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VETERANS TODAY -- It’s Time to Bust It Up -- by Preston James, Ph.D

It’s Time to Bust It Up

The Controlled Major Mass Media is the Organized Crime Cabal's official public mouthpiece which they use to Mind-kontrol and Psyop the American People. Now it's time to bust up this News Cartel.

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by  Preston James

The Major Mass Media has been systematically consolidated into what is essentially little more than a USG Propaganda and establishment mouthpiece used to Psyop and mind-kontrol the American People.
It is this transformation of an unconsolidated Major Mass Media into the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) that has essentially created a News Monopoly which is owned  by the OCC through Cutouts.
This make all nationally broadcast news quite easy for the OCC to control and control the American Mass Mind rather easily.
From now on when you think of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) think of Organized Crime which is the entity that owns and control it through Cutouts. Also think about how it now has the power to construct the social reality for the American people.
The OCC transforms the Major Mass Media into their own Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

Yes, the OCC’s attained enough power to transform the Major Mass Media into their own illegal News Cartel (the CMMM), the largest Mind-kontrol and Psyop delivery system ever developed.

And yes, the consolidation of the Major Mass Media into the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) created a true Monopoly which is completely illegal despite the fact the OCC’s lawyers have worked hard to conceal. Look, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck no matter what the duck claims.
And this incredibly high level of control the OCC has over all our National and International News is now a fact of life.
It has allowed the OCC (most understand if the term “Establishment” is used) to actually Psyop and mind-kontrol the American people and create an artificial reality for them that is not only completely false.
And this completely false social reality motivates the American People to support the OCC’s interests which are directly against their interests and the interests of humanity in general, such a absurd, illegal, Unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual Wars of aggression fought for the OCC and its own “big boss” the World Zionist (WZ) City of London Rothschild private Fiat Central Banksters.
Yes, that is correct, essentially all Wars are pre-engineered, staged and fought to gain more power, profits, access to an enemies natural resources and to grab control over more  land.
This is all done for the WZs and their main action-agent, their large international Organized Crime Syndicate which is the personal action-agent of the Rothschild WZs. The WZ’s OCC does their dirty work and specializes in War profiteering, massive illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking and yes sadly illegal organ trafficking, human slavery and sex-trafficking.

The top WZs and the OCC Kingpins are the most evil individuals you could ever imagine, worse than your baddest nightmares.
Carefully consider what these OCC top Kingpins are really like deep down inside, you know these foks that run the CMMM. 
These soulless individuals who would have a hard time proving themselves to be human in an International Court of Law are folks right out of “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Last House on the left” or “The Hostel”.
Sadly these soulless evil scum which impersonate humans have used their own complete lack of any humanness and conscience to work their way up the food chain by any and all means necessary to get to the top and seize power.
Is there anything these WZs and their OCC Kingpins won’t do for money, power and status?
Not much. Let’s see, they torture and murder little infants and children in their satanic black mass sacrifices, cut out their hearts and eat them, and drink some of their blood. They kidnap, hold kids in dungeons, starve them, torture them, rape them, and then either use them in ritual sacrifices for the super elites in their occult network or actually hunt them naked and murder them after turning them loose at their hunting ranches and lodges.
Hmmm, is there anything these folks won’t do? Well the one thing they won’t do is allow themselves to lose power, money or be brought to justice and they will buy, bribe, human compromise and even pay for murders to do so. But here is the good news.
The Gutenberg Press which was revolutionary and changed the World. The Internet is also revolutionary and is making Forbidden Truth available to everyone for the first time.
Thanks to the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press of the World, the knowledge of their crimes against humanity is now spreading like wildfire and eventually the World will rise up and put them out of business permanently.
Because of the Internet and the cell phone which provide instant communication and information spreads at the speed of light, there will be no where for these scum to hide one the hunt for them starts in earnest after they are indicted in several appropriate World Courts.
Yes, the WZ and their OCC have accrued enough power to actually become the central controlling power of American Society and their use of their CMMM is a central part of their ability to do so.
They are now able to control the dissemination of all news stories which define reality for the American populace. What this means in practical terms is that this News Cartel, more accurately referred to as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM),
This grand feat of gaining complete control over all the Major mass media was accomplished by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that hijacked the USG accrued enough power to murder a President in broad daylight and get away with it.
At the time, the Major Mass Media submitted to the wishes of the USG and the Establishment for the most part, but there were still investigative journalists and substantial independence of numerous independent city newspapers and television news operations.
How specifically was the OCC able to gain complete control over the Major Mass Media?
The OCC used claims of “national Security” to garner support within the top echelons of the US Military and the Establishment to gain enough power to be able to assassinate JFK and get away with it by using the Major Mass media to institute a complete coverup.
The OCC’s ability to get control over every News Outlet including City newspapers and talk radio during its coordinated coverup of the JFK Assassination using “national security” was made possible because actually the JFK Assassination was a very high level Coup d ‘etat by the US Military JCS and the CIA.
Bush1 was the central planner and operational man working closely with Ed Lansdale and this success allowed bush1 to climb the food chain to take control over a large faction in the CIA which his family maintains even to this present day.
FBI Agents and sheep-dipped CIA Agents with fake credential made over at the Treasury Department impersonated FBI Agents and visited Owners and Editors and explained to them the need to kill or “modify” certain important stories in order to protect National Security. The true meaning of this use of so-called “National Security” in its actual meaning was “protecting our organized crime syndicate run by the Bush Crime cartel.”

