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VETERANS TODAY -- How Holder Lost The Struggle for Social Justice part 1 of 2 -- by Stew Webb on January 9, 2015

How Holder Lost The Struggle for Social Justice

 part 1 of 2

By Stew Webb
Eric Holder leaves a vast legacy of failed opportunities. What stands out most is how he sacrificed President Obama’s core constituency including Democrat voting African Americans, organized activists like ACORN, and the labor unions to protect the crimes of big banks.
Eric Holder doing the hands up gesture used later by demonstrators against the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting of Michael Brown Jr.

“Now our Struggle is for genuine Equality, which means Economic Equality.” Rev. Martin L. King
While outgoing United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder, the first African American to hold the nation’s chief law enforcement office was following up repeat visits to Missouri’s racial strife torn town in North St. Louis, Ferguson with a victory lap and self congratulatory tour to Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Oakland to celebrate his accomplishments in office; Holder’s forgotten and suddenly rediscovered Historic role in the struggle for Equality and Justice in America was interrupted with the news from New York that a grand jury in that state had failed to indict police officers involved in the choking death of an elderly black cigarette vendor for the crime of selling untaxed cigarettes.
Thousands of protestors took to the streets in the major cities of our nation like they had done earlier in response to the Ferguson Police shooting of Michael Brown Jr. Expressing their outrage and disgust with what they see as the lack of change in the basic inequality in how government treats African Americans, young college students and other urban youth surprised the world with their critical response to the government of America’s first black President and Attorney General and the leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement continuing Martin Luther King’s struggle.
In August, immediately after the shooting death of Brown by the police in Ferguson, the modern celebrated leaders of “The Struggle” (the continuing legacy of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s work for Equality and Social Justice), were shocked to hear young protestors deriding them by name along with President Obama. A witness to the protests, Andy Carvin tweeted “Obama, you have done nothing! We need you! You haven’t changed anything! F*** y’all!” and a witness using the name Anonymous tweeted that the protesters shouted that they were “pissed at Obama and Al Sharpton” and complained the President “didn’t do shit for us” and “F*** Sharpton.”
Profitable Black Christian ministries and public interest groups that do a booming business in helping to steer the vast abundance and hundreds of Billions of dollars of federal programs toward their select friends and patrons (an abundance as only one party’s control of both the Senate and Presidency can produce), rushed to purchase plane tickets and booked hotel suites in their swoop in on St. Louis in a desperate scramble to get in front of the surprise problem that had blindsided the modern day leaders of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Struggle” and their Democratic Party. No one had to call them. 

People in the “Civil Rights Industry” could clearly see that their world was ending. It was as if someone was running the electoral strategies pioneered by Karl Rove backwards. Instead of a strategy for winning by energizing their base (Karl Rove’s contribution to American electoral politics), key Democrat office holders appeared to be de-energizing the traditional minority, working class, and Soccer mom base of the party, while Democrat leaders appeared to be following a script to energize voters identifying with the Tea-Party and the Republican party. The leadership of the Civil Rights movement recognized the crisis and rushed to save what they could with moving speeches at funeralsand memorial services, reminding their listeners of the sacrifices in the past and the non-violent path to accomplish their goals of Equality and Justice, but they knew they could not restore the damage done to the Democratic Party and the crucial mid-term elections.

He who kills an ox…
Before Ferguson and for the preceding two years, it appeared as if traditional constituent groups of Democrat voters had been targeted to be demoralized (surprisingly while the Democrat Party controlled the Presidency, the Senate, the Department of Justice and the nomination of all judges).
Even the hard fought legislation obtained as a benefit for working class voters like Obamacare clearly had been sabotaged by the President’s Cabinet officials. Who could mistake Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s roll out of the Healthcare insurance exchanges, Postmaster General and U.S. Postal Service CEO Patrick R. Donahoe’s clamp down against mail delivery and address changes for socially disadvantaged voters without credit cards in furtherance of the GOP state law voter disenfranchisement schemes to exclude likely Democrat voters in urban core areas, or former defense secretary and CIA director Leon Panetta’s remarks just before the mid-term Congressional elections to shake confidence in the President’s Foreign Policy as anything but Treason against the Democratic Party. It got to the point that Democratic Party Senators and Congressmen had to distance themselves from the President and the very programs that were intended to aid the party’s retention of its seats.

When Ferguson hit, then the failure of the New York grand jury to indict any officers in the choking death of an African American street vendor, the fund raisers, political consultants and Democrat party operatives within the Civil Rights industry could see their political ox being ritually sacrificed before their eyes. This spreading “crisis” was just a symptom of America’s unchanged systemic judicial and prosecutorial racial discrimination and the sudden attention of a mass media that has been AWOL in covering the social issues still faced in this country today by people of color or worse yet, complicit in the discrimination with the incorporation of racial stereotypes in crime dramas and the promotion of the “Gangster Rap” Prison Industrial Complex marketing scheme. The fact that these same cameras were now covering a random chain of proceedings where White police officers were found not to be criminally liable or negligent for the deaths of African Americans in their custody for the evening news, certainly seemed like an Illuminati conspiracy against voter confidence in Civil Rights progress under the President and Attorney General Eric Holder on the scale of Henry Kissinger’s prosecution of the Vietnam War.
Black leaders of the Struggle knew they could get on televisionand back in front of their constituents. The media and Hollywood are still friendly enough to the cause that funerals, memorials and to a lesser degree demonstrations were still covered on the evening news. However, the insiders could see the inevitable. The coverage that would save their public interest organizations and their leadership over Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy would have as an unwanted side effect, the further demoralization of black voters, a central component of what was once a strong, vibrant electoral majority for the Democratic Party, the President, Hope and Change.
All Crime is Local
Veterans’ Today readers are no doubt reading this story because of my unique perspective on important national events gained from knowing the people who were involved. I do not want to fail my loyal readers here where I am not very informed about the African-American experience or the Civil Rights movement. I grew up in a “Border State” as it was defined by the American Civil War, a Southern State where people cling to racial prejudices that were more extreme and less tempered than those in the true South, where the ideology of White Supremacism met the reality of starvation, a destroyed infrastructure and the need to work together with a Black majority after the War ended. Attitudes or racial discrimination you may have associated with Georgia or Mississippi were really the exposing of a shift in public norms and the opening of a dialog that did not happen in the late 1950’s in the community I was growing up. Like the pictures of the killings of little Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers are an obscenity you cannot “unsee”, the racial discrimination I grew up around in an early white flight neighborhood of working class Missourians near Kansas City has filled my mind with responses and stereotypes that I have to work hard to set aside.

