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VETERANS TODAY -- Changes we could never imagine -- by Preston James, Ph.D

Changes we could never imagine

Fifteen years of Internet and Cell Phones have brought about major unimagined changes for Americans and have made Suppressed Truth widely available for the first time ever.

by  Preston James

Note:  This is a long article and it is suggested that you read the bold printed summaries first and then go back and read any sub-paragraphs you are interested in and have the time. Reading the bold print and the conclusion will provide the basic information contained in this article.

It is generally recognized that the Internet went mainstream in America by the end of 1999.
Despite the use of phone and slow modems for Internet access, it became a new fad and almost everyone that developed a strong interest in personal desktop computers obtained a modem and started using the Internet.
As computers became faster and numerous new websites emerged including alternative news sites and numerous sites with alternative views of current affairs on various events and periods in history, the Internet fad continued to spread. Soon it was American as Apple Pie, Pro Football and Baseball.
And the Internet quickly became an established part of many businesses, especially the most progressive and high tech ones.

Somewhat later as cable TV came into prominence, high speed Internet was offered by the cable companies and was often packed with TV and Telephone which has long distance at no extra charge.
Major new technologies that emerge are revolutionary if they create broad based major societal changes that are not expected. The Internet is truly revolutionary because it has provided instant access to an incredible amount of information including vast accounts of various occurrences in history, access to newspapers and publications  all over the World (many of them translated into English), access to whole libraries and access to an almost endless supply of government documents, laws and regulations as well as personal and business websites, blogs and products.
And the cell phone too has been revolutionary because it provides portable instant communication that travels with the user. The instant communication it provides has changed the way many businesses are run and how folks socialize and relate.
Some have criticized both the Internet and the cell phone for certain problems that have arisen because of their overuse. Some say the Internet has promoted addictions including addictions to pornography and caused social isolation for some. Others claim cell phones and texting on them has caused careless driving and accidents. Like any device, mis-usage can create serious problems but can also present new opportunities never before available.
Access to a whole new world of information never before possible.
Despite all the problems misuse of these revolutionary new technologies, the Internet and the Cell phone, they both offer incredible opportunities for access to a whole new world of information and learning never before possible. This includes access to previously forbidden truth about government corruption and organized crime in government.
Of coarse as revolutionary as the Internet and the cell phone have been, the invention of the integrated circuit based personal computers and advanced CPUs have been even more revolutionary and provided the means for the development of the Cell phone and the Internet.
It was the advent of high speed cable Internet and new higher speed computers that truly transformed America into a nation with a significant proportion of the populace using high speed Internet daily.
The Worldwide Internet is best described as the New Gutenberg Press. Here is drawing of the first one from the mid 1400’s. The internet is considered even more revolutionary than the Gutenberg Press (also known as the type-set printing press). Note the obvious connection between the term “revolutionary” and the great unimagined changes the Internet have brought about which many believe are truly revolutionary and will create Populist Revolutions for a better society in every nation of the World as an effect of the Internet and massive infusion of truth, sensibility, cooperation and spontaneously emerging populism it is bringing to many nations of the World.
This transformation to high speed cut down researchers dependence on their local libraries, except for those who didn’t have a personal computer and a connection to Internet because they couldn’t afford such or were turned off by the idea of using PCs and the Internet because of an aversion to new technologies.
Many of these folks have gone to their local public library to use their high speed Internet which some did to hunt for a new job.
And we now know that the commercialization of the Internet to create new business opportunities without Brick and Mortar retail stores has truly been revolutionary and provided full times jobs and significant incomes for many fortunate individuals.
But to do this many became tied to their Computers and servers and had to spend many hours of their Computer using the Internet.
Banks and even the large corporations and major retail chains jumped on the Internet craze and starting providing numerous services and on-line sales to their customers.
And even with the failures which were often big Ponzi schemes or investment frauds, new strong Internet based businesses emerged, and it became clear clear that the Internet had truly opened the door to incredible amounts of commerce never before possible.
The origins of the Internet.
Where did the Internet come from and why was it so heavily financed by secret USG DOD funding? Stated concisely it was incorporated by DARPA from some incredibly smart and creative College professors who set up their own network. The motivation for DARPA taking over was that the Internet was sold to the DOD as an incredibly crafty system of interconnected spying devices that could be taken worldwide and used as the greatest stealthy spying ever conceived.
At about the same time the idea of a worldwide cell phone system was also being secretly financed for the very same reason, an incredibly stealthy means to spy on and track almost everyone without them being the wiser.
