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VETERANS TODAY -- Is any Story Evil Enough ? by Preston James, Ph.D on January 9, 2015

Is any Story Evil Enough ?

Is any story Evil enough that the Controlled Major Mass Media will refuse to suppress it and go ahead and publish it anyway ?


by  Preston James

At this time the definitive answer to this question is a resounding and deafening “NO”. How could this be you might ask?
Certainly if the reporters came to their editor with an evil, verified story that young children were being sex-trafficked to Washington DC and used for pedophile sex for some of the top DC politicians and elites at a special party house, would this story be bad enough to warrant coverage?
Sadly, even with a story such as this — a story of evil beyond imagination — the answer to this question is a resounding and deafening “NO”.
Why is this so? The unexpected but true answer is that the CMMM is owned and completely controlled by a very large organized crime syndicate, aka the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC). And this OCC controls the congress, the judiciary, most of the USG, the FBI, and at least half of American Intel, including the CIA and about half of America’s military — excluding the High Command and most of the Navy.
The Franklin Credit Union Pedophile/child kidnapping/sex trafficking/honey pot entrapment operations of the CIA.

The Franklin Credit Union story is an example of how the CMMM will suppress any story no matter how evil, in order to preserve the power of their controllers — the top policy-makers of the very large worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate.
Many refer to this Syndicate as the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) and Intel Insiders and astute investigative journalists have attributed the OCC directly responsible for all World Terrorism.
The fact is that Veterans Today Senior Editor and Managing Director Gordon Duffwas the first top Intel Official to ever proclaim this publicly, a proclamation which has sent and is still sending major shock-waves around the World.
Why the Franklin Credit Union/Larry King Pedophile sex-trafficking scandal is so important.

The reason the Franklin Credit Union pedophile, honey-trap CIA operation is important is that it has been completely documented by trained investigative journalists and seasoned investigators, as well as Intel at the highest level possible. It was well-documented that ex-CIA Director William Colby admitted as such, but said the story was too big and was a threat to the existing political order and therefore would be suppressed. This story tracked from Boystown, all the way to the party houses of Washington DC, and even the White House, where some young boys were taken for “midnight tours”.

The more you study, this the more outraged you will become, because although Barney Frank appears to have been involved at the periphery, he has skated free, while his roommate Craig Spence died mysteriously and very conveniently.
And at least one secondary level newspaper carried a small part of the story, but the CMMM ignored it and kept it suppressed, despite numerous calls, faxes and letters by major, respected investigative journalists. And the FBI, which was responsible for covering it up and sending child witnesses to unbelievably long prison sentences for “perjury”, used their Division 5 to murder the Chief Investigator Gary Caradori and his son and numerous witnesses.
The FBI SAC at Omaha, which was the staging point for this, and the responsible US Army General skated free, while some secondary local players served minimal prison sentences to make sure they were discredited and couldn’t later testify against the “Mr. Bigs” involved — and there were plenty of them too.
The local Police Chief skated, as well as the FBI SAC, who was later sent to Minneapolis to cover up the Jordan pedophile scandal, which some researchers thought was linked to what they suspected was an international pedophile child-kidnapping and -trafficking network.
Some of the investigative journalists uncovered what they believed was an international pedophile ring, in which kids were kidnapped, used by the wealthy super-elites and politicians, and some even murdered in Satanic Child sacrifice rituals, or hunted like animals on the grounds at various super-elite hunting ranches.
The Semi-annual Child Sacrifice Rituals of the Denver Twelve.
Or take the story provided by Stew Webb, who is a VT columnist and well-known federal whistleblower with a lot of friends in high places in the Intel community. This is the story of the Denver Circle of Twelve, who like to call themselves the Illuminati and have been linked by inside witnesses to  semi-annual Satanic child sacrifice rituals in Denver.

A year ago Stew Webb, with the support of a VT Director, was able to stop this by getting an amber alert issued for a child being kidnapped for the sacrifice; the kidnappings usually happened one to two weeks in advance.
In this case, the attempted kidnapping was stopped, and the perp was shot and killed as he was stopped by a police officer close at hand as he tried to slit the child’s throat, rather than allow the child to be rescued. In his car was a file about the Denver Twelve and literature about Satanism and ritual sacrifice.
The kidnapper had been offered a large amount of money to kidnap a child for the ritual. A local news team and TV station covered this, but the story was quickly suppressed and was never taken to network news as it should have been. This video is remarkable for its initial disclosure of the Denver Twelve anywhere, anytime, by a local TV Network news department.
Because of what Webb knows from having been married to a daughter of the organized crime cabal kingpin, numerous attempts have been made to murder him, and millions of dollars and many stooges have been paid or influenced to attempt to smear him and discredit him. Sorry to disappoint so many stooges, but his story has been vetted by Top Intel and holds water completely.
The Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein case in the UK.
Along comes the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein pedophile case, which is sending shock-waves around the World and may involve some major American politicians and super-elites too.