While I may not have much to contribute on the subject of being Black in America, I do know a lot about who is playing us off against ourselves and why every divisive issue was brought out on FOX and CNN for the two years preceding the Congressional elections and who benefited. I also know that while the greatest bank robberies in the History of the world were taking place, United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder was deliberately looking the other way, as the “inside man” in the operation. All of this was part of an over arching conspiracy by the international banking organized crime that has spent its time since 9/11 making America unjust and unequal. Riots in urban core neighborhoods are part of the organized crime plan, and a foreseeable reaction of the broader citizenry when it is discovered how pension plans, life savings, and the funds of state and local government treasuries were stolen like the suburban house foreclosures, through massive infiltration of organized crime into America’s commercial banks.
We all live in this crime scene and the evidence of the crime is before our eyes. But since you are reading my column, I will start where the main putsch against the Democrat Senate Majority went down, my own State of Missouri. And since this was a “Putsch”  (German word for a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government ) as opposed to a Civil War, it can be expected that some of the biggest conspirators against the Democrats were Democrats.
Martial Law, Anyone?
Missouri Governor and FEMA Region 7 Über Führer, Jay (“Dog Killer”) Nixon
As if there were not enough Law and Order Republicans to step out into the bright television lights to sew the seeds of fear for property and safety along with the destruction of confidence in a Democrat President and government, the scene on the ground in Ferguson had to be taken over by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.  Surrounded by metropolitan police forces like the outstanding professionals in the St. Louis Police Department, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Democrat Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster had plenty of assets that were well trained and experienced in the appropriate use of policing. Even with the banker staged crashing of the economy, thin lines of St. Louis’ finest in pressed white short sleeved shirts and mere gloved hands could repeatedly handle crowds of idle African American teens congregating and breaking into fighting and near rioting near the St Louis Union Station hotel and shops by Busch Stadium the Summer before without violating anyone’s rights or even making the news.
We in the state’s Patriot community affectionately refer to our “Guv” as Missouri Governor “Dog Killer” after his shock troops stormed into a Columbia, Missouri house, shooting one family pet dog and killing another in front of a small child, only to discover an insignificantly small amount of marijuana. Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon as the chief law enforcer of the state already had a problem of never finding that a Police Chief wrongly enforced policies that violate people’s rights or used force too excessively when he was Missouri’s Attorney General. See your nation losing its Constitution and its Bill of Rights under Missouri Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon WARNING IT WILL BREAK YOUR PATRIOTIC HEART ( Do not watch these videos if you have served in our nation’s military overseas within the last ten years defending the Constitution and country, viewers have been known to react violently!!!) SWAT Team Kills Restrained Dog In Front Of Child .

The abuse of militarized police brutality where a rural police department was not made to account for SWAT teaming a family over suspicion of Marijuana (in violation of the federal civil rights criminal statutes including 18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242) would lead to all too foreseeable public outrage over a member of a Missouri police force repeatedly shooting an unarmed human being in the street, which Governor Dog Killer Nixon and Homeland Security drills had prepared in advance (long before Michael Brown Jr. thought of shoplifting cigars at the local convenience store). See You Tube 2012 Military Mission in North St. Louis and FEMA Mobex


Ferguson Police Force. Will Senator Claire McCaskill Still Be Able To Keep Them Supplied After The GOP Majority Takes Over?
First as Missouri Attorney General and then as Governor, Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon has been a close friend of organized crime in banking.  When the GOP had to facilitate the means for organized crime to run America’s branches of government through the George W. Bush White House, the Republicans were faced with the problem of post Watergate laws making White House communications public records subject to preservation and Open Records Act requests. 

Karl Rove utilized the “go to” law firm of Republican voter suppression strategies which was advising GOP lawmakers in states around the nation on how to craft laws that would place barriers to likely Democrat voters (especially urban inner city dwellers and people serving in the military overseas) from voting. Kansas City Missouri’s own Lathrop & Gage LLP, home of Karl Rove buddy and election fixing/ black voter disenfranchising mastermind Mark F. “Thor” Hearne II, which crafted a flawed scheme to run communications between White House staffers, Cabinet offices and agency heads through a GOP political email network. Lathrop & Gage LLP was also the “brains” behind a scheme to corruptly enforce a policy not to turn over the email communications documenting the vast graft and corruption of the Republican George W. Bush administration transacting their daily business. When pressed, the staffers were counseled by Lathrop & Gage LLP to obstruct justice by falsely claiming in federal court that they were “political party” communications. 

The scheme worked so well that Lathrop & Gage LLP which was also counsel to the then Missouri Republican Governor Matt Blunt, or “Baby Blunt” (in homage to either his long time Republican House Whip and now Senator father Roy Blunt or to Jean-Claude Duvalier, the notorious dictator that kept Haiti under banker control and affectionately known as “Bébé Doc” or “Baby Doc”) utilized the strategy to stone wall open records requests from Missouri citizens.

When the state’s major newspapers including the St. Louis Post-Dispatchthe Kansas City Star, and the Springfield, Mo., News-Leader entered state court against Governor Matt Blunt pursuing the administration’s email and Blackberry text communications regarding “Plan Missouri” the GOP health insurance scheme to loot federal Medicaid funds on behalf of Novation LLC cartel members including major GOP contributor the Cerner Corporation in “no bid” contracts to administer the state’s funds without federal government over sight ( that magic ingredient most treasured by modern day big government Republicans), the law suit revealed that Governor Matt Blunt had retaliatorily fired his staff attorney Scott Eckersley and had attempted to use Reuben A. Shelton’s Missouri Board of Bar Governors to have Scott Eckersley disciplined or disbarred for having written a memo correctly advising the governor that Missouri’s open records act required retention of email and text messaging communications regarding the state’s business. 

The lawsuit also revealed that then Missouri Attorney General Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon was himself pursuing the disclosure of the Blunt Administration emails in an unusual manner through an irregular commission and with less than the full power of his office, best described in the words of the movie Full Metal Jacket’s famous Marine Drill Sergeant R. Lee Ermey as “namby pamby.”
The Democrat Nixon was of course alerted by his close political patrons that the state’s Republicans were working to rewire the distribution of all federal and state subsidized funds, a stream of graft income bigger than even determining who gets the cement contracts for the state’s highways. 

But, understandably, Nixon had to weigh the fact that healthcare, hospital supplies, and healthcare insurance were vertically integrated enterprises of the international banks and their organized crime that controlled America, and that Plan Missouri was the bank’s master plan and nationwide model for a more profitable future where the bank’s healthcare entities could just pocket the US Treasury funds directly without the need to falsify billing records and bribe regional Medicaid and Medicare contract payment administrators like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas for higher than allowed Medicaid and Medicare coding as a federal Grand Jury mistakenly convened by the US Attorney Todd Graves in Kansas City, Missouri was at the same time discovering about the Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, a health care system headquartered in Springfield, Missouri and a long time major contributor to Ashcroft and the Blunts. 

As Missouri Attorney General, Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon had to step up to the plate for the big banks against the public’s clear right to have access to Governor Matt “Baby” Blunt’s deal making with the Novation LLC Cartel (as he would later for Cargill and their many other bank controlled corporate organized crime enterprises) and secretly tank the state’s most powerful newspapers St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kansas City Star, and Springfield, Mo., News-Leader’s lawsuit for open records access.

Todd Graves after leaving his US Attorney job later represented Organized Crime Boss Leonard Millman, Elaine Millman and Kerre Millman in lawsuit for damages done to this author in a murder attempt.
While Missouri Attorney General, Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon saved the Republican Governor Baby Blunt’s bacon in a scheme with then 16th Judicial Circuit Jackson County, Missouri Judge and rising Democrat Michael Manners, who was presiding over both the civil rights and wrongful termination of Scott Eckersley, Governor Matt “Baby” Blunt’s honest attorney and the hospital supply antitrust case against the Novation LLC cartel where Governor Matt “Baby” Blunt’s emails were evidence that the GOP Medicaid fraud scheme entitled “Plan Missouri” where 90,000 Missouri citizens had their Medicaid benefits taken from them. A July 2nd, 2005 Los Angeles Times article stated 1/3 of the Missourians losing insurance coverage are children: 

“An estimated 24,000 children are expected to lose their benefits, dental coverage is being cut for adults, and disabled people are losing coverage for crutches and other aids.” See Missouri’s Sharp Cuts to Medicaid Called Severe-More than 68,000, a third of them children, may lose benefits in the move to avoid tax hikes.

