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VETERANS TODAY -- Workin’ for the OCC by Preston James, Ph.D

Workin’ for the OCC

Are you working for the Organized Crime Cabal that has infiltrated and hijacked America, the USG and most of our Institutions without even being aware of it?


By  Preston James and Mike Harris

Note:  This is along article. You may want to start out by reading the bold print summaries and then proceed to the non-bold sub-paragraphs you are interested in.

You’re are pretty sure that you’re not working for the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that has hijacked the USG and most of America’s Institutions. Guess again.
Odds are about 9 to 1 you are actually working for the OCC either directly or indirectly and probably being controlled by their criminal Agenda which includes the massive asset stripping of America and its very destruction in progressive Fabian Socialist steps.
Here’s why.
The OCC is powered by its association with the World’s greatest Financial Scam ever devised and deployed, the criminal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.
This is purely criminal “Money Power”, created from nothing in as large the quantities as needed or wanted.

This whole concept of a private Fiat Counterfeiting System masquerading as a US Central Bank and charging the American People pernicious interest (usury) for using their own money is one of the biggest scams, financial frauds, and public crimes ever perpetrated against the American People.

This massive Counterfeiting System disguised as a People’s Central Bank is actually a private foreign controlled banking and espionage system inside America which operates in blatant violation of the US Constitution and is therefore illegal from the get-go in every way imaginable.
Because this incredible financial criminal enterprise is based on Financial Fraud, it can never be legal or Constitutional, or have any statute of limitations. Our US Constitution requires Congress to issue US Money to be actual currency of Gold and Silver, no exceptions. Anything else is criminal and no prosecutable under criminal and Civil RICO as well as USS Fraud and national security espionage laws for Treason and Sedition.
Therefore it is important to note  and to realize that these massive crimes of the Federal Reserve System are technically Criminal and Civil RICO, espionage, and serious Financial Fraud which have no statute of limitations because crimes involving  Fraud and engineered concealment are prosecutable whenever discovered.
Thus this World’s greatest crime, Financial Fraud and Counterfeiting by the federal Reserve System can be prosecuted all the way back to its origin and all of its assets seized and clawed back no matter where they went or where they are now. This includes all personal holdings, homes, cars, bank accounts, retirement and everything acquired with money defrauded from the American People.
Major General Smedley Butler. This incredible American Hero was the Marines Greatest Fighter, was a two Times Medal of Honor Recipient and hard core Truth-Teller. He exposed how the US Military was being mis-used and abused and deployed as an international enforcer for the US Corporations. Want to learn about what a real American Hero acts at the end of his career when he “wakes up”? Then study this man, perhaps the best role model we will ever have for what happens when a Military Man wakes up and serves his Constitutional Republic more than ever before.
Much of the US Military has been hijacked by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) and has served as its International Enforcer for the large multinational Corporations.
If you serve in the US Military, you are working for the OCC because it has hijacked Congress and the Administration which runs your life and has a track record of sending American Soldiers to die and be wounded as cannon fodder in foreign, perpetual, illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable wars.
If you work for a State Government or the Federal Government (USG) you are essentially working for the OCC and most have no idea because the OCC set their agendas, policies and control their functions.
Why is this so? Because the OCC has essentially infiltrated and hijacked almost every part of the USG through the RICO machinations of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) via the hijacked CIA. And the International Zionist Crime Cabal (IZCS) which runs many Israeli espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL, Bnai Brith and the like which have bought and own or human-compromised almost every Member of the US Congress, the USG and the Judiciary including Eric Holder.
Holder, the US Attorney General who is leaving office soon, fortunately for us all. To receive his continued silence he has been hired by JP Morgan Chase Bank for a 77 million USD per year salary.
The Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) hijacked most of the USG over the last 100 years since the Rothschild World Zionist (WZ) private Fiat Central Bank established a beach-head inside America and used it as a base from which to systematically infiltrate and hijack every single part of the USG and every major US Institution including most large church systems.
Most State and Federal Government workers are working for the OCC, either directly or indirectly or at least being covertly steered by the OCC and their incredibly Evil Agenda.
If you work for any State Government or the US Federal Government you are essentially working for the OCC since they hijacked the USG and every State Government and exert topside control over it in DC through a bought off, human compromised Congress and almost every State Legislature or state governing body.
Yes, if you work for a State Government you are working for the OCC since they control them through the use of Cutouts and awarding of vast grants and major Federal laws and weird Federal income tax sharing laws and regulations.
DHS is an illegal, criminal, Unconstitutional internal Israel private Occupation Police State Army that would have made the East German Stasi proud and actually has no legal mandate at all.
If you work for Homeland Security, you work for the OCC because the OCC used Nuclear blackmail to coerce the Bush2 Administration to allow the World Zionists to use Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Cutouts to set up DHS. It’s agenda is to oppress, tyrannize, disarm, starve out and kidnap American at gunpoint and take them to FEMA “Nazi-style prison camps.
Are Americans headed for their own Work Camps which will be transformed into American Death Camps?
Once in these secure camps with barbed wire and concertina razor wire facing inward, the men, women and children will be separated.  All dissidents will be immediately executed by a shot to the back of the neck, Nazi-style or Bolshevik style to be more accurate since DHS principals are Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual or Triple Citizens.
Those not immediately executed for organ sales will then be worked as slave labor and starved a little each day until they die, unless they have organ matches needed in which they will be executed immediately for their organs. The rest will be starved and worked to death or executed until all are dead and disposed of. Their bodies will be reprocessed as animal feed and fertilizer for the super-elite deviants who run everything, unless we stop this incredibly evil machination from hell right now.