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The consumers dependency on using these cell phone devices because of the great benefits and convenience they provide including enhancing business operations, motivates folks to use these devices.

And while folks use these devices these devices also provide stealthy spying and surveillance on these users by intelligence agencies.
Obviously if the users didn’t receive these instant benefits from using these devices, no one would use these devices which provide the most extensive surveillance ever imagined.
It was realized that the very best spying is when you motivate the subject of surveillance to spy on themselves for you by providing them a high tech personal service they become dependent on and cannot live without because of the way it increases their personal power and conveniences.
Even if they eventually suspect, they won’t care much if everyone else does it and they have become substantially dependent on the convenience and service provided by the device.
The advent of the cell phone and its development has paralleled and then merged with the Internet.
Cell Phones have made pay phones obsolete except at airports, hotels or bar-restaurants where credit cards are swiped to activate them instead of coins.
It is a known fact that Cell phones system now provide not only the greatest stealthy surveillance and spying ability ever conceived and also the little know capability of serving as a major covert source of high tech pulsed beam psychotronics for mind-kontrol by induced brainwave entrainment. These systems can thus be used as a covert weapon of the secret war being waged against Americans by their own compromised and hijacked Government which treats them as an “Enemy of the State.”
Cell Phones have also gone high-tech like computer and the Internet.
It is also known that the cell phone systems can track users by instant voice grams and satellite tracking of secret micro chips in the devices, secret pinging and all even when the phones are turned off. Sophisticated users including spies and those concerned about serious industrial security use special voice modifiers algorithms and/or high tech scramblers which must be matched at the other end.
And we know that most new cell phones can be remotely turned on even with a dead battery because they have a special have special circuit that creates a non-indicating battery reserve, thus allowing voice recording of anyone close-by to the cell phone.
Cell phones can now easily be tapped, tracked, pinged and used as “passive, remote activated mikes.”
When someone is missing with no trace and a murder is suspected, 99 times out of 100 the FBI, the NRO and the NSA can reconstruct exactly where the body was taken. Why, because the NSA has eye-in-the-sky type constant on high tech HD orbital cameras and the FBI has the ability to track all cell phones within fifty feet or so even when off because of secret RFID chips in these cell phones. The FBI’s policy is to put a hold on this important data until six months to a year passes and then send in a hiker or hunter to just find the body “by apparent coincidence” if it has not already been found by a local who travels near it.
In this way the FBI keeps it true capabilities secret. The NSA and the NRO will in some cases share their electronic tracking Intel or highly secret satellite data but the FBI must agree to protect the source by disguising it’s use away from the source.
We also know that cell phones are easily tapped by the use of Stingray devices by many urban Police Intel Units, all paid for by special DHS grants. This is course is all illegal without a warrant but most Police who use these devices don’t care and argue that exigent circumstances required it’s use as a part of an investigation if questioned by associates, and many Police Intel believe that anything transmitted through the air is public domain information which is certainly not true at all.
Computers connected to the high speed Internet or by use of  Wi-Fi have high-tech Psychotronic capabilities which can be deployed, in addition to its capability to surveil and spy on most users.
It is suspected and claimed by some insiders but not yet proved with hard public domain evidence that computers  connected to the Internet and the new cable TVs can be used as high-tech mind-kontrol devices using the manipulation of subliminally pulsed sound to entrain certain desired brain waves. Some have identified and claimed one means is the Subliminal Sound System.
Others claim that the use of new HD LED computer screens provides a means to manipulate pulsed light in various progressions and intensities to entrain brain waves in order to create attitudes desired by high level Intel Officials who have a sinister secret agenda. Some new LED lighting is computer controlled and is claimed by some researchers to have advanced deployable Psychotronic capabilities to entrain brain waves in selected human targets.
What we now know for sure is that the Internet, cell phones and combination handheld units such as I-pods and similar devices provide the most incredible high-tech means of surveillance and spying, almost beyond normal imagination. But they also provide the owner/user some astounding services never before possible or even conceived.
And here is the incredible part of all this. The consumers who are targets of all this surveillance and spying actually now demand such products, most have become incredibly dependent on them daily and even hourly, some by the minute, and willingly subject themselves to the most intrusive, most dangerous surveillance and spying ever conceived.
We now know these state of the art advanced technology devices have serious mind-kontrol capabilities via high-tech pulsed beam psychotronics and now pose a direct threat to the American Republic and the US Constitution and Rule of law and our individual freedoms. the reason? We know that we now have a criminally run Government which has been infiltrated and hijacked by a large international Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).