 LA Times, July 1, 2005. Governor Matt “Baby” Blunt’s cuts re-administered Medicaid to fit the secret meetings agenda between the Novation LLC Cartel member Cerner, Inc. and key Republican lawmakers (even with doctor’s testimony that some patients illegally targeted by Matt Blunt and Karl Rove for emphysema would die when their oxygen bottle refills were denied) 

On June 29, 2005, David Moskowitz MD, was invited to testify before the Missouri Medicaid Reform Commission and in hisreleased pre-testimony stated for the 65,000 patients losingcoverage; “Since oxygen tanks are among the items no longer covered, many patients will soon die”[emphasis added].

To solve everybody’s problems, Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon aided by his successor Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster (who was elected with tv commercials saying he will get back the $600 Million Dollars large corporations (referring to the Novation LLC Cartel member General Electric from the Jackson County antitrust case) came up with a corrupt scheme that fixed both cases by settling with Scott Eckersley and by having Judge Michael Manners tank the hospital supply antitrust case against the Novation LLC, through denying discovery to the plaintiff. Meanwhile, the state made chumps out of St. Louis Post Dispatch, Kansas City Star, and Springfield, Mo., News-Leader newspapers by depositing what appeared to be the vast bulk of Baby Blunt’s emails and phone texts in boxes on pallets at St. Louis Post-Dispatch, seemingly giving up their legal defense arguments and without an order from Judge Michael Manners. 

The great victory for Baby Blunt and Karl Rove courtesy of the special friendly “reach around” by Nixon was that the Novation LLC Cartel and Cerner Inc. emails were not included in the release and the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Kansas City Star, and Springfield, Mo., News-Leader newspapers did not know the significance (where the Novation LLC cartel caused several $400 million dollar shortfalls in the Missouri state budget in the following years).
Jay Nixon’s loyalty to the big banks and their Novation LLC Cartel made Nixon a “shoe in” for Governor. Nixon received the backing of Cargill and the big Law Firms in the state and going “light” on his predecessor Baby Blunt kept him in every player’s good graces, even with the three major state newspapers he had fooled in court. Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon was rewarded by being made one of the trusted ten chosen region heads in the Council of Governors. Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon stands ready to replace your constitutionally elected officials in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska in the event of a national emergency (which if one happens will no doubt be from a banking crisis ) or when called to participate in a coup d’état against the American people on behalf of the bankers. 

This position gave Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon access to the intelligence product of what may be the only fusion center on a military base The Missouri Information Analysis Center, or MIAC  headed by Missouri’s Director of Public Safety, Mark James, which has its electronic nerve center at Whiteman AFB, conveniently near what this author knows to be a major and previously unknown NSA facility and both are close to the central nexus of the Internet physical backbone of large capacity fiber optic cables running on leased railroad right of ways and through which you are reading these very words.
They Shoot College Kids, Don’t They?
Well, not like an Ohio Governor or a Mexican President would, but silently, while they are deep in the crowd, away from the T.V. cameras. The FBI has some of the best snipers and the equipment is much better than the Ruby Ridge days.The Daily KOS founded by Markos Moulitsas, an Army veteran, law school graduate and long time Democrat operative (who was funded by MoveOn.Org, a George Soros financed public interest group) reported on August 18, 2014 that Missouri has its own Office of Homeland Security and the state web site detailed its creation under Republican Governor and Karl Rove friend Matt “Baby” Blunt : “Executive Order 05-20 was signed on July 21, 2005, moving the Missouri Office of Homeland Security to the Missouri Department of Public Safety. Placing the office here has allowed for better coordination between the Department of PublicSafety agencies that do much of the daily work that makes uphomeland security, such as the State Emergency Management Agency and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

In the same executive order, the Homeland Security Advisory Council was established to review state and local security plans and grant funding requests and make recommendations for changes to better protect Missourians. The Homeland Security Advisory Council was designed to be comprised of the director of the Department of Public Safety and relevant Public Safety division directors and, equally as important, directors of other state departments. 

This ensures a statewide focus for homeland security and an effective means for coordination of resources.” Homeland Security is directly below the Governor, within the Department of Public Safety, in this hierarchy when it comes to “public safety”. Also, the Director of the Department of Public Safety is the Homeland Security “Advisor”. From the site: “The overall responsibility for Missouri’s Homeland Security Program falls under the Department of Public Safety. The Director of Public Safety, which is a Cabinet-level position, is the Governor’s designated “Homeland Security Advisor”.
The Daily KOS reporter could not help but remember the significance of this pre-positioned asset for martial law in Missouri after Ferguson from the revelations in a report by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund based on 4,000 public documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request of how state Homeland Security offices and Fusion centers were used against the Occupy Wall Street protestors seeking Social Justice: 

“The U.S. Fusion Centers are using their vast counter-terrorism resources to target the domestic social justice movement as a criminal or terrorist enterprise,” PCJF Executive Director Mara Verheyden-Hilliard stated. “This is an abuse of power and corruption of democracy.” And “Although the Fusion Centers’ existence is justified by the DHS as a necessary component in stopping terrorism and violent crime, the documents show that the Fusion Centers in the Fall of 2011 and Winter of 2012 were devoted to unconstrained targeting of a grassroots movement for social change that was acknowledged to be peaceful in character,” the report states. See Homeland Security’s Involvement in Ferguson, Daily KOS August 18, 2014.

Ultimately, when the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators started waking up to how the current presidential administration and especially United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder were failing to enforce federal criminal laws against the wholesale fraud in foreclosures, the securitization frauds of the phony mortgages that led to massive derivative valuation collapses and the insolvencies of American and British banks, it no longer suited George Soros’ enjoyment of the other benefits of Democratic Party control or Soros’ pet project of implementing a “Tobin Tax”, that is, a 1% financial transactions tax ( see Soros’ 2005 book George Soros on Globalization describing how he will mobilize public support for the Tobin Tax, a tremendous strategic advantage to Hedge Fund managers seeking less efficient financial markets from which to profit ). 

On November 22, 2011, President Barack Obama was interrupted at a speech in New Hampshire by a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters who attempted to chant slogans during the speech; the protesters later delivered a paper message to the press, which read, “Mr. President: Over 4,000 peaceful protesters have been arrested while bankers continue to destroy the economy. You must stop the assault on our First Amendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation assets of United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder were tasked by international banking and organized crime with exploring ways FBI snipers could assassinate the college kid leaders of Occupy Wall Street seeking Social Justice while they were standing in crowds at urban protest sites.  

A heavily redacted memo revealed that an unnamed party or agency “planned to engage in sniper attacks against protestors in Houston, Texas, if deemed necessary… [Redacted] planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest groups and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles.” Of course the FBI did not share these plans with the Houston Police Department or any other lawful civil law enforcement agency. Federal District Judge Rosemary Collyer determined that David Hardy, the head of the FBI’s FOIA legal team did not “supply specific facts as to the basis for FBI’s belief that the Occupy protesters might have been engaged in terroristic or other criminal activity. 