If you work for any Alphabet Agency, you are essentially working for the OCC too, since the OCC has gained control over all of them under the wicked infiltration and appointments of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC).
The BCC reached prominence when Bush1 ran the JFK Op40 Assassination for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the pedophile J. Edgar “Mary”, Director of the FBI, LBJ, Allen Dulles, General Lemnitzer, the Ugly American “Big Bad Ed”, “no mercy for you, just die” General Ed Lansdale (the man who dug up the Japanese Gold hidden in the Philippines after WW2 and gained incredible power in American Intelligence), the Federal Reserve System, the Cosa Nostra, the Kosher Nostra, and the Rothschild World Zionists and their Israeli Cutouts.
Illegal International Drug Trafficking into America propelled the BCC to the top of the US Power Hierarchy for the last fifty years after they successfully assassinated JFK despite numerous screw-ups in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
Over the next 50 years the BCC acquired more and more power using its massive international “Fourth Reich” linked drug Cartel, massive murder, blackmail/human compromise ops and power and ability to deeply infiltrated every Alphabet by placing soulless criminals in charge of each.
If you work for a public school system you essentially work for the OCC too, since they hijacked the Department of Education and determine all basic school policies and curriculums one way or another.
If you work for a public school system or a large University, in a sense you are working as an agent of propaganda and mind-kontrol for the OCC. There is no academic freedom in any public institutions and American history is mis-taught and filled with misinformation in line with the OCC’s educational agenda which is set in Washington DC.
The curriculums of all public schools and university and colleges are closely monitored and controlled, so do ever expect any serious truth to be taught there unless it slips by the censors.
You will never find any serious truth taught about how our money is counterfeit and how the private Federal Reserve System charges us pernicious usury for using what the US Constitution requires to be our own money. Nor is the truth taught about how American Intel and the DOD have a secret arrangement to provide massive funding to major Universities to do secret research for them and aid them in spying on We The People and to suppress any truth about who and what is really running the curriculum.
The Universities have become a huge financial scam because of their ever increasing tuition rates accompanied by easy loans by banks to students at exorbitant interest rates. These large loans create future debt slaves because these debts can never be cleared through bankruptcy which is what most face because about 50% cannot even get decent paying jobs with their degrees and go home to live with Mom and Dad or Mom or Dad. These are USG guaranteed loans so the banks never lose a dime and no help is in sight for most of the debt-slaves who graduated since the present economy is doomed until we get rid of the OCC and the Federal Reserve System.
criticize (2)
Big Pharma has been infiltrated and hijacked by the Fourth Reich and the its partner in crime, the BCC.
If you work for Big Pharma or are a “Detail Man or Women” chances are you are being used by the OCC to mind-kontrol physicians and prescribe a significant number of ineffective or dangerous drugs. Take Prozac, many stuidies were done, most showed that it had serious risks of inducing suicidal ideation especially in youth or those who regularly consumed alcohol. The studies wee ignored and the few good ones were cherry picked and published.
Later on this problem emerged and became so bad with so many unexpected suicides that a product warning was required by the FDA and it takes big extreme problem for that to ever be done. This fraudulent cherry picked slanted research is then used by drug detail reps to misinform and hype physicians to over prescribed these dangerous drugs.
Take Statins, which many large clinic hype for anyone over 40, telling these patients that they should be on statins as a matter of simple routine. The problem is that Statins actually increase the death rates slightly from heart attacks and have been linked significantly to “untoward, unexpected suicides or deaths” and early dementia. The reason is that statins pull out CoQ10 out of the brain and heart and muscles and this causes heart attacks and dementia as well. many who do not get the most serious side-effect leading to dementia or death develop symptoms of serious memory loss.
Most valid studies show that Statins did not reduce the death rate significantly while only a few show it did by by a lowly 1-3% most only 1% and statisticians usually regard these small percentages as sampling errors rather than truly significant findings. Statins have been a super high profit item for Big Pharma and one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated on the American health consumer. Most physicians have been completely bamboozled and believe the phony Big Pharma advertising 100%, not realizing that they have been essentially mind-kontrolled.
Take vaccines that many parents are scammed into believing are required when in every state of the union they have a Constitutional Right to refuse them. These vaccines especially when given in multiples on the same day, are incredibly dangerous, evoke autism in some, help spread the diseases they are supposed to prevent and stimulate later autoimmune diseases, lower the child’s IQ as proved in some recent scientific studies on the adverse neuro-toxic effects of the Thimerisol (Ethyl mercury) included in vaccines as a preservative.
Pertussis vaccine, an incredibly very dangerous vaccine was outlawed in Japan and Europe in its American form years ago. But it has not been outlawed in America after many years of red flags and scientists warnings that were fully ignored.
Too many little kids have had their brains fried by the incredibly toxic version of the Pertussis vaccine. If you answer the question why the FDA allows this you will understand that the FDA is an OCC controlled criminal RICO organization marred by a big revolving door with Big Pharma and their incredibly lucrative jobs.
As if that wasn’t enough most vaccines contain a strange combination of some of the nastiest compounds you could never imagine: aluminum (linked to early dementia and Alzheimers), formaldehyde, squalene and other incredibly toxic adjuvants, aborted fetal cells (used as as satanic blood ritual to curse “American Goyim” with what the WZ views as induced “human sacrifices” their terms, not ours), SV-40 Monkey virus which is a slow acting carcinogen involved in 40% of the soft tissue cancers that arise, plus many more RNA fragment used to create infertility, as well as some incredibly nasty slow acting retro viruses and catalytic viruses linked to autism and Chronic Fatique Syndrome.
If you work anywhere in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) you are essentially working for the OCC’s News cartel and main means of Mind-kontrolling and propagandizing the masses with their Big USG Lies and False-narratives.