Yes, it was the Prescott Bush (aka Prescott Scherf) based Crime Cabal (best referred to as the BCC) that used the JFK Assassination to consolidate power and gain near complete control over the Major Mass Media on behalf of the City of London Rothschild World Zionist private central Fiat Bankers (best referred to as the World Zionists or WZs).
In fact there is good evidence that Prescott Scherf was sent to America by the WZs to build up a large crime syndicate using the unlimited WZ money and their vast International money power to run interference and protect the Federal Reserve Bank, their American franchisee.
These Rothschild Word Zionists (WZs) have a distinctive record of starting many ‘isms that have plagued the World, including Bolshev’ism, Fasc’ism, Naziism Mao’ism, Terror’ism and NeoCon’ism and have pitted these against one another in order to further their age old agenda of “divide and conquer,” which keeps folks occupied while the WZs steal them blind.
By creating and then actuating these various ‘isms, the WZs have been able to use their OCC to create huge fraudulent engineered wars over contrived and pre-staged conflicts which have resulted in hundreds of millions of painful human deaths, woundings,  disfigurements and disabilities of both Soldiers and civilians including women and children. For example there was a minimum of 55 million dead in WW2, most of them civilians.

There was much more to the Bolsehvik revolution in Rusia in 1917 that meets the eye.
The WZs created and deployed Bolshevism, using Khazarians whose mind-set was purely Babylonian Talmudic (better known as “Synagogue of Satan or pure Luciferianism or Kabbalism) to genocide over 20 million innocent Russians.
The reason these Khazarians were chosen, armed and deployed for this assignment of  mass torture and genocide of the Russian peasants, aristocracy and professionals was that the WZ Banksters hated the Russian Czar for turning his back on them and refusing to buckle under.
Bolshevism and its genocidal incedibly bloody assault on Czarist Russia was an expression of the inhuman soulless nature of the Rothschild WZs which has led some like David Icke, a former sports presenter and now an incredibly popular UK researcher and public speaker,  to accuse them of being cold blooded reptilian hybrids masquerading as humans.
I don’t know about the reptilian part but they sure seem soulless and cold blooded. The reasons for this incredible hatred, torture and mass-murder was unleashed on the Russians by the Babylonian Talmudic Judaic Khazarians was because the Russians had isolated Khazarians in the 1200’s and cut off trade with them and the Khazarians held an incredible demonic grudge. Veterans Today Financial Editor and Talk Show Host Mike Harris discovered this interesting fact which explains a lot. The Russians had isolated the Khazarians because they were habitual liars, cheaters, psychopaths and two-faced and could never be trusted to do anything honestly.
In fact Khazarians had been known to rob any travelers going through their country often murdering them and trying to assume their identities after pretending to be friends with them. It is these same Bolshevik families (best referred to as NeoBolsheviks) who have invaded, hijacked and now occupy America through the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizens and the power of the Federal Reserve System. A triple Citizen is also known as a Judaic member of the Red Mafiya, while being a US Citizen and an Israeli Citizen too.
The Major Mass Media was transformed by the OCC into their own Controlled Major Mass Media which is functioning like an illegal monopoly best referred to as a News Cartel and permits the OCC to directly Mind-kontrol and Psyop the American masses and create and dictate societal reality which is false from top to bottom.
What this means in practical terms is that the Major Mass Media has become the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and is now owned and controlled by Six major International news Corporations that are Cutouts for the OCC and have zero allegiance to America our Republic. But this News Cartel is a house of lies and a house of cards that will collapse if their biggest lies and false-narratives are ever truly understood by the public.