… Neither the word ‘terrorism’ nor the phrase ‘advocating the overthrow of the government’”. But Judge Collyer is being too harsh on United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder. No one made J. Edgar Hoover explain his targeting of the Civil Rights movement for Social Justice under the Counter- Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), the terroristic use threatening correspondence (including that which this author heard FBI Division 5 Agent Ted Gunderson personally brag about ), surveillance, and ultimately assassinations of political dissidents. The foreseeable assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., occurred on April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis:

Open Records Act Release of Heavily Redacted FBI Memo Referring to Preparations to Use Snipers to Assassinate Occupy Wall Street Leaders, Your Author Also Demonstrated in Many Different Occupy Wall Street Peaceful Protests And is Taking FBI Director James Comey’s Continuing Failure to Report Or Arrest The Individuals Involved Personally as a Ratification Of the Conduct Until It Is Corrected.
Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon with this extraordinary power not foreseen in the constitution (acting while the administration and United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder were seemingly less than fully engaged )was able to preserve the position of his crony, St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch to conduct the Missouri grand jury inquiry into whether the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. was lawful. 

Then, after questionable extensions and delays, Governor Jay “Dog Killer” Nixon and Robert McCulloch announced on November 24 that they would release the grand jury results, but then delayed the actual release further, manipulating the coverage through the late afternoon cable news networks as CNN and Fox whipped the nation into a frenzy of anticipation, then stalled again through the evening news hours coast to coast, before Robert McCulloch came out to give America a lecture along with the predetermined exoneration. With the Missouri National Guard and Homeland Security prepositioned, Ferguson was still allowed to be subjected to burning and looting while the very militarized and armored police force concentrated on maintaining security of its own personnel and city buildings.

McCulloch has since admitted on talk radio according to the Washington Post that he knowingly presented false testimony to the jurors. See Ferguson prosecutor says he knew some witnesses were ‘clearly not telling the truth.’ They testified anyway. Washington Post Online Edition December 20, 2014. However, the real damage to the nation and the rule of law was the media spectacle arranged to take place at night when the foreseeable violent reaction could be and was maximized on live television news coverage.
Veteran’s Today Senior Managing Editor Gordon Duff who rarely agrees with the infamous “Controlled Alternative Media”  personality Alex Jones has adopted and endorsed Alex Jones determination that Ferguson was a “Psych Op” against the people of America. However, Gordon Duff can be forgiven for not being an Alex Jones-Head and totaling up the massive hours of broadcasting and days of multiple reporters on the ground that Alex Jones devoted to making Ferguson a national story. The closest parallel is how Alex Jones built up the “story” or rather desert Cowboy Western theater that became national news, the Bundy Ranch confrontation. While that story, thanks in large part to Alex Jones’ continuous promotion became a minor mainstream event, the significance to its target market and the capture of alternative media readership of all stripes was a foundation in the game theory warfare plan to take control of the US Senate from the Democratic Party.
The second step in the game theory warfare plan to take control of the Senate from the Democratic Party was covered and made into a national news story through Alex Jones’s limitless reporting and live coverage budget featured Democratic Party leader and House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in a cameo visit to the Texas border at Brownsville on June 28th to embrace the entrance of undocumented aliens through our nation’s carefully timed border patrol stand down saying the influx of illegals were an “opportunity” rather than a “crisis” and that “I wish I could take all those children home with me.” 

Without the continuous pushing of the story by Alex Jones and the star power of Nancy Pelosi to signal to the mainstream media that the influx was a major newsworthy story, the game theory warfare plan to shake the confidence of Americans in their government and the ruling Democratic Party that was required to win the November elections and recapture the US Senate could not have been achieved.  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is not stupid and has even been a past Finance Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. 

And. this move by Pelosi was seemingly straight out of a post doctoral class by Karl Rove on how to re-energize the 1/3 or more of likely voters that sympathized with Tea Party issues and get these voters out again to the polls in November despite their demoralization and losses in attempts to unseat Republican incumbents benefiting from maximum corporate sponsorships during the Summer GOP primary races. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, just like Alex Jones had to know that the single issue Republicans could unite Tea Party voters on was immigration and that this payoff would be in the November elections.

Then came Ferguson, which played to the traditional Republican base, and gave and gave. Former President Richard Nixon’s old “Law and Order” scam, selling a scared citizenry on protection by the federal government when police forces are in reality state and locally controlled services worked so well that Soccer Mom’s and otherwise forever lost to GOP voter demographics were suddenly and inexplicably returning to the Republican Party. A friend of the author who frequently engaged in political discussions on the Wooden Boat Magazine forum, a publication with a New England centric, educated readership, gave up posting just a year ago because everyone was saying only old white men will vote Republican, the GOP has become extinct.
So where did this asymmetrical electoral game theory warfare plan to accomplish a sudden landside surge to retake the US Senate and gain countless House seats and state governorships come from? The Republican Party, that with the exception of Karl Rove has never been composed of the sharpest tools in the shed? Its not like the Republicans had access to the massive vote rigging of electronic voting that they have relied upon since stealing the election from Al Gore in 2000. And the tried and true method of controlling the US Senate through airplane crashes doesn’t appear to have been used. 

Probably the game theory warfare plan and the vast financial resources to pull it off came from the same people running the controlled alternative media. By Gordon Duff’s own criteria for evaluating whether media is propaganda and misinformation, Alex Jones’ obvious expenses in covering the lead up to Ferguson don’t add up. This author is convinced that Alex Jones, like the Republican Party is being subsidized and instructed by the people who needed to change out Congress for Foreign Policy reasons. In other words, the usual suspects.
The Calvary That Never Came
The US Department of Justice under Eric Holder had seamlessly transitioned from George W. Bush’s presidency. None of the Bush era human rights violations and war crimes were ever prosecuted.

Democrat governors in prison remained there while real graft and a Trillion dollars in corruption that crippled the military during the prosecution of two wars stayed in the pockets of Bush and Cheney cronies. Seemingly, the only one relentlessly pursued and prosecuted by the Holder DOJ was the former North Carolina Senator and Democrat Party Presidential Candidate John Edwards.

To be fair to Attorney General Eric Holder, Karl Rove and Holder’s predecessor Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales had gutted the Civil Rights enforcement division (like they did the Antitrust division) of Main Justice by installing the former Kansas State Attorney Discipline Office attorney, Bradley J. Schlozman as the Civil Rights Division head. Schlozman, a crypto-evangelical in the vein of the bizarre end times Christians that infiltrated America’s nuclear forces (and are currently being purged) was in the words of one anonymous Justice Department complaint from 2005 “systematically attempting to purge all Civil Rights appellate attorneys hired under Democratic administrations,” the lawyer wrote, saying that he appeared to be “targeting minority women lawyers” in the section and was replacing them with “white, invariably Christian men.” 

