslime sind - wegen der Sprache, und weil die Frauen Schals über dem Kopf (Hijab) trugen.

Nachdem wir fertig waren, fragten wir nach der Rechnung, und die Bedienung kam mit der Rechnung in diesem Bild zurück. Ja, jemand hat für uns bezahlt und die wunderbaren Wörter auf die Rechnung geschrieben. Ich kann kaum ausdrücken, wie diese Tat unser Herz berührt.

Neben all den schlimmen Dingen, die Muslimen heutzutage passieren, und den Hassreden, die ein Präsidentschaftskandidat ständig von sich gibt, ist Licht im Dunkeln. Da ist immer noch Hoffnung in der Frustration. Alles, was ich demjenigen sagen kann, der unsere Rechnung bezahlt hat: Dir auch fröhliche Weihnachten, und möge Gott dich und dein wunderschönes Herz beschützen." © SPIEGEL ONLINE

Iraq PM's helicopter takes ISIL ground fire in Ramadi

Haider al-Abadi triumphant after army takes centre of key city, but questions raised whether Ramadi can now be held.

30 Dec 2015 06:05 GMT | ISILIraqWar & ConflictMiddle East

Iraqi security forces enter heavily damaged Ramadi, 115km west of Baghdad [Rwa Faisal/AP]

Iraqi security forces enter heavily damaged Ramadi, 115km west of Baghdad [Rwa Faisal/AP]

Iraq's prime minister visited the city of Ramadi on Tuesday, a day after claiming its capture from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) after a months-long siege by the armed group.

A source told Al Jazeera that ISIL fighters on the ground opened fire with small-arms on Haider al-Abadi's helicopter, but were too far out of range to do any damage. Abadi arrived safe and sound with the province's top military commander at the Anbar University complex in the city's southern outskirts.

NSA spied on Israel amid Iran talks, caught some US lawmakers’ private talks – report

Published time: 30 Dec, 2015 03:46Edited time: 30 Dec, 2015 04:30

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress in the House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington. © Jonathan Ernst

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress in the House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington. © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

The NSA spied on Israel despite a US pledge to curtail surveillance of ally states, revealing how the Israelis lobbied US lawmakers to reject the Iranian nuclear deal. The snooping also reportedly eavesdropped on some members of Congress’ private talks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the spying has been ongoing during President Barack Obama’s two terms and continued unabated even after Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations in 2013. Following the scandal, the Obama administration composed a so-called protected list, shielding close allies from surveillance, including countries such as Germany or France.

However, despite close ties, Israel was not included and was, instead, made the NSA’s top surveillance priority, along with Turkey.

“Going dark on Bibi? Of course we wouldn’t do that,” a senior US official told the Journal, using Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s nickname.

‘US and NATO operation in Afghanistan has failed’ – Russian president’s special envoy

Published time: 29 Dec, 2015 21:13

© Ahmad Masood

The US and NATO mission in Afghanistan has been a complete failure, the Russian President’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, told TASS, in evaluating the effectiveness of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) there.

Assessing the results of the actions of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, it can be said that they have completely failed their mission,” Kabulov said in an interview to TASS, adding that the ultimate goal of the ISAF anti-terrorist campaign, which consisted in creating “a democratic centralized state” in Afghanistan, has not been achieved.

The special envoy stressed that, not only has the US-led coalition in Afghanistan failed to achieve its main goal, but “has not accomplished any of the tasks it had set before the operation,” as Afghanistan still lacks “strong and stable central authority.

40% of Americans believe US, West losing to 'the terrorists' 

He also emphasized that, failing to defeat the Taliban by military means, the ISAF’s current policy of national reconciliation de-facto envisions their participation in the new political power structure of Afghanistan.

Pentagon Plans Legal Change to Crack Down on Military Whistleblowers

The Pentagon building in Washington, DC

© AFP 2015/ STAFF
02:36 30.12.2015(updated 03:21 30.12.2015) Get short URL


After a year marked by repeated cyberattacks into US government databanks, the Department of Defense is tightening up its Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to prevent future breaches and leaks, legal and cyber analysts told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Former CIA counterterrorism officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou told Sputnik on Tuesday that the change in the Code seemed focused on bringing military legal procedures up to date to deal with the burgeoning field of cybercrime and cyberespionage.

"It may be that the law was outdated and didn't include ‘cybercrime," Kiriakou said.

The Defense Department has proposed a reform in the US Code of Military Justice to introduce punishment for specific computer offenses for the first time.

Retired US Army Major Todd Pierce, an author and expert on military law and civil liberties, told Sputnik the reform seemed to be focused on serving military personnel who became whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, rather than on civilian contractors such as Edward Snowden.

"I think it is more related to Manning as Snowden wouldn’t have come under the UCMJ as a civilian," Pierce pointed out.

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The Debate: Latest developments in Syria – with Jim W. Dean

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on December 29, 2015

The Syrian war continues ... but in a different direction now

The Syrian war continues … but in a different direction now

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with Press TV,  Tehran

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, a managing editor at Veterans Today from Atlanta, and Bob Ayers, a former US intelligence officer from Somerset, to talk about latest developments in Syria.
[ Editor’s Note: Bob Ayers was never a US intelligence officer that we could find any substantiation on. He worked in cyber security at DIA with a large number of others. Such people have never been classified as Intel officers, simply because they are not.

The DIA is one of the smaller budget orgs within US Intel, and has no human intelligence in the Mid East. Intelligence officers deal with human intelligence, have been in the field and have personal networks of sources. There are not large numbers of them, as compared to “analysts”, of which there is an army, which is needed for the huge amount of intercept data that is constantly flowing in.


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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