The OCC bought up and consolidated all the mass media and formed an illegal News Cartel, a virtual Monopoly of six large interconnected Major International News and Media Corporations, best described as the OCC’s Controlled major mass Media.
This CMMM is a major OCC propaganda dispenser of Big Government Lies and False-narratives that convince the dumbed-down American People that the King always wears stunning new clothes when he is actually naked.
Federal Taxes are illegal according to the US Constitution and what the Founding Fathers stipulated.
If you work in any job and pay taxes to the Federal Government, you should be informed that about 40% of of those illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Taxes are applied to the interest that has accrued on the phony Federal Reserve System’s Loans to the USG to meet an out of control budget. this means essentially all US Federal Income Taxpayers are working for the OCC whether they realize it or not.
Our Founding Fathers actually only allowed Federal import and excise taxes and considered any income taxes or salary based taxes completely anti-human and against the Constitution and everything they set up the USA to be.
SMALL_ourlittleponzischeme1 (2)
The phony elastic checkbook the criminal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System provides to our criminal/compromised Congress is used to commit the second greatest financial fraud ever on the American taxpayer and Citizen besides the fedral reserve System’s “massive Fiat Counterfeiting with pernicious usury to make us all debt slaves” scheme.
The elastic checkbook that the Federal Reserve System provides to our crooked Congress allows Congress to overspend on illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for Israel and on many other insane projects  special interest groups.
Of course We The People get taxed illegally and Unconstitutionally to pay this illegal pernicious usury to the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System on this fake, counterfeit, imaginary so-called Federal Deficit which is criminal RICO financial Fraud and theft on a scale beyond the ability of most to even comprehend or imagine either.
images (2)
Perhaps the best visible description of what the Organized Crime Cabal is comprised of. It is run out of the City of London by the Rothschild World Zionists who pretend to be Judaics but aren’t, but whom are actually Teutonic Zionists from Germany (formerly the Hanseatic League). It is a merger of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC aka Fourth Reich) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS aka Kosher Nostra and Red Mafiya) which became joined at the hip and both are controlled by the WZ Top Principals.