The lawyer also alleged that “Schlozman told one recently hired attorney that it was his intention to drive these attorneys out of the Appellate Section so that he could replace them with ‘good Americans.'” The anonymous lawyer’s complaint named three female, minority lawyers whom Schlozman had transferred out of the appellate section (of African-American, Jewish, and Chinese ethnicity, respectively) for no apparent reason.
The former Kansas State Attorney Discipline Office attorney, Schlozman was so good in purging experienced Civil Rights attorneys from the Office of Civil Rights (what Republicans with their ideas about the role of government naturally seem to do when they are in government) that George W. Bush installed him as US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri without the Advice and Consent of the US Senate in an unconstitutional provision of the USA PATRIOT Act hidden from Senate Judiciary Committee leaders Senators Patrick Leahy and Kennedy Assassination aider and abettor Arlen Specter when Karl Rove needed to get rid of Todd Graves (the Ninth US Attorney illegally fired to stop grand jury Medicare FCA investigation of Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, a health care system headquartered in Springfield, Missouri and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas). Todd Grave later represented Organized Crime Boss Leonard Millman, Elaine Millman and Kerre Millman in a RICO attempted murder case where Frauds Upon The Court occurred in behalf of Organized Crime Boss Leonard Millman.
When Attorney General Eric Holder’s elves in Main Justice finally got up to speed on the likely failure to enforce any federal civil rights statutes against police departments anywhere in America in maybe ten years or more, the Department of Justice announced for Christmas that the DOJ, “the FBI and local US attorneys’ offices have for weeks been examining the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and John Crawford III – all of whom were killed by police officers who grand juries later decided not to indict on state criminal charges” would also would review a fourth death: that of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot 14 times by a police officer following a confrontation in a park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in April. The review was launched after the Milwaukee district attorney announced that Christopher Manney – the police officer who shot Hamilton, and who has since been fired – will not face charges.
In all four cases, federal officials are considering whether there is sufficient evidence to bring charges under a section of the US code that prohibits public officials from depriving an individual of constitutional rights under “color of law”…” See Paul Lewis, The Guardian, Wednesday 24 December 2014.
Greed and Gloating in the Beltway
No one could have had the serious expectation of Eric Holder that he have used his office to solve anything connected to America’s Social Justice crisis in the last remaining weeks before he accepts that $77 Million Dollar a year job from his friend James “Jamie” Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase as JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Compliance Officer. In Washington D.C., the fact that Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase were number one and number two respectively on America’s Most Wanted banking fraud criminals list is not really the conflict of interest it appears to be. Attorney General Eric Holder involved himself personally in the investigation and late short-lived prosecution of JPMorgan Chase, the Mac Daddy of worldwide mortgage securitization fraud and bogus derivative liability in a $13 Billion Dollar mortgage securities settlement for defrauding the federal government homeowner mortgage funds Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Eric Holder’s new BFF, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon on Cover of Fortune Magazine
The settlement helped save Jamie Dimon from the criminal liability for the $65 Trillion in derivative liability of JP Morgan and helps the New York Federal Reserve gang’s plan to tank Citigroup’s now FDIC insured $70 Trillion in largely Over the Counter purchased derivatives. Purchased from friends of Jamie Dimon and the New York Federal Reserve gang so that they could be free of the giant fraud’s inevitable crash and burn.
Jamie Dimon’s $77 Million Dollar salary offer to someone like Attorney General Eric Holder, who has never done a banking compliance job before isn’t any more suspicious than the $ 52 Million Dollars a year that former Missouri Governor and Republican United States Attorney General John Ashcroft got in 2008 for his start up law firm The Ashcroft Group  as a reward for stepping down from office and taking over the compliance of a small group of Novation LLC hospital supply cartel members from New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie when Christie worked for Ashcroft as the U.S.
Attorney for New Jersey and which was chronicled by the Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s July 2008 litigation report that is no longer on the web. This offer helped Ashcroft greatly as by that time reports were coming out of the US Senate Judiciary Committee that Novation LLC was monopolizing the nation’s hospital supply markets and extorting all the manufacturers permitted to enter the market. On November 9, 2004, following George W. Bush’s reelection, Ashcroft announced his resignation just after the suspicious Dallas, Texas deaths of Assistant US Attorney Criminal Prosecution Chief Assistant US Attorney Shannon Ross and Medicare Fraud False Claim Act Assistant US Attorney Thelma Louise Quince Colbert (both of whom were on the government’s prosecution of Novation LLC and who had both provided testimony for the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Sub-Committee and Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa), which took effect on February 3, 2005, after the Senate confirmed White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales as the next attorney general.  Novation LLC was Alberto Gonzales’ only client while in the private sector working at the Houston, Texas law firm Vince & Elkins.
Unlike the Republicans with Senator John McCain’s Existential “ends justifies the means” approach, the GOP high command has had more than a few problems with John Ashcroft’s Christian values. The quaint and charming Calvinist limits of Ashcroft had kept the Missourian from having the resolve it takes to get the job done. John Ashcroft’s bible thumping paternalism and sexism made him draw the line at destroying women targets. 

Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales were ready to finish Ashcroft’s work building the USA PATRIOT ACT police state and in exchange, the Novation LLC cartel hospital supply companies understandably needed a lot of consulting from Ashcroft’s new law firm on evading the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”). Of course the FCPA is just another one of the many federal laws that makes it illegal for companies to influence purchasing officers with any personal payments or rewards (what Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal proved was the very core of the Novation Cartel’s business model and hospital supply monopolization scheme).

Chairman John Ashcroft in an Ashcroft Group Promotional Photo.
“The payment of Seventy Million Dollars to Eric Holder today is probably exactly the same as the value of the 52 Million Dollar reward given to United States Attorney General John Ashcroft when adjusted for inflation during United States Attorney General Holder’s tenure in office.”
The payment of Seventy Million Dollars to Eric Holder today is probably exactly the same as the value of the 52 Million Dollar reward given to United States Attorney General John Ashcroft when adjusted for inflation during United States Attorney General Holder’s tenure in office. Naturally, the failure of the Department of Justice to prosecute the rampant Sherman Act violations to manipulate the price per gallon of gasoline to American consumers along with the failure of Department of Justice to prosecute banking bail out recipients who reinvested the Trillions of bail out dollars from the Department of Treasury funds into new scams to defraud American citizens (as reported in Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Magazine, March 14, 2012) had the effect of massively devaluing our currency, depriving citizens of the purchasing power of life savings, and preventing the nation’s elderly from being able to survive on their pensions or Social Security payments.

The Struggle Today in Missouri Neighborhoods and Your Town
The fate of young Black men in America has already been sealed by the actions of United States Attorney General Holder’s organized crime cronies like Jamie Dimon. Michael Brown, like over 50% of African American males his age was unemployed. Strong arm day light robberies of a few Swisher Sweet cigars from the local convenience store is the exact other end of the criminal success scale from Illuminist Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric who continued to loot America’s hospitals by anticompetitive acts to block new entrants to the nationwide market for hospital supplies and per se antitrust felonies of “refusal to deal” after being caught and signing a consent order for manipulating leasing contracts of hospital imaging equipment distributed though Novation LLC hospital supply cartel.
We know that living wage jobs and Equal Rights in access to education and banking, end violent crime. By the end of the second term of that other Democrat president, Bill Clinton, near full employment was destroying the prison industrial complex. “Homicide rates plunged 43 percent from the peak in 1991 to 2001, reaching the lowest levels in 35 years. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) violent and property crime indexes fell 34 and 29 percent, respectively, over that same period. These declines occurred essentially without warning: leading experts were predicting an explosion in crime in the early and mid-1990s, precisely the point when crime rates began to plunge.” Understanding Why Crime Fell in the 1990s: Four Factors that Explain the Decline and Six that Do Not, Steven D. Levitt, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Volume 18, Number 1, Winter 2004 p163.
Municipal, state, and federal treasuries were filling faster than the money could be spent. A different set of switches being thrown at the Federal Reserve ( the beachhead of international organized crime and offshore banking on American soil ), than those now being thrown by Janet Yellen, caused investors and savers to actually earn interest on their deposits, while people, corporations and governments around the world confidently placed their wealth in American investments, ensuring the availability of job creating capital for American business and technological innovation.
Former President Bill Clinton did not reach the pinnacles of peak employment, lowest violent crime, and investment in public infrastructure by himself. Of course, if he was in actuality the illegitimate grandson of Winthrop Rockefeller and great grandson of John Davison Rockefeller, the founder of the Standard Oil monopoly and the representative of the Rothschild house in America as conspiracy theorists suggest (look at the Rockefeller/Clinton nose), one can see Clinton was positioned for success. It is not a conspiracy theory however about the sources and control of the Rockefeller family fortune. 

