Thursday, May 12, 2016

Intelligence Briefing: America At War With Russia Since 92

Intelligence Briefing: America At War With Russia Since 92

Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 19:23

   The recent rocky relationship of the last few years in US-Russian relations is very much like an iceberg. You see only the more recent issues of the last few years, but below the surface of international relations we find a huge conflict has been in motion since the end of the cold war in 1992. I remember it as clearly as yesterday, the Soviet Union went out of business and the Bush Administration promised NATO would not expand one inch towards the Russian border. A new era of peace and cooperation seemed to be unfolding. Until Bill Clinton assumed power, when neocon advisers started a war with the Russian Federation that has continued non stop to this day.

  During the 90s, the USA embarked on a policy of destabilization of Russia, designed to fragment the nation into sections. Huge corporations, banks and energy countries came running like a unstoppable invasion force upon the former communist society to "help" it transition to a capitalist state. Palletized loads of 100 dollar bills flooded Moscow as organized crime and oligarchs arose to carry out the plans of their American benefactors. As a CIA agent in Riga, I was busy loading up every Soviet weapon system I could lay my hands on for test and evaluation purposes for America's military industrial complex. When I became aware of the corruption money headed to Moscow I got in a very heated argument with a State Department flunky who insisted we needed to bribe the Yeltsin Administration to get what we needed. I disagreed as I knew we could pivot around Yeltsin and deal with real power, State insisted they wanted to prop him up and they did with your tax dollars. Never mind Russia being the richest country on earth in land, diamonds, gold, oil and in smart people.

  I gave America 3 years and got the hell off the crazy train. By the time I was getting out of the Agency we had gone from obtaining weapons systems to discussing how to whack Zhirinovsky. I really did not care to be the next Lee Harvey Oswald, so I moved on to other endeavors. But America went right on with it's goals and when a new guy took the lead named Putin, things began to get interesting.

  Vladimir Vladimirovich was very diplomatic but a long term strategist that has always left the Americans with retard written across their foreheads in invisible ink. It always will be this way as Americans operate on a very short operational cycle, whereas Russians or Chinese look sometimes decades down the road before deciding something. We are opportunists that exploit a situations dynamics and they are builders that construct outcomes.

  So when America could not get what it wanted, it started it's old tactic of overthrow and operate. In this game we buy traitor-whores in your country who go into politics and then open the door. If we can't, then we operate by paying and arming opposition groups like we did in Chechnya a very dirty war that only happened because Putin wouldn't sell his country out like the rest of the scum we bought in Moscow.

  I would have paid good money to have been sitting next to Putin when Bush the Second called Putin and said, "We've been attacked by our Saudi patsies and Israeli contractors, coordinated by our people. We are going into Afghanistan and putting a base in Kazakhstan." I'm sure VVP took a few days to process this insanity and then realized it was an opportunity to let the Americans over extend themselves just like Hitler going too far trying to gobble Russia, so too the West did so by incremental invasion by NATO and corporate partisan operations behind Russian lines flooding the place with fast food, easy loans, and goods the Russians dreamed of during the era Russia was a closed society.

  The war against Russia has rolled right on and continues today. You don't see Russian forces in Canada or Mexico, but you can find American troops in Ukraine, Latvia and every other Euro banana republic bordering Russia.You don't see Russian FSB guys buying American elections or one of Lavrov's people handing out cookies at occupy Wall Street protests, trying to start a color revolution in Kansas City or Houston. This business model of America works. It works so god damn well it's gotten roughly 2 million people killed in my lifetime and prevented the US dollar from total collapse only by how many bombs and rockets we use taking what we can't con our way into.

  Russia has constantly been aware of this aggression and has museums full of Napoleonic and Nazi swords, flags and medals dropped by her enemies as they ran screaming out of Russia. Someday you will see the same as America's 4th Reich and it's Euro trash allies also leave Russia screaming for mommy. All because we as citizens failed to do our duty to control government. We let corporations and oligarchy take control of our national destiny and now we get to pay the price for our collective laziness as an electorate.Meanwhile, a quiet man of enormous patience plans your future and you will never know the end of this movie until it is much too late to do a damn thing about it. I knew that the minute I caught a plane from Seattle to Moscow, understanding I was not leaving anything of lasting value behind me.......

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