High-tech psychotronics have been deployed as mind-kontrol tests in certain selected school, and now deployed in almost all large or well-off office suburban school systems who can be conned into installing them with false cover stories of “UN required energy efficiency standards” and big USG grants.
There is a growing tendency for the more well-off large Public School Systems to also provide I-pads to each student.
We also know that high speed Wi-Fi computer systems have been installed in many schools and these can be used as a major cover for serious psychotronic mind-kontrol against children and teachers.
There is now substantial anecdotal and first hand reports of the prior installation and use of advanced pulsed beam psychotronics in various High School test location which were even deployed as weapons of war to set up and wrongly separate some teachers by planting porno ads on their computers, and transmitting certain pulsed beamed wave patterns.
And these patterns are know to have the capability to cause targeted teachers to develop strange cancers which led to several deaths and near death heart disorders such as we uncovered in one particular large wealthy suburban public school system which we had an informer on the inside who also observed two sets of books and a lot of evidence of millions of stolen public funds through very crafty means, most being funneled to an organized crime Intel group. When the evidence was presented to the nearby US Attorney to prosecute he was at first shocked, then became angry and claimed he would proceed and take these perps down. That day never came because soon after that meeting he retired to spend more time with his family.
At present the US Attorneys and Inspector Generals of the US Department of Education are compromised or too scared by the OCC to do their jobs when provided “smoking gun” evidence.
The evidence was then taken to the Inspector General for the Department of Education and the same cycle of high commitment quickly dissipating and ending up with a man afraid of his own shadow and unwilling to do anything. Of course the mitigating factor in both individuals was the involvement of the NSA, the CIA and the Bush Crime cabal because Bush 2 was president at the time. this did however blow-back and run a Governors chance to ever be President because of his apparent NSA involvement in all this criminal matters and the millions of skimmed public education taxpayer funds. In these same schools which were secretly and deeply penetrated by NSA agents, millions of tax payer dollars were also being stolen at the same time.
There are thousands of stories like this. Strangely the only man who was ever able to bust some of these Intel related perps and stop this skimming of Public School funds is a known WZ anti-Second Amendment man and apparent control freak who tried to take away the “Big Gulp”sodas from the gas stations. He actually busted some of these perps and didn’t give a damn who they worked for and cleaned out the skimmers and scammer from the NYC Public School Administrations. This man is Michael Bloomberg, elected New York City Mayor right after the 9-11-01 attack on America.

He is known to be able to crunch numbers incredibly well and when he personally examined the NYC public School budgets he immediately knew that millions of taxpayer dollars was being skimmed. He routed out the thieves, fired many school officials, jailed some and stopped the hemorrhaging. That’s the only thing so far I can say that I like about this man, but I have to admit he was a great administrator as Mayor except for the Big Gulp control freak issue and perhaps the fact that some researchers have suspected him of being involved in the 9-11-01 attack on America even though he wasn’t yet elected Mayor of NYC yet.
Perhaps when the Houston Grand Jury is reactivated and indictments are finally made we will find out which Dual and Triple citizens were the actual planners and perps of 9-11-01. Or we can stay tuned to Veterans today News reports and VT articles which are releasing more and more of the information contained in the AEC Sandia Labs investigation of 9-11-01 and the Able Danger findings now dumped into the public domain.
In most large Public Schools, Psychotronics have been deployed to entrain the brains of teachers and students and assault and murder certain targeted teacher viewed as anti-globalist or anti-NWO or anti-diversity, anti-political correctness or anti-GLBT.
Each of the teachers targeted were known to be very stand up with high character and had a strong sense of what quality teaching was. Some were notably anti-globalist, anti-NWO, anti-diversity, anti-political correctness or anti-GLBT. In these test schools, there were incidents involving individual student or an individual teacher or teacher’s aid cracking and having anger outbursts that required police or paramedic intervention. Many of the teachers targeted were the ones that resisted giving grade school kids the booklets like Daddy’s Roommate or resented being forced to teach these young kids that every perversion imaginable is just normal or the classroom programs where demonstrations were done placing five foot condoms on large fake phalluses.
All of these individuals who “spontaneously cracked” had no prior history of any mental illness or psycho-motor epilepsy and yet that is what happened, a parietal or temporal lobe psycho-motor epileptic seizure with no evidence of a mental disorder or mental breakdown. The company running these high tech operations was close by, ran most public school computer security as well as the state government computer security and was owned and controlled by a large covert Intel company run out of Israel known to be deeply involved in 9-11-01. Pure coincidence I’m sure, like almost everything else related to the Hollywoodism and porno take-down of America and the destruction of it character and strength to resist infiltration and hijacking.