John D. received his initial financing from the National City Bank of Cleveland, identified in Congressional reports as one of the three Rothschild banks in the United States and by his later acceptance of the guidance of Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, who had been born in the Rothschild house in Frankfort. See my late friend and great American scholar, Eustace Mullins’ work Murder by Injection, Ch. 10 The Rockefeller Syndicate. The National Council for Medical Research; 1st edition (January 1, 1995).

In reality, the conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan and Democrat leaders like Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan had begun to create policies to replace the welfare payment culture under Great Society liberalism that deprived children in subsidized rental housing of fathers (African Americans were a minority among welfare recipients, but arguably among the hardest hit groups, especially if American Indians, the population the strategy was pioneered against, are excluded ). Which, coupled with the Vietnam Era draft system that would give an affluent white male like Dick Cheney five deferments, but send non college educated working class young men (and for the first time, as a normal policy African American men) to combat arms units in far greater numbers than their white suburban peers, helped to destroy families through government intervention, not nurture them.
Foreseeably, these same inner city neighborhoods with only subsidized apartment complexes or worse, giant government project blocks of high density flats lacked local property and sales tax revenue to reinvest in maintaining the urban landscape or even schools. Nothing like the gentrified and revitalized urban core areas of today. It is hard to explain to younger readers what the corruption of police forces from narcotics trafficking, violent crimes and open street prostitution did to destroy any possibility of change for the urban poor.
If you are my age, you grew up seeing them in our larger cities. The corner man, the men keeping warm by a fire in a 55 gallon barrel, wearing OD green fatigues, field jackets, Arctic survival coats and later, the ubiquitous camouflage pants. All discarded by our military, like the soldiers themselves, the typical homeless Veterans. Double tapped, first from bad discharge paperwork designed to cover a systematic theft of Veteran’s benefits by President Nixon’s Republican bully boys (some of it was even an insider political slush fund revealed in the Watergate scandal, but intentionally left by Department of Justice prosecutors to interfere with thousands of health benefit requests in later decades), then by being excluded from the families they formed with sweethearts and from raising the children they fathered by federally funded social programs that ensured they were not even sheltering in the housing units at night.
A central game changer for this cycle of poverty was individual home ownership and the building of wealth, through stable communities, populated with long term stake-holders in private property. And behind this, as much as I hate to admit, was Bush 41, the Forty First President. George Herbert Walker Bush. While Ronnie Ray-gun was reading letters from school kids in the Oval Office and dictating lengthy personal replies, the former head of the CIA and now King of the World was rebuilding the way homes were financed. Starting with Housing and Urban Development regulations that eliminated racial and social economic discrimination ( the main safeguard system used by local banks to distribute funds), Bush and my ex father in law Leonard Y. Millman (Bush’s roommate at Yale) took a hidden controlling interest in the nation’s largest publicly traded homebuilders (MDC Holdings and Richmond Homes NYSE MDC ) and utilized their similar indirect interests in Bank of America, Citigroup, WellsFargo, JP Morgan, AIG Great West Life and some lesser regional banks to create a fledgling national market in the financing of home purchases.
The Devil’s Greatest Trick
In the movie The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey’s character, a criminal mastermind pretending to be weak while telling an elaborate fictional story about the mythical Kaiser Söze to cover up his own role in the crime begins his story by stating Baudelaire’s quote: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

George H. W. Bush, the second son of Prescott Bush Sr., a leader of the failed American Fascist coup d’état in August, 1934 (stopped from assassinating FDR and setting up internment camps for Jews and other undesirables in what became known as the “Business Plot” by the patriotic Marine Corps Major General General Smedley D. Butler ), followed in his father Prescott Bush’s footsteps by becoming first a Member of the House of Representatives, then at Richard Nixon’s urging, running for US Senate against a more conservative opponent. In the middle of Watergate in 1973, Nixon tapped Bush to head the Republican Party. 

President Gerald Ford brought George H. W. Bush back into the government to appease critics of Nixon’s criminal use of the nation’s Intelligence agencies to secure his reelection through criminal acts. President Ford (already proving his loyalty and service to the actual rulers of this nation through his participation in the Warren Commission’s white wash of the John F. Kennedy Assassination ), appointed Bush to Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), replacing William Colby. 

President Ford assured the nation that George H. W. Bush was the man to clean up the CIA after the revelations in the Church Committee of the widespread criminal activities of the agency, because Bush was an outsider and not part of the Intelligence establishment or the Central Intelligence Agency’s coups, attempted coups, and murder plots in Iran, Cuba, Chile, and other crimes.
In reality, Bush, a Skull & Bones man, had started his career working for Dresser, an oil equipment company with close ties to the CIA in a job arranged by his father Prescott Bush, Sr. with Dresser President Neil Mallon, also a Skull & Bones man

Later Bush set up his own oil company, Zapata Oil (and rumored CIA front) financed by his uncle George Herbert Walker, Brown Brothers Harriman ( the family investment banking firm that got caught laundering funds for the Nazi government of Germany in violation of trading with the enemy acts), and the Jewish brokerage house Lazard Brothers. And, while in these private sector cover positions, George H. W. Bush worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, as President Ford well knew. 

A memo from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, dated November 29, 1963 identified two intelligence operatives briefed in the investigation, the day after the assassination of JFK, “Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency” And “Mr. George Bush of the Central mIntelligence Agency.” Of course Veterans’ Today readers will be familiar with VT Editor and foremost scholar of the JFK Assassination, Jim Fetzer who has included the work of the latest analysts examining whether Bush was in fact standing on Dealey Plaza during the assassination.
39 Year Old George H. W. Bush, An Independent Oil Man And CIA Operative
One of the original OSS Super Program “Brownshoe Boys”
Taking Care Of Business At Dealey Plaza During The Day Of The Assassination Of JFK?
A few years later, the GOP would recapture the White House from Gerald Ford’s Democrat successor Jimmy Carter through an arms for hostages scheme with Iran’s legitimate revolutionaries (October Surprise 1980) to break the American electorate’s confidence in the likeable, trustworthy, and very un-Republican president, while the Federal Reserve, its member international banks and the Bush loyalist CIA oil allies made a shambles of Carter’s domestic policies. All very effective, but not effective enough to install George H. W. Bush as president, so the Republican establishment forced Ronald Reagan to accept Bush as Vice President on the ticket.
How to Launder Billions of Dollars From Central America?
When President Reagan took over the presidency, he had the laudable goal of defeating Communism and a plan to do it. George H. W. Bush as Vice President who had already been involved deeply with the Central American Contras fighting the inroads of Communist ideology and the Soviet Union’s influence in the Western Hemisphere and the Americas had a free hand to equip and arm the guerilla forces while President Reagan and his master secret agent and “junk yard dog” Leo Wanta worked on a plan to push back the Soviet Union on the main front in Europe for all the real marbles.
The bad economy under President Carter, along with the sacking of intelligence operatives by Carter put a pool of thousands of experienced combat hardened Vietnam Veterans and spooks available to then Vice President George H. W. Bush. Soon flights were leaving Louisiana with clandestine military hardware and legitimate humanitarian supplies bound for the Contra strongholds in Honduras and Costa Rica. 