For example if the American Public ever fully comes to understand that the OCC and its Cutouts, Assets and Sayanims were responsible for the attack on America on 9-11-01 and that nuclear bombs were used and that the CMMM ran the cover, the CMMM will collapse overnight and the American people will destroy the CMMM. The CMMM has allowed the the World Zionists to infiltrate and hijack the US Congress through Israeli espionage fronts.
But the biggest problem is that in order for most Americans to understand and believe these important truths, right now they would have to be broadcast and published by the CMMM itself. Hopefully as the Alternative news available on the Worldwide Internet continues to increase and diffuse to the American masses, the CMMM will be displaced and completely discredited and rejected.At present this is a very big “Catch 22.”
The CMMM must be broken up because it has allowed the USG to become a tool of the OCC and be used to harm the average American by stealing the fruits of their labor, sending them to illegal Unconstitutional wars for huge Bankster and Defense Contractor profits, and to be used to oppress, tyrannize and jail the public over petty non-violent crimes to make huge profits for the private prisons.

The CMMM News Cartel is owned and controlled by the OCC but is actually illegal, but is also illegal for other reasons besides the anti-trust laws.
This incredibly large International News Cartel is technically illegal, that is in violation of numerous antitrust laws and notably criminal and civil RICO too. How can this be you might ask? Because the News Cartel Member Corporations have large amounts of cash and can buy the sharpest, most twisted Ivy League educated attorneys and use them to claim that since there are more than one large Media Corporation, there cannot be a monopoly.
This legal argument of the CMMM’s slick attorneys is fraudulent, because the way these International News Corporations are organized, share information and have the same secret controllers they are functioning as an illegal Monopoly whether they admit it or not and should be broken up under anti-trust laws.
And now to the subject of criminal and civil RICO. Back in 1970, G. Robert Blakey and Senator John McClellan pushed hard and got their revolutionary RICO law passed. This law has also been passed in over 30 states. RICO was designed to create some powerful new tools to fight and defeat organized crime, which had so far been pretty successful working the Judicial system in America. This law has serious teeth and if enforced properly could be used to completely eradicate the OCC in America. Its criminal sections could be used to obtain very long prions sentences, even life imprisonment or death depending on the State where prosecuted since capital sentences are influenced by state laws.
But the most interesting part of all this is that RICO has a civil part which is designed to recompense members of the public damaged or harmed by Organized Crime. If these sections of RICO are used properly to prosecute the OCC Kingpins, every single asset they ever defrauded the American People out of including Unconstitutional gains from Counterfeiting money can be seized and even clawed back. This means everything the criminal Federal Reserve System Banksters stole from Americans can be seized, clawed back and returned, as a reparation.

It is important to note that there are State and Federal Laws which actually make it illegal for any part of the CMMM to publish or broadcast news that they know is completely false or would not listen to those who have provided them evidence which shows that. But there are also National Security laws which allow the CMMM to be prosecuted under espionage laws since it can easily be shown that the CMMM is serving as an agent of foreign based espionage of the WZs using it’s Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizens members.
How can we eradicate the OCC and bust up their CMMM?
And there is one more way to nail the OCC and eradicate them forever off the face of Planet Earth. Strange as it may seem the same National Security laws the OCC passed to stifle dissent and suppress truth can now be used against them! How incredibly perfect a solution this is. Actually the US Constitution gives our High Military Command the legal Right to arrest, indict and prosecute many of the high OCC Kingpins in America under treason and Sedition Laws. Can you imagine that.
All we need is good honest Generals that know the truth about the OCC and the crimes of its main partner the Israeli Likudist and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens with the help of some US Traitors that did the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01.

We have a new High Military Command now and they appear to be standup America-firsters who have all been briefed on the WZs, their OCC and how they did the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01. many are hopping mad and want big payback against the OCC, which may be in process now through covert means.
And of course the fact that the Alternative News available on the Internet that is gaining popularity more and more each day, present the likelihood that far too much truth is being diffused to the American Masses for them to put up with the OCC much longer, especially since the OCC continues to asset strip America of its jobs and ability for most Americans to find good paying job opportunities  and support themselves and their families.
We need to eradicate the OCC and then bust up the CMMM News Cartel. Without the CMMM, the OCC cannot continue to function. If we can muster enough political strength to bust them up, the OCC will evaporate. The CMMM must be broken up under either “National Security Laws” since they are actually functioning as agents of foreign espionage fronts inside America or by using anti-trust, anti-monopoly laws against them. Preferably both.
Yes, it’s time to bust up the OCC’s New Cartel, the CMMM, and freak the spell of their sinister Mind-kontrol and Psyop system which used Big Government Lies and False-narratives to mislead the public and motivate them to support all the illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual and unwinnable foreign wars for huge WZ and OCC profits. Let us all do everything we can reasonable to inform our family and friends of the truth about the News Cartel and do everything we can to break it up under anti-trust laws and national security laws and bring them to justice.
And now for cognitive balance, here is some pretty darned good music for entertainment by William Clark Green.

Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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