This particular company was deeply involved in the 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America and now owns and runs a computer security service which advertises it recovers crashed discs, and according to some prior customers it takes big money prepaid to do so, but often performs poorly. Some insiders have suggested that this Israeli run company sells lifted industrial secrets to other industrial competitors or sends it to Sayanims and Israeli contractors to also use illegally. This is major industrial espionage by a foreign power, folks, and our NSA knows about it and functions as Israel’s bitch.
All who have such psycho-motor seizures recovered quickly after the incidents and were confused about what happened. Some were fired, some were allowed to come back after an okay was given by a physician, a psychologist or a Psychiatrist.
How Wi-Fi penetrates the human brain through the skull by age. From Wi-Fi use in schools in linked to the emergence of symptoms of autism and has also been strongly suspected of triggering psychomotor epilepsy. Young devbeloping brains should not be exposed to Wi-Fi or adults who are known to be sensitive to electromagnetics or microwaves.
In these test schools, eventually these special UN high efficiency fluorescent lights with special high tech pulsing transformers were later replaced with special computer controlled LEDs and high tech Wi-Fi systems which were intense pulsed beam emitters with known vast psychotronic capabilities.
And strangely enough, while these first tests in the some select public schools, most of which were visited by President Bush2, one big sporting goods chain bought by a major Intel operation to serve as a Cutout also tested some of the first high-power pulsed beam transmitters later replaced by Wi-Fi. Several employers and at least one manager had the same type of angry outbursts over nothing with no prior history of anything but being mild mannered and stable. These attacks were obviously best described as psycho-motor seizures, either temporal or parietal by any psychologist or psychiatrist who has studied this.
Barrie Trower the World’s top Microwave expert speaks out publicly and does his best to bring correction to a dangerous deployment of Wi-Fi in schools and the public arena.
The new constant-on shoulder held police Radio are a clear and present danger to innocent Americans because they entrain some Police brains and result in unnecessary, unwarranted and covered up Police murders of civilians as well as a long term risk to most police Officers for strange cancers. Doubt this just spend some time examining the public speeches or affidavits of Barrie Trower the UK’s top Microwave weapons and radio expert who trained at the Ministry of Defense and worked for the Royal navy and “may have” worked in some very sensitive top secret areas for the Defense industry and perhaps Intel or the Military developing very advanced microwave emitters, radios and weapons systems.
By the way this man is totally stand-up, tells the truth and will not back down. Quite a few of his extended interviews are now available on and they are impressive. Yes, Barrie Trower is a very good man who is committed to getting the truth out about the great dangers of pulsed beam microwaves and the need to protect the brains of developing children from this menace in the Public Schools and at home.
And now we have the constant on pulsed beam microwave shoulder held radios our Police wear. These are known to be strong emitters and brainwave entrainers, can cause cancer over many years of use and can trigger serious psycho-motor temporal or parietal lobe seizures in certain officers which present as gross overreactions, sometimes even lethally violent unwarranted assaults to persons who hesitate to instantly obey a Police directive, no matter how unreasonable or illegal that directive was.
In general it is safe to conclude that Wi-Fi and even cell phones and cell phone systems can be dangerous to certain susceptible individuals especially children that are still growing and developing neurologically.
Your typical Cell Phone Tower. Thousands of these have been constructed all over the USA. Many of these generate microwaves at levels too intense for sensitive individuals or those living or working too close.
It is known in some Scandinavian and European nations that children’s brains are not yet developed and are much more easily damaged by Wi-Fi and cell phones and cell phone systems. In fact in some Scandinavian and European nations Wi-Fi has been stripped out of the Public schools for that reason and substituted with much faster and safe high speed fiber optical cable. In some of these same Scandinavian and European nations that have pulled Wi-Fi out of the public Schools, scientist there have restricted cell phone tower locations and taken emission to lower levels and set new Public Health standards for such pulsed beam microwave emissions.
It is now known for sure by respected medical scientists in Europe that approximately 3-6% of all adults are malignantly sensitive to electromagnetic or microwave emissions, especially pulsed beam microwaves and must be kept away from them to avoid serious health consequences.
And some of these Scandinavian and European nations have created special ultra low pulsed beam microwave emission cities for their new diagnoses of “sensitivity or allergy to electromagnetic or microwave emissions” which is a disability diagnoses now given to patients with a certain symptom profile. It is estimated that this diagnosis will apply to approximately 3-6% of any given population anywhere in the World once significant Worldwide research is done.