Military advisors who had learned the ropes of facilitating a vast narcotics trade to keep indigenous peoples loyal to the American backed side from the French in Indochina (the French Connection Heroin trade) sent Columbians with agricultural marketing doctorate degrees to the USA for the purposes of studying the best way to get the local cash crop of Cocaine to buyers in America. 

Eventually Air Force planes were landing at Homestead Air Force and other military facilities, just like the CIA continually denied until long after the series of articles by Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News forced them to admit it.

Which has been portrayed in the recent movie Kill The Messenger.
As Vice President George H. W. Bush’s for profit clandestine operations grew, Bush utilized the culture of the American Intelligence services where for security, operations are compartmentalized, and like his own cover in Dresser an oil industry supply company and later Zapata Oil as an independent oil man, conducted through legitimate business front companies. 

President Reagan was arming the Contras in Central America illegally and had delivered weapons to Iran also illegally, so the administration’s day to day business was conducted to evade over sight by Congress. In these circumstances, Vice President George H. W. Bush was able to add on experienced operators to the Iran/Contra missions who genuinely believed they were working for lawful, though secret US Government military operations, when

in fact they were working for organized crime. 

Though, since they were chosen for their military and intelligence experience, these operatives were quite a bit more organized than gangsters in criminal outfits. At the other end of the operations, the confusion between real clandestine US Military missions and Vice President George H. W. Bush’s organized crime enterprises was utilized to provide cover or plausible deniability with American law enforcement officers and judges, replicating the ability of a well entrenched racketeering enterprise to control police forces and judges through bribery and extortion. However Vice President Bush had the added efficiency of not having to pay bribes. Judges and Law enforcement officials in the beginning saw helping the fight against Communism, vindicated by President Reagan and Leo Wanta’s accomplishments as patriotic.

The Economic Recovery
Part of President Reagan and Leo Wanta’s plan to break the Soviet Union was to out spend Russia and all of its satellite countries on arms production. The national debt economic charts for the time period show upside down sky scrapers of deficit spending as President Reagan committed the nation to a 600 ship Navy and to rebuild its land and air warfare capacity to fight wars on two fronts. 

Leo Wanta left for Europe with a vast US Department of Treasury seed money trust fund to make markets in the Russian Ruble, diverting the ability of Communism to utilize the labor of its citizens with almost no cost in the production of arms and for military service. 

Reagan’s advisors in the US set about copying the Kennedy brother’s strategy of targeting government contracts in districts that were not won in the first presidential election to thereby maximize Ronald Reagan’s chances of getting elected for a second term. These military contracts when targeted for political advantage tended to end up in the high population centers of the East and West Coasts in the form of above living wage manufacturing jobs, largely bypassing the American Mid West where Reagan’s advisors had a thinly veiled plan to eradicate family farms, independent truck drivers (creating what was jokingly referred to as the “other Central America” that the recovery forgot), and the commercial real estate market nationwide among other senseless job killing policies. 

Vice President Bush recognized the short comings of the White House economic recovery scheme and dispatched Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North who coordinated both the government Iran/Contra operations and the phony organized crime Iran/Contra operations to places like Wichita, Kansas City and Denver along with my good friend and later WhistleBlower Terry Reed to encourage small factories with 50 or less employees to start bidding on Department of Defense and Department of Commerce contracts to resupply the Contras, knowing that in a recovery, this is where jobs are gained (something the big banks and insurance companies knew later when they rewired Obamacare in Congress to target these jobs and prevent a recovery today). 

In addition to Colonel Oliver North’s Contra resupply mission, Vice President Bush started exploring a way to bypass the control international banks had over the American Economy through the Federal Reserve. Bush knew that unemployed Americans could easily migrate into home building industries and construction trades, where unlike Europe, few standards for training or licensing controlled the building occupations, at least of the residential construction side. Bush figured that he could vastly expand the American economy with the debt based fiat currency that is the US Dollar if he could get the money reinvested into loans for home new construction and the purchase of existing homes.

Vice President and later President George H. W. Bush realized that the commercial banks of the time were not up to meeting the demand of loaning money to buy houses to the middle-middle class, or heaven forbid, the working class. And, Bush would know. President Bush’s sons, mainly Neil Bush, had already been involved in destroying the nation’s Savings and Loans, or “Thrifts”, that like Christmas Season late night T.V. screenings of director Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life has for decades educated us, the local neighborhood nonbank financial institution controlled by its depositors where James Stewart as the fictional George Bailey gave up his dreams of traveling the world to run the Bailey Building and Loan Association and provide the competition that sheltered your neighbors and your community from the feeding cycle of big banks.
Understandably George H. W. Bush and my ex father in law had to launder all those Billions used in the “off the books” Iran Contra secret war, especially the Billions they kept for themselves. A little policy tinkering with the Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation’s (the Thrift’s version of FDIC) maximum insured limits to make the magic $100,000.00 Jumbo Certificate of Deposits bearing near double digit interest and “fully insured by the government” gave later generations of the fictional George Bailey’s sons about $ 40- 60 Billion dollars annually of new money they have never seen before, much less were capable of managing. Naturally, Bush’s Republican Party cronies including Senator John McCain broke the government reinsurance fund when it all crashed. Your FDIC insurance had to make up the difference. But, dear reader, don’t worry about these details. Otherwise you will lose your New Year Spirit when wake up and realize the incoming Republicans have decided to use your FDIC to cover the derivative gambling losses of the big banks.