For those who just can allow themselves to believe that such stories above are actually true, perhaps you may want to research the current story, as it is being only partially suppressed.
The big news in the UK is that Prince Andrew, along with his close friend, convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, used underage girls for sex toys.
Prince Andrew’s former wife Fergie and the Royal Family are making denials, but they are falling on deaf ears, since the evidence is believed by some examiners to be “bulletproof”.
If this weren’t enough to prompt people to do some Internet research on the “Finders” and on the well-documented CIA pedophile child-trafficking ring run by hard-core Satanists working for the CIA and serving the top policy-makers of the Organized Crime Cabal, what would be enough motivation?
The Marc Dutroux, Butcher of Brussels, Pedophile and Child Sacrifice Network.
This case of Marc Dutroux is well documented, but almost now completely suppressed. It never got any attention in America when it was one of the most disgusting stories ever, and when it was linked to the worldwide pedophile/kidnapping/torture/child-sacrifice network which engulfs America too.

Dutroux was procuring and kidnapping young children for the European super-elites like Jimmy Savile, and keeping them in special jail cells in his basement for special parties. They were starved, tortured, raped and then murdered. Some believe they were occasionally cannibalized in Satanic Child Sacrifice Ceremonies.
When the the bodies of two young girls were found and linked directly to Dutroux, the coverup started by the Police immediately.

The local townsfolk rioted in the streets in a massive demonstration and forced the story into the mainstream press for a while. Dutroux did time was minimally punished when he should have been executed, as should have the other perps.
There have been rumors from good inside sources that naked young children were turned loose and tracked and then murdered at special hunting lodges of the rich by super-elite pedophiles who hold very high positions in government, the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, business and society.
Jimmy Savile, the spear of the UK Pedophile Iceberg, horrific beyond imagination and completely protected by the highest officials and Royals in the UK.
Jimmy Savile was protected by the upper crust — the authorities, the police and the Royals in the UK — and was rumored to have supplied numerous little kids to them for pedophile abuse at special parties and worse.
Every top editor around the world and of every CMMM institution had this story and covered it up, when they should have been outraged and published the story demanding immediate law enforcement investigations and arrests, followed by prompt prosecutions. But just the opposite happened — and only lately has this story been forced into the CMMM in the UK due to so many victims emerging en mass.
It should be increasingly clear why all these stories of evil organized crime (OCC) corruption have been covered up by the CMMM.
Freeway Ricky Ross and Gary Webb.
How about the incredibly well documented case of the world’s largest CIA cocaine/crack distributor “Freeway” Ricky Ross, who served his time and has admitted everything publicly. The problem is nobody in the CMMM listened or would dare give the story the credit it deserved.

What they did instead was to use the full power of the CMMM to smear the award-winning investigative journalist Gary Webb, and put forth many lies to try to disprove the story, which is completely factual. When Gary Webb lost his job and was dragged through the mud instead of being a national hero, the OCC used the CIA to murder him, by shooting him twice in the head and calling it suicide.

What can be done to force these suppressed or ignored stories into the Controlled Major Mass Media, which are essentially owned and controlled by six major interlocked highly-controlled international news corporations that work for the OCC? Right now the answer is NOT MUCH.
The best we can do is word of mouth and promoting these truthful stories on the Internet and then sharing them with family, friends and associates. This is a slow process, but serious changes are beginning to become evident, as much of the populace has lost faith in the CMMM due to continued reports of a booming economy on the upswing and much higher employment, when they know for a fact the truth is just the opposite.
Top Organized crime Lords or Kingpins own and control the CMMM.