Folks disabled by electromagnetic or microwave emissions actually will demonstrate altered electroencephalograms and electrocardiograms when hooked up to these diagnostic machines in the presence of strong electromagnetism or microwaves, especially pulsed beam microwaves. One province in Canada has now followed suit and pulled Wi-Fi from the Public Schools and installed safe high speed fiber optic cable, a much better choice for health of children and actual sped because it is much faster than Wi-Fi which is relatively slow..
Can you find the disguised Cell Phone Transceiver antennas mounted on the left side of the window of this church? Transceiver antennas are now mounted on the side of many buildings in all different kinds of configurations. But no-one has really done careful scientific research on the potential dangers to human health.
Don’t expect any such Public health actions in the USA soon. Why? Because the US Intel systems block such European websites from meta-tag searching and most American will never find out about what certain Scandinavian and European nations have discoverer about the dangers of Wi-Fi and cell phones and cell phone systems to certain vulnerable people. We know that this search blocking is now being done by high tech computer software systems run out of Israel, Denver and select US Militray Bases which have included Fort Huachuca Arizona cyber Warfare School.
The Internet has provided an incredible amount of Alternative news not available on any of the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) which is now known to be a propaganda and false-narrative dispenser for the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and the very large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which infiltrated and hijacked most of our American Government.
Internet and cell phone usage and the development of combination devices is now known to have caused an explosive expansion of knowledge, opening up whole libraries of documents previously unavailable to the public.
The public’s access to such an incomprehensibly large amount of research data and alternative news articles has essentially created incredible, unimagined changes in the state of knowledge of many Americans.
Unfortunately there is a sinister  Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) force in much of the World that prevents truth from being discussed publicly, even vitally important issues.
These topics have been made taboo by very crafty political muscle exercised by the World Zionist Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) run out of the City of London Financial District which is run by the World Zionists (WZs) a separate nation-state like the Vatican. The OCC is incredibly powerful because those who run it also run the Rothschild private Fiat Central Banking System.
This Worldwide Counterfeiting System has penetrated almost every nation of the World to form an interlocked parasite system of the most massive counterfeiting in history, one that most folks are not even aware it has existed since at least shortly after Napoleon was defeated. Because this massive Counterfeiting System which impersonates a real Central Banking System has so much “money” because it can print or issue as much as it wants, it has had more power than any government, army or Political Party.
This massive Counterfeiting System’s livelihood is based on pre-engineering and then staging wars for profits for those who run this system but also for a Worldwide Network their partnered Defense Contractors and a large International Network of about 147 Interconnected Corporations that often share the same set of Directors. This massive OCC system hires numerous mercenaries that act as Gladio-style Terrorists in order to start wars for profit. It’s hard work to start wars and very expensive too, but these Banksters print or issue or use massive Drugs and weapon trafficking to provide the money they need for whatever they need done including the so-called acts of terror which are nothing more than crimes paid for and run by this large international OCC.
As many Internet users are starting to understand, the OCC is basically an extension of the Rothschild associated World Zionists (WZs) who exercise their bought and owned political muscle to pass illegal, restrictive laws which are used to prevent any discussion or scientific research on what WZs refer to as “the Holocaust” which means “fiery human sacrifice” from the old English. In many nations of the World there are laws that have been passed making any such discussions a major crime punishable by long prison terms.
In America there have been massive efforts by the WZs to bribe and coerce Members of Congress to pass completely Unconstitutional “hate crimes laws” which would make this “holocaust” discussion illegal but so far they have failed. Of course it is not too surprising that paid operatives are used to abuse or murder homosexuals and Judaics or to bomb churches. In fact most neo-Nazi groups are secretly financed and set up by the WZs and can serve as murderous provocateurs on demand.
WZ assets are specialists in Psyopping whole communities to suppress free speech and prevent discussion of their forbidden topics which they believe would then lead to the erosion and exposure of their illegitimate power and mind-kontrol systems such as using the false constructs as anti-Semitism and the “Holocaust”.
The WZs use Israelis, Mossad, assets and Sayanims located all around America to move in to Psyop any community or educational institution that tries to sponsor any public speeches or presentation of any truth of USG corruption if they judge that the researcher might know about their exaggerated figures of Judaic deaths in the Nazi Work Camps. Why do they seem to overreact and stop any scientific research or discussion about their so-called “holocaust”?