The OCC is joined at the hip with the large International Defense contractors which function as large criminal RICO syndicates and are Joined at the hip the Rothschild World Zionist City of London private Fiat Central Banksters and their stateside franchisee the Federal Reserve System.
If you work for a major defense contractor you are in most cases being used to make used profits for the OCC which supplies the US Military and in many cases the enemy with consumable weapon systems and munitions which are used in pre-engineered illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars of acquisition for other major Corporations like Oil and mineral companies.
syria_1239573_439139399532839_1526373832_n (2)
space-war-90x65 (2)
Deep Black, Beyond black, Special Access or completely Unacknowledged prograsm are Illegal, Unconstitutional and have been long privatized by assigning them to DOD contractors who function as private criminal mercenary operations.

If you have been working for the secret Shadow Government’s UFO, anti-gravity or Alien ET joint technology development and genetic lab programs classified as top secret, above top secret, black, deep black, beyond black or completely unacknowledged, you are working in an Unconstitutional illegal enterprise and you are actually working for the OCC.
6a00d83451b7a769e2019b006fbf21970c-320wi (2)
If you work for Intel or  an alphabet agencies, you are actually working for the OCC because the BCC hijacked them.

If you work for Homeland Security (DHS) you are working for the OCC’s internal occupation Stasi-type Police State Army inside America tasked with transforming America into GAZA II, the largest open air prison camp in the World.
If you work for a large Urban Police Department that has been militarized you are actually working for the OCC and serving as an agent of the OCC since they hijacked most American Law Enforcement.
When-Did-Police-Become-This (2)