A major shift in the way banks treated customers had to be implemented to maximize the federal government funds available in a fractional reserve system enabling banks to count as an asset US Treasury debt and re-loan it eighteen times over as federally guaranteed home loans. The rest of the world did not enjoy this access to borrowed “money”, even money secured by a house.
The government guarantee at HUD qualified lending banks in theory enabled citizens to borrow up to over 90% of a home purchase and Veterans were able to borrow a 100% of the purchase price. I say in theory. I was building subdivisions of quality affordable homes that were energy efficient and very sound investments in the greater Kansas City area before President Reagan took office and even using every efficiency possible, I could not pass on enough value for all of my customers to qualify for these federally guaranteed loans. Many houses went to customers paying over 20% down in conventional unsubsidized bank financing and high interest rates were the norm but home ownership was better than an apartment at less cost per month. Those days ended when I meet Kerre Millman my construction loans were cut off. It is now obvious Leonard Millman did not want me marrying his daughter, if he had told me he was the Devil and did Human Sacrifices of Babies I would have dumped her in a New York minute.
As president, George H.W. Bush tried many things to steer this potential bonanza he shared with my ex father-in-law Leonard Millman who faked his death in 2004 and living in Cuba and Equator. Bush even cut the amount banks could claim as assets for loans made to small businesses. Still, the two of them just could not open the spigots at commercial banks wide enough to move millions of new families out of inner city apartment renting and into ownership of suburban modern houses. President Bush also needed to utilize new home building to replace the working class jobs his political policies were sacrificing in our manufacturing economy. Republican control of the White House had been shaken by President Jimmy Carter and a new found political power of American Labor units. The organized crime of the off shore banks that controlled the Federal Reserve had been able to punish Carter with crippling interest rates, stalling economic growth and virtually guaranteeing Carter being run out of Washington on a rail, but those same banks had dictated a “Free Trade” policy that would export most of America’s above living wage jobs to Asia and Mexico. The NAFTA and GATT treaties that Ross Perot would later, as a spoiler presidential candidate characterize as that “giant sucking sound.”
My ex father-in-law Leonard Millman had pioneered massive fraudulent loan schemes as a way to rip off the coffers of America’s once thriving and secure re-insurance funds. His masterpiece engine of organized crime involved taking down the re-insurance funds stuck with guaranteeing the fraudulent loans he had originated, then coming along in bankruptcy court and buying the distressed funds he had crippled through the fraud and rolling them into American International Group or AIG which Millman controlled through his “Buffer Hank Greenburg and Star International the Parent Company of AIG and its stolen 5,000 insurance companies, controlled through intermediaries or “buffers” as he called them. (AIG how Leonard Millman and Hank Greenburg took over 5,000 insurance companies through frauds coming soon). Leonard Millman convinced President Bush that the building of America’s new suburban communities and fresh new infrastructure could be achieved with new loans originated by independent brokerage houses with Laundered Narcotics Money. Unknown to me, even though I was strongly connected to the Kansas City area real estate developers and home builders, President George H.W. Bush came to Kansas City, Missouri to meet delegations from the first fledgling independent brokers who marketed home loans at competitive interest rates to customers the banks were missing. An important part of the “value add” for the independent brokers was competently doing all the Housing and Urban Development paperwork (or VA Loan paperwork for Veterans). Banks repeatedly refused to invest in a qualified staff to service this market which culturally was antithetical to the “artificial scarcity” traditional bankers used to control their business borrowers.
One of the delegates, representing the Kansas Association of Mortgage Brokers that I would years later bump in to in a small Kansas town was a former school teacher named Donna Huffman now an Attorney. A rising star at her regional mortgage broker employer, her rapport with customers from all walks of life and ability to communicate the complex requirements of HUD, and government controlled loan re-marketing enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which included proofs of income, detailed credit histories and thorough home inspections by HUD qualified inspectors to adequately protect the federal government’s exposure to risk in guaranteeing the loans made her (without her knowing) the model broker and “stalking horse” for quarterly loan volume targets for brokers in the different states across America where her mortgage broker employer did business. 

To successfully manage a sales force, an employer must set reasonable but ever increasing expectations for its salesmen. For loan brokers meeting the needs of home buyers and realtors in a seasonally changing industry that was also very sensitive to changes in the economy and banking interest rates, setting the right goal for the moment that would allow you to appropriately incentivize your outstanding producers for service above and beyond, you need an accurate, reliable producer that is consistently increasing their personal performance to set the ideal standard corporation wide. 

To this day Donna Huffman has a love of exotic cruises, swimming with dolphins, a house full of state of the art entertainment systems, giant televisions and fish aquariums that were the gifts and prizes she earned in recognition for leading the pack of the female-male salesmen around the country trying to break the bank monopoly of home mortgage origination in these early days for the industry.

Donna L. Huffman and President, George H.W. Bush
Innovating practices that had not been done before takes hard work and a willingness to investigate and research the government regulations to qualify borrowers for the life changing loan guarantees and also the ability to keep in constant communication with the mortgage lending corporate headquarters of the major banks that the loans are being marketed to, including the daily changing policies and requirements those financial groups place on the loans they are buying or underwriting. 

For the mortgage brokers in the Mid West that were increasingly trying to secure financing for the buyers of the houses my colleagues  were building, (by this time I was cut out of new home building and Divorced form Kerre Millman and gone back to Remodeling were I started because my loans were cuts off everywhere, Millman and Bush owned the Banks.)  getting the President to understand their legislative needs to be able to serve a national market at competitively lower rates, the solution was having some very bright people including Donna Huffman answer President Bush’s questions.
The Mortgage Broker marketing pitch worked. The Republicans under Bush and later bipartisan majorities under President Bill Clinton passed the bills that created a nationwide market for house lending and for insurance products. My ex father-in-law Leonard Millman and President George H.W. Bush finally had a way to realize President Ronald Reagan’s dream of increased private home ownership, the “morning in America” future that had been promised in all those speeches. And Bush, working to increase home mortgage lending didn’t end when he left office, they had Hundreds of Billions in Narcotics Money to park in Home Loans through Millmans Narco Money Machine Western Life Insurance Company of Englewood, Colorado.
Bad Sushi
The international bankers (the families that own that private institution called the Federal Reserve) invariably caught on to President George H.W. Bush’s massive con game on them. American workers were buying televisions and automobiles from Japan with their earnings in the defense industry and the construction trades. 

Companies like SONY (initials that tellingly stand for Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of New York) had endless warehouses of US Dollars and nothing to buy with them. Unlike human beings and most especially unlike Americans raised on “growth is good” and Adam Smith classical liberalism, International banks see the expansion of economies in individual nation states, not as the creation of new wealth but instead, the dilution of property…their property. America’s expansion of deficit spending threatened the value of the US Treasury payments to them. Any advantage in job creation was offset by the risk of inflation, cheating the Federal Reserve international banking families out of their full repayment and interest.
Despite President Bush’s evasions and diversions, including the trick on his long time pal Saddam Hussein when US Ambassador April Glaspie conveyed the message to Saddam that the US ‘had no opinion’ on Iraq’s future intentions with regard to Kuwait in order to start Gulf War I against Iraq, then the source of about 80% of Japan and Germany’s oil and almost none of America’s oil; the international bankers wanted a settling of accounts. Bush’s con game of using the costly military (the black hole of America’s debt during the Reagan presidency) to sell protection to the rest of the G-7 didn’t work.
In a last desperate sales campaign, President George H.W. Bush made a whirlwind tour throughout Asia visiting the holders of America’s dollars and the counter parties to our trade deficit. Despite his best Ivy League pitchmanship, charm and demonstrations of athletic prowess on the tennis court, our trading partners and the international bankers had had enough. President George H.W. Bush’s stature in the international banking organized crime was not enough, even Meyer Lansky ran out of patience with Bugsy Seigel, the visionary creator of organized crime’s Mecca, Las Vegas, and had my former father in law Leonard Millman murder Seigel. 

At the end of the tour, President Bush received word that he would not even be permitted re-election. This author believes George H.W. Bush got the organized crime council’s ruling late in the afternoon of January 8, 1992, leading to President Bush vomiting and feinting in front of 135 diplomats during a dinner held at the home of the then Prime Minister of Japan, Kiichi Miyazawa, which was repeatedly broadcast and parodied on American television.

How Holder Lost The Struggle for Social Justice part 2 of 2 will be published tomorrow:

Stew Webb

Stew Webb served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorable Discharge.He is a General Contractor-Home Builder turned Federal Whistleblower-Activist of 30 years has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams for in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings to name a few. 

Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman is a member of the "Illuminati Council of 13"

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“Stew you’re the only person to go after the pinnacle of the Zionist Organized Crime Leonard Millman, your-ex-in-law and Larry Mizel, Millman's Buffer.” Gordon Duff, May 16, 2013
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