The answer is that they are intensely afraid that the American Goyim will began to understand the WZ conjob, exaggeration and outright lies about the Nazi Work Camps. And the same for their almost automatic invocation of the accusation “you are an anti-Semite” if you attempt to criticize anything Israel does like their Apartheid against Palestinians. Of course anyone who has studied the current genetic research by John Hopkins knows that 97.5% of those living in Israel claiming to have ancient Hebrew blood and thus have ancestral right to Palestinian land while approximately 80% of Palestinians actually have ancient Hebrew Blood, thus making them truly Semites. So actually we have the strange situation where the Israelis are the World’s biggest anti-Semites while accusing everyone else of being ant-Semite when  they criticize Israel for its continual acts of terrorism and international organized crime.
Deep down inside these WZs and their mind-kontrolled Judaics understand that a fair portion of their so-called holocaust narrative is false and based on exaggeration and outright lies concerning the actual verified Red Cross numbers concerning how many Judaics who were kidnapped at gunpoint by Nazis in Germany, asset stripped and placed in Nazi Work Camps where a portion of them died. The only “final solution” exists in their imagination but that in and of itself in no way should demean or minimize how criminal the Nazi Works Camps were. It is important to know that there were plenty of non-Judaics kidnapped at gun point and taken there too and many also died in the Work camps at the end of the War.
A recent example of how WZ assets prevented free speech in a small town in southern Minnesota by running a major psyop over a matter of little significance, like swatting a fly with a sludgehammer.
A recent example of this WZ control over free speech to punish anyone who favors serious scientific research on the so-called holocaust is the recent matter in a small town in Southern Minnesota. The worldwide Internet is exposing this WZ ploy to use their claimed “holocaust” as a club to beat up non-Judaics up with and prevent any honest discussion in Universities or communities.
By the day, their strategy to use the “holocaust” to deflect any criticism or reality is losing ground just as the WZ strategy to falsely invoke the false charge “you are anti-Semitic” when someone criticized Israel for its Palestinian Apartheid or being responsible for the 9-11-01 attack on America which the evidence overwhelming shows they were.
Thanks to the Internet these WZ conjobs will no longer work and are failing more and more each day. Why? Because Internet users all over the World, even many Judaics are becoming informed about how the WZ are conning them. And these Internet users are becoming well informed about how the WZs own and control the CMMM and do everything they can to restrict freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and access to the truth.
So far what have been the major findings which many web users have come to understand or believe to be factual?
1. The first thing we know is that there are many stooge owned and operated diversionary or compromised web sites. These sites use the standard ply of “limited hangout” where up to 80% or even 90% of the truth is presented, but often accompanied by a bad payload on the most important conclusions or a complete avoidance of some very major issues essential to understand the large international Organized crime Cabal (OCC). This bad payload is designed to lead users away from the important conclusions they may figure out otherwise, thus protecting OCC special interests.
2. The second thing we now know for sure is that despite these sophisticated web intercept operations best referred to as sophisticated Psyops, most users have become so sophisticated and have such a large base of new and basic knowledge of current events and history, they just selectively pick and choose truth nuggets from the bad payload misinformation and overall do a very competent job or selecting truth from misinformation because they have developed an uncanny sense to sense what is a truth nugget because it resonates with their senses.
3. We now know that almost every single story the CMMM broadcasts is either a sophisticated Psyop, a Big Government Lie, or a False-narrative designed to mind-kontrol the American masses by creating a completely false Societal Reality System  (American Group Mind). This American group Mind is unfortunately an artificially conditioned reality that supports their much needed illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual, un-winnable wars to make big profits for the banks, the defense contractors and those they allow to strip the assets and resources of the war torn countries The American Military attacks on behalf of the OCC and Israel.
4. We now know for sure that the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty Ship and attempted to murder all hands on board and sink the ship as a False-Flag attack tracking falsely to Egypt in order to sucker America into a war with Egypt on Israel’s behalf.
5. We now know for certain that Israel stole 350 decommissioned W-54 Davy Crockett nuclear Pitts out the back door at Pentax in Texas and earlier stole a substantial amount of Plutonium, both with the US Administrations looking the other way on purpose. And we now know for sure that Israel obtained some large city-buster warheads from S-19 and S-20 Russian Missiles system from the Ukraine when the Soviet Union fell in1991.
6. We now know for sure that as soon as Israel acquired the nukes and Dolphin Class German submarines, shipping container delivery systems, high tech cloaking shielding systems, long term storage systems, and deployment systems, they established a “Samson Option” policy of nuclear blackmail. With this Samson Option Policy Israel began to threaten various governments around the World including the USG that if they didn’t comply with their wishes and aid packages they would detonate nukes in their major cities as punishment. Seymour Hersch was the first to release this story publicly and since then this has been fully corroborated by very high level Intel Reports leaked into the Public domain by Russian Intel.