Here is a simple fact of life we all need to understand, come to grips with and do everything we can to reverse this sad reality.
Most of us work for a large Organized crime entity the OCC either directly or indirectly.
The OCC is currently asset stripping most of our hard earned wealth and is now deploying a long term agenda to asset strip us bare, steal all our natural resources, destroy America our great republic, and then mass-murder all of us us.
The WZ’s OCC is truly an Enemy within our Gates of America and represents the worst Evil possible, one so Evil that it is beyond the imagination of almost everyone except those Law Enforcement (LE) or researchers who have investigated it.
And LE’s and researchers have traditionally been stopped or murdered to keep them from testifying or spreading the truth about how great the Evil is that the WZ’s OCC does inside America.
The game is tilted, the game is fixed, phony and illegal too and the Unconstitutional Private Rothschild Federal Reserve System is the nexus of it all, our real and basic enemy within the gates of our America.
We must understand that the game is tilted, the game is fixed and we can never get ahead economically as long as so much of the fruits of our labor is ripped off from us using illegal taxation to pay the illegal, Unconstitutional, criminal Federal Reserve System phony debt.
How did this state of affairs ever come to happen where the US Monetary production and Distribution System became hijacked by the World Zionist (WZ) Rothschild private FIAT Central Banksters working out of the City of London Financial District. It was really quite easy. The Rothschild Banksters can create as much money as they want out of nothing and have used it to earn even more, enough to buy or bribe every Congressmen necessary to pass the criminal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913 without even a legally required quorum present.
Every Congressman involved committed high Treason and should have been arrested by the Provost Martial, tried, convicted and hung on a military gallows like the murderers of President Lincoln.