It is truly a very tragic situation when the CMMM is completely controlled by twelve or less top kingpins of the OCC.
And early on, the OCC realized that if they could consolidate the Major Mass media into a news Cartel of only six or less major international news corporations, they could easily mind-kontrol most Americans by carefully selecting what they or their OCC partners want defined as truth and only publishing that.
And that is exactly what they have done and are continuing to do today, that is, conditioning the public to believe that USG and OCC big lies and false-narratives are true.
Most of the offenses committed by the major organized crime kingpins and their stooge editors who run the CMMM are serious RICO crimes, war crimes, or crimes against humanity. Most of these offenses are Capital offenses that would provide a death sentence upon appropriate conviction after successful prosecution in a suitable State, Federal or International Court of Law.
For these reasons, the actual stories of the Murrah Bombing and the 9/11/01 attacks on America being nuclear and done by the OCC have been completely ignored and suppressed by the CMMM and will continue to be suppressed until the CMMM, which is an illegal cartel and monopoly is broken up and the top crime kingpins are brought to justice.
The above live feed to the recent VT article on 9/11/01 by Gordon Duff is the most important article ever published on VT and perhaps the most important article ever published so far on the Internet. However a second article of Duff’s on 9/11/01 to follow is also historic and is a must read if you want to understand the real story behind the 9/11/01 attack on America that the CMMM suppressed.
What makes this especially difficult is the fact that instead of the US Department of Justice and the law enforcement system doing this, they are used as a tool by the OCC to cover up their crimes and harass, oppress, crush or murder whistleblowers and dissidents.
Doubt this, just contact Mark Novitsky — an American hero — who was placed on a “no work allowed” and surveillance list by the FBI and DHS after being one of the first to disclose NSA-related illegal spying. And consider the case of Gwenyth Todd, super spy, who had a high National Security Council position, one of the greatest American heroes we have ever had who refused to go along to get along and actually prevented WW3 from occurring in the Middle East. Sadly, Gwenyth had to leave America and stay street smart because of threats to her life. Cases like this and of so many more oppressed federal whistleblowers and American heroes are truly disgusting and beg for the OCC kingpins to be brought to justice.
Gwenyth Todd
Gwenyth Todd — American heroine for exposing false flag
Hopefully, someday soon we will see them tried, convicted and hung for their RICO crimes, obstruction of justice, international terrorism, massive illegal drug and weapons trafficking, pedophile ops, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, taxpayer asset stripping, and corporate and bank bust-outs — as well as torture, murder, mass-murder and numerous crimes against humanity and war crimes.
These top OCC kingpins, who are really neo-Bolsheviks at heart, could have taught the Nazi SS or the Bolshevik Red Cheka terror boys plenty. The State is in their grip because they own the elected politicians and almost all government officials. The OCC has hijacked the State and made it their tool to oppress the truth, oppress the truth-tellers and keep the American public hoodwinked and believing their false-narratives; in the process, their lies coerce folks to support USG activities that are completely against their personal, family and societal interests.
Another thing which makes it hard for the public to believe exposés about super-elite pedophile abuse and ritual murder is the fact that the OCC perps have a nice outward social appearance which belies their deep-seated criminal psychopathy.
The state is the tool of the OCC, and the CMMM is the main tool of the state. The USG has militarized the police and transformed most police officers into Agents of the State, who now view the citizens they were supposed to protect and serve as Enemies of the State.
It is difficult for any average hard-working, honest member of the public to believe that the OCC kingpins engage in utter perversions, murder, mass-murder, war making for profit, staged terror, and torture. This stretches one’s ability to comprehend, and yet it is a sad fact of life. By the way, if you think these stories are the worst of what the OCC kingpins are doing in their spare time for “fun, recreation and thrills”, they are actually just the tip of the iceberg.
Until We the People wake up and understand that those who hijacked and now run our great nation are organized crime kingpins, who are criminally insane psychopaths with absolutely no conscience at all and are functioning as evil bloodsucking parasites of everything good, we cannot take them down and bring them to justice or “final judgment”.
The King is really Naked and has no new clothes everyday as he claims.
Only when the average American understands that everything the CMMM publishes or broadcasts is highly scripted as “approved talking points” in order to mind-kontrol “We The People” by feeding us big government lies and false narratives which are needed to justify their wars for profit, human torture and mass-murder of millions of innocent civilians, will the crime stop. No government can induce its people to act against their own basic interests unless they use a CMMM to deceive them and mind-kontrol them with a continuing stream of lies.
Once the people finally stop seeing the CMMM and the USG as benevolent parent figures, and understand that both are the purest form of evil with a nice public face, then they will be able to know the King is naked and take appropriate action to dethrone him at every level of the machine.
Yes, the CMMM has almost everyone believing in the King’s new clothes when he is actually naked. But now, thanks to the Internet, the new Gutenberg press, help is on the way and we are at least halfway to a solution.
This firm grip of the OCC and their government over peoples’ minds can only be broken if folks stop believing the big government lies and false-narratives the CMMM broadcasts and publishes using talking heads. Once this happens, the OCC and its government loses its grip on We the People, and fairly soon “the jig will be up” at every level.
Staged Terror is used by the Organized Crime Cabal to create massive fear among the masses to prevent them from waking up. Every time the masses start catching on, the Organized Crime Cabal Kingpins stage another big terror event and blame it on Muslims or some angry lone-nut shooters when it is actually an covert black op being deployed by the OCC using MK-0ultra type mind-kontrolled run by either the FBI, the Mossad or the CIA.

Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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