7. We now know for sure that when the Cold War ended because of the incredibly brilliant work of President Reagan’s appointed Secret Agent Lee Wanta, Congress approved a billion dollar line item for a certain Congressional Intel Committee member to buy up any Ukrainian MIRV from S-19 or S-20 Russian systems. This man was supposed to supervise their decommission but instead sold them to Israel and then split the huge billions of USD gains with Certain other Members of Congress, buying their silence forever, but giving Israel the possession of city-buster sized nukes.
8. We now have rock solid Intel reports that Israel has planted 25 nukes in various American Cities and has been threatening to detonate then one at a time or in series or even all at once depending on how much the USG refuses to support Israel and fight its wars or refuses to attack Syria or Iran on Israel’s behalf. This believed to be a current threat and the problem is that although many of these nukes were apparently stored in various Israeli embassies in the basements, they are known to be shielded with the latest high tech shielding also known as “advanced high-tech cloaking,” making satellite gamma ray detectors and truck mounted drive-by or airplane mounted fly-by gamma ray detectors useless to detect these Israeli controlled and stored devices, because the old detection technology used is now obsolete. There allegedly are new higher tech neutron detectors available but it is claimed by insiders that they must be held 1,000 feet or even less to the nuke to get a reading and involve the use of very exotic rare earth minerals, not readily available and very expensive.

9. We now know for sure that Israel detonated one nuke at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City working with the FBI and the BATF by deployed a “Sting gone bad” scenario using a special “deep-black” covert Delta Force man Timothy McVeigh, whose execution was faked and he went out the back door on a stretcher alive and breathing normally. It did however cost Shandra levy her life and “Gary Condom” his position in Congress. Condom got Shandra Levy her job at the Department of Prisons with his position on the House Intelligence Committee and she scheduled McVeigh’s fake execution and knew it was fake because perhaps Condom told her. Her phone was tapped for national security reasons and she was allegedly overheard telling this in confidence to a trusted girlfriend. Both were murdered as an evil precaution and Levys’ murder was done in a way to expose her and Condom’s heavy duty S&M “hobby” and to punish Condom by making sure he would lose his next California election for being implicated and blamed for Shaundra Levy being missing. She was murdered at another location and her remains taken and later dumped at the Park and a Patsy was set up and wrongly blamed. Some insiders believe she and Monica were both either spy-trained or Mind-kontrolled in Israel to serve as skilled honey-traps for top American Politicians. If true, both did a pretty darned good job. All Monica had to do was pull up on side of her dress and snap her g-string strap and let President Clinton see her do it while saying, “gee how do you like this Mr. President,” and all Shandra had to do was look beautiful, be okay with S&M and be willing to live with Condom part of the year at his DC second home away from his California home.
10. We now know for sure that 9-11-01 was a nuclear attack on America done by Israeli Intel, ordered by Bibi Netanyahu with the assistance of various Traitors and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens, traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD, the FAA, the VP, the President and many more USG Officials and even the NYC Mayor and his side-kick.
11. We now know for sure that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a DHS Drill using a weak black powder “puffer bomb”, which caused absolutely NO injuries. A stage actor with a prior amputated leg was used and stage blood packs were ripped open and dropped at the site. It was another staged False-Flag attack with two purposes: the first was to create more subconscious fear in the American Group Mind and use it as an excuse to lock down the city and bust into peoples homes and drag them out at gunpoint with no warrants claiming exigent circumstances. Both men blamed were patsies and the FBI murdered one in cold blood and then made a spectacle of it by running over the man repeatedly with on of their black Suburbans. This was true to type for any Police State and Marcus Wolfe, the former head of the East German Stasi, the one who was hied by the Israeli’s to set up homeland Security would have been very, very proud if he was still alive.
12. We now know that the Sandy Hook School mass-shooting was completely faked with NO dead Kids, NO dead teachers, NO dead Lanzas and in fact NO Lanzas ever really existed at all. It was a FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill and researchers now have the Intel contractor pre-prepared transcript for the operation, which by the way, was very, very poorly done and many mistakes were made which prove the operation was a False-Flag with No dead anyone except a few witnesses that started talking later on after the events occurred.
13. We now know that ISIS/Daish is a private mercenary army started by Senator McCain, and Generals McInerney and Vallely and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia, the American CIA (Bush Faction) and others including the secret Gladio part of NATO which has never stopped being active allegedly (some call Gladio the DVD, like Michael Shrimpton). Many insiders call ISIS/Daish Al Qaeda or Al CIA (version 2). Big American Military weapons and war equipment caches were left behind and unguarded in Iraq to be immediately picked up by Al CIA Duh.