Once these WZ Rothschild Banksters got their foot in the door and used Cutouts and front men to run this new Phony Central Bank set up the print or issue Counterfeit US money and charge interest to Americans for using what should have been their own money, it’s game over.
The Solution to this foreign enemy, the OCC which is now deeply entrenched within the Gates of our America is asset stripping all of our wealth and working hard to destroy our great Republic, and then plans to transform America into GAZA II, make Americans the New Palestinians, and then systematically and progressively mass murder us all.
The clear solution is to decapitate the Organized Crime Cabal from its elastic Federal Reserve System based money supply. To do this the Federal Reserve System must be nationalized.
Then the OCC must be decapitated from its massive illegal drug revenues. This alone would put many large Wall Street Banks out of business within 30-60 days. This must be accomplished by making several important corrections.
First, many drugs must be legalized, serious ones under an MD’s care by RX only. Then the US Military must give all drug cartels 48 hours to surrender, followed by a full scale air and ground attack of all major Drug cartels in Mexico, South America and Central America.
Then the honest part of the US Military must be deployed against the rogue CIA, mercenaries, and US Military Forces and their commanders who protect and process Opium in Afghanistan and fly it into America using an almost constant stream of un-piloted Global Hawks.
The take-down of the Federal Reserve System must be implemented in three important steps.
First, do a complete audit the Federal Reserve System. Then publish all the figures. Then the President must make a public statement that the private Federal Reserve System is completely Unconstitutional and thus illegal. This must be follow up by the arrests of the Directors of the Federal Reserve System and prosecute them for money structuring, financial Fraud and Criminal and Civil and RICO.
All Federal Reserve System property including building and electronic systems and assets must be seized and nationalized by the US Department of the Treasury who will continue operations but no interest will be charged to Americans for using their own money. Any Federal Reserve System debts held against the American people will be immediately declared fraudulent and thus null and void. All stolen assets of the Federal Reserve System, foreign and domestic will be seized under Civil and Criminal RICO.
Bankrupt-America (2)
All stolen wealth must be seized and clawed back all the way back to 1914 when the Federal Reserve System incorporated and went on the offense and started stealing American money through illegal, Unconstitutional pernicious usury, designed to transform most Americans into Deb-slaves via Credit Cards and their exorbitant, indecent and evil interest rates and penalties .
After the Federal Reserve System is “Nationalized” and the top Directors fully prosecuted under Criminal and Civil RICO and for doing espionage against America under the directions of a foreign controlled power (The City of London Rothschild World Zionists), all illicit profits must be completely clawed back from all member banks and top Directors personal estate and where ever the stolen , defrauded money went.
These clawed back assets will be distributed to every American citizen by a Federal Board of Restoration set up and run by Lee Wanta with a wide range of community representatives from all social classes ethnicities. The Federal Board of Restoration will be responsible for setting up new Fair Trade policies with suitable tariffs and the scrapping of the former Unconstitutional Seditious Free Trade Agreements.
We need to then set up a US Board of Restoration and make a new Cabinet Position after we dump the Department of Education and some others which are criminal and Unconstitutional.
Wanta 1
Ambassador Lee Wanta, our Great American Hero, ultra deep-cover Secret Agent of President Reagan under the Totten Doctrine. Never released from his position Wanta continues his assigned mission to restore, revitalize and re-industrialize America. His story of amassing the World’s largest fortune is as incredible as is his extreme Heroism and love for America, our Constitutional Republic.
This Board of Restoration will also be responsible for building an Inter-coastal High Speed state-of-the-art Maglev Railroad and the complete re-industrialization and restoration of America with an emphasis on decent paying good job opportunities for everyone. A man like Ambassador Lee Wanta must be appointed as the Secretary of this new US Department of Restoration.
And Lee Wanta must be fully empowered to build the finest, most state-of-the-art High Speed inter-coastal Maglev Railroad in the World and be assigned the responsibility of cancelling the phony National Debt, paying off any actually valid part of America’s debts and cancelling all fraudulent MERS based Home Mortgages and clawing back all such Bank seized properties and distributing them back to those they were defrauded of them or supplying an equivalent or adequate compensation.
The SSG’s Deep black, Beyond-Black or “Unacknowledged Programs.”
One more area of complete hijacking by the false, criminal and completely Unconstitutional use of so-called and misapplied “National Security” laws that must be publicly exposed is the Secret Shadow Government’s Deep black, Beyond-Black or the never admitted to “Unacknowledged programs.”
These programs are so deeply hidden that those responsible for them don';t even get briefed after they are started and secret “off the books” black funding mechanisms are used such as International drug and weapons trafficking and outright counterfeiting using real duplicate plates provided by the US Treasury.
Both of us authors have been threatened and attacked in unsuccessful murder attempts for publicly exposing this area in the past.
There are now hundreds of the SSG Secret Space War participants now coming forward as a group in Steven Greer, MD’s Disclosure Project. These great American Heroes have not been prosecuted for violating their secrecy oaths.
Why? Because it is now generally recognized that such programs and such oaths are all illegal, Unconstitutional and criminal because they were hijacked by OCC controlled large, incredibly well funded private Defense Contractors long ago, RICO criminal enterprises in and of themselves.