14. We now know for sure that the Internet and cell phones and cell phone systems are the most sophisticated surveillance and spying system ever implemented and have been accepted and are now expected and even demanded by a public which has become so dependent on the conveniences and personal power these devices provide that they willingly submit to this incredible second by second surveillance by American Intel.
15. And finally we now know for certain that the Internet has grabbed the interest of many Americans who have gained a deep interest in truly discovering whether or not public accusations made in the alternative media of the Internet accusing the American Government and its various agencies of having masterminded and committed some of the biggest organized crimes in history like the JFK, MLK, RFK, and Senator Wellstone Assassinations. And we know that a significant and growing percentage of these individuals who use Alternative Media News Sites on the Internet now believe #1- 13  above which actually form one big Litmus Test for any Internet User’s ability to extract and believe Internet Truth Nuggets.
It should now be quite clear  that the Internet is the World’s New Gutenberg Press and is truly revolutionary as is the cell phone and its merger with the personal computer. And for the first time in history we have portable communication that can accompany its owner/user everywhere they go allowing instant access to them. The ramifications which are occurring right before our eyes are actually quite astounding and will undoubtedly change many aspects of society. One thing is for sure, the development and popularization of the Internet is a new Worldwide Springboard for the emergence of Populism in almost every nation.
This spontaneously emerging Populism will undoubtedly pose an incredible threat to the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) and in time we will see the OCC attacked on every front and completely destroyed.
It will be a difficult battle, but far too much is now being exposed for the OCC to be able to continue to print counterfeit money, buy and bribe almost every elected federal official, federal judge, continue to run massive illegal narcotics and human trafficking, pedophile honey traps, and staged terror and phony wars for the WZs and Israel which result in the painful death and suffering of many millions of humans all for nothing but obscene blood profits.
It is also clear that the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is little more than a dispenser of USG Psyops, Big Government Lies, USG propaganda and False-narratives with the goal of socially constructing an artificial reality for the American masses and American Group Mind which is completely false.
Yes, to construct a notably and completely false reality that fully supports the actions of the Organized Crime Syndicate (OCC) and elicits motivations in the American Group Mind to support the USG’s engagement in perpetual, un-winnable, illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of aggression for the Organized Crime Syndicate (OCC).
It is also known that many Internet users are reading the Alternative Media News and believing truth nuggets which they selectively pick and choose even from “limited hangout” intercept or stooge run sites, and then later do an expert group job connecting these dots to come to sound conclusions of large scale USG crimes in association with the OCC.
What this all means is that the American masses are now become engaged in an historical race with discovering Internet provided facts about the OCC faster that the OCC can implement CMMM’s Big USG Lies, USG Propaganda and false-narratives. That is, the Internet user must acquire enough truth fast enough in ofrder for enough Populism to spontaneously emerge to prevent the Israeli run DHS lock down of America.
DHS is an illegal, Unconstitutional Israeli Police State Occupation force inside America that has no mandate and is dedicated to an agenda of transforming America into GAZA II, the largest open air prison camp in the World.
If this race is lost between We The People and DHS America will be destroyed forever. Homeland Security (DHS) is an illegal completely Unconstitutional un-mandated Israeli occupation Police State army is planning to transform America into a East German Stasi-style Police State and then disarm every American by going door to door with heavily armed swat teams and armored vehicles. Actual US Military were illegally transferred to DHS from the US Army and this hopefully will soon be stopped as DHS is completely eliminated which is now a priority with our new Military High Command.
Unless stopped cold this un-mandated illegal Unconstitutional Israeli foreign-based Police State occupation army inside America will be able to transform America into GAZA II, the World largest open air prison camp, and then proceed to mass murder up to 90% of the American populace like these earlier Bolshevik family relatives did in Russia in 1917 and after. Unless stopped cold this is what Homeland Security and illegal Israeli espionage front plans to do.
It was Veterans Today’s own Financial Editor and Radio Talk Show Host Mike Harris (The Short End of the Stick) that connected the dots and discovered that the Bolsheviks incredibly savage attack on Russians in 1917 which resulted in mass rapes with murders afterwards, torture beyond imagination as bad or worse than during the Vatican’s Catholic Spanish Inquisition (if you can imagine that) with a minimum of 22 million mass murders which over the years of Bolshevik control increased to between 66 and 100 millions according to historians.
Gretchen Peters, Hello Cruel World, Official Video. The quality runs very deep with this Singer’s ballad.
image0102 (2)gordonduff-for-us-president2

Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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