These private OCC controlled criminal Defense Contractors are characterized by frequent use of mind-kontrolled stone-killers used to murder whistle-blowers.
But most of this has been stopped lately due to a major decision by Majestic Twelve to regain control over these programs, stop the murders and force moderate disclosure except for some active operational defense related secrets.
Up until only several years ago these evil Defense Contractors used mind-kontrolled soulless “Wetboys” or “droids” to murder or “Arkenside” numerous Black Project Whistle-blowers keep the public from ever finding out about the criminal hijacking of these “unacknowledged, special access” projects which have become tainted and in many cases evil beyond one’s ability to imagine.
Obviously since most folks are working for entities infiltrated and hijacked by the OCC, they cannot just quit and walk away. Most need to keep their jobs and income so they can support themselves and any families they have. But what everyone can do is to become educated and fully aware of what is going on and then completely abandon the CMMM and go to trusted websites that can give you the truth without WZ stooge or sock-puppet or limited hangout with a bad payload propaganda.
And those of you who hold top positions in Intel, the Military and Corporations and Government, and have not become incredibly Evil “Beasts of the Night” like the Top Dogs of the OCC, it is time for you to start setting limits as to what you will do that is illegal and Unconstitutional.
Keep your good friends and family members informed of what they can handle and do it in progressive steps by sharing good websites and articles they can understand. Yes, share articles with them like those of the incredibly astute scientific work of Professor Jim Fetzer and his research associates and teams.
Take serious note of the subjects they have dissected and uncovered as False-Flag attacks on America on the Phony Boston Marathon black powder harmless Puffer Bomb FEMA drill with use of crisis actors prior amputees and staged victims. Or the now completely exposed Sandy Hoax with no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas, and in fact no Lanzas at all (they were virtual computer media creations only and not real persons).
At Sandy Hook, a custom pre-engineered synthetic town was assembled and used to stage synthetic live-shooter fake terror to serve as a False-Flag attack on the second Amendment and to serve as an excuse to merge criminal child psychiatry and Big Pharma with the schools, especially the grade schools. In this way young kids can be made agitated by Wi-Fi turned up way too high by the criminal NSA, another OCC controlled RICO crime Organization.
Then the in-school resident taxpayer paid child psychiatrists will order the kids to have Psychiatric exams, after which they will scare the parents and then go ahead and prescribe dangerous anti-psychotic drugs and various other amphetamine type drugs to mind-kontrol, and dumb-down the poor child victims while generating millions of profits for Big Pharma and the crooked Public schools.
Meanwhile the NSA will continue to skim many billions of tax payer public school funds and collect data on all kids while they tweak their Wi-Fi pulsed beam microwave systems that can actually be individually focused and increased in power against any teacher or student who starts getting out of their allowed parameters.
Sandy Hook was the first fully synthetically assembled FEMA town top to bottom and it was constructed and assembled over a three years period with houses bought and supplied to the “crises actors” who were brought in and given fake names. This faked synthetic town and school which was closed in 2008 for asbestos contamination was used to stage synthetic FEMA/DHS Terror using these crises actors who specialize in live-shooter exercises that emphasize realism. Only this was a two day exercise characterized by major screw ups.
The only dead folks so far have been “after the FEMA Capstone Drill was completed which include three witnesses who were going to go public who were murdered to keep the coverup in place.
However, it is all collapsing around the Perps anyway. We have the defense contractor script which served as deeply flawed and quite stupid pre-written plan or blueprint, and we have two State Police that are talking in secret and spilling everything but do not want to be publicly identified because they believe that the Mossad which ran this operation will murder them.
Refuse to give any money to phony OCC controlled major Political parties like the Republicans or the Democrats, both RICO crime syndicates owned and controlled by the OCC. Vote out all incumbents and support Populist oriented “Truthers.”
Stay calm, keep your powder dry and commit to deploying the “Solzenitzen Solution” if that day ever arise that the criminal parasites from the completed perverted DHS Israeli command structure deploy their soulless, mind-kontrolled clones to come after We The people door to door to seize our guns and take us to FEMA Camps or just murder us in our own homes if we are on their “Red List.”
Never forget that Armed Americans form the largest army in the World and if the sleeping giant arises and fights back these DHS soulless slime-balls and perverts’ troops will be toast.
And always remember this, America, the land of the Free, the Strong and the Brave is ours, We The People’s Constitutional Republic. And we have the God given right to all our basic human natural rights, freedoms and liberties and it our right to take back our great Republic America from these soulless, criminal murderers and defrauders.
It is also our right to shut down the BCC and their CIA drug Cartels and fully prosecute their principals and henchmen, Kingpins and Cutouts and shut down the big Wall Street Banks and arrest their principals that have been laundering the BCC/CIA drug money.
It is also our right to shut down thee IZCS and their Israeli controlled espionage fronts inside American like AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL and fully prosecute their principals and henchmen, Kingpins and Cutouts to the fullest extent possible. and deport all the rest right out of our nation to the nation of their primary loyalty and main Citizenship, no exception. We must grant these OCC Kingpins and Cutout the same degree of mercy they have granted. Absolutely None!

Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.


Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
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