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By JC Collins
UPDATE:  The meme that Canadians are no longer safe is spreading across the online sphere.  With the shooting on Parliament Hill this morning the calm demeanor of Canada’s cultural collective seems to have been shattered.  Radio and television broadcasts quickly picked up the buzz phrase “now everything has changed”.
This event fits perfectly within our methodology and definition of Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception.  The CSI outcome of “now everything has changed” and the Facebook and Twitter meme of “Canadians are no longer safe” are what is being driven into the subconscious of the disorganized masses.
Like all CSI events, such as the Sandy Hook shooting in America, among others, the early story and broadcasts are where discrepancies can be found.  The Parliament shooting follows an eerily similar methodology of other shootings and the same type of discrepancies can be determined.
The CBC Radio broadcast this morning was interviewing first hand accounts of the event.  The shooter was described a few different ways.  Some witnesses said he had long hair down to his waste.  Others said the shooter was wearing a head scarf with Arabic markings on it.  The picture below suggests it could be both.  While another witness said the shooter inside the Parliament building was wearing a hoody.
The early reports also stated that there were multiple shooters.  This has now changed and the shooting is being listed as the responsibility of the one sole shooter, one Canadian born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.  Bibeau was 32 years and had been turned onto radical Islam over the years.  That’s right, home grown terrorism.
ISIS posted a picture of Bibeau on the Twitter page of one of its supposed media outlets.  Whatever that means.
CBC Radio was also interviewing those trapped inside the Parliament building over their cell phones.  Hours after Bibeau had been shot inside the building by Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers, those being interviewed by the CBC were reporting more gun shots.

What is also interesting is that the RCMP and military terrorist response members locked Ottawa down, including schools.  There were reports of shootings elsewhere in the city and on Parliament Hill, but when the RCMP gave a statement to the press they refused to acknowledge that their was a second shooter or put out an advisory about a second shooter, even though their actions indicated that there was a second shooter.

This also follows the same methodology of other shootings, such as Sandy Hook, and the Boston bombings, and including another shooting earlier in the year on Canada’s east coast, where a de-facto martial law was imposed without clarity and specifics on the reasons why.
For now lets just ignore the obvious contradiction between the firearm rights debates in the US and today’s events which took place in the gun control capital of the world, and focus instead on the CSI engineering which is taking place, not just in Canada, but across the world.
It has been well written and described in the past how masses of people, or the disorganized masses, require an external enemy in which they can direct fear and shift blame for the inefficiencies of the government.  It is likely that with the emerging multilateral structure of the world, including the financial aspects of the SDR supra-sovereign asset, we are seeing, with ISIS and radical Islam, including the home grown terrorist template, the creation of an enemy that does not exist across the border or the ocean, but one that hides in out midst.
It could be any of us.
The multilateral financial system which is being built and implemented does not mean we are going to live in a world of peace.  The disorganized masses will still need to be controlled through fear.  Today’s events in Ottawa, along with the growing list of similar events in countries across the world, including in Russia and China, is building a disturbing pattern of Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception from which a faceless enemy will re-engineer all civilizations to blend with the collective mandates of tomorrows world.
In true Canadian fashion, lets remember the life that was lost, that of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a 24 year old Canadian Forces reservist member who leaves behind a son.  From his Facebook memorial page:
“I met Nathan and immediately knew how kind hearted he was. We found an abandoned puppy on the streets of Hamilton, and with his huge heart we had to take the puppy home. Jagger; we named him. We drove two hours just to have him checked over by my mom at Mullens Small Animal Clinic in Walkerton. His heart will live on through his family, son, friends and animals. A great guy with an even bigger heart.”
Nathan Cirillo

How many of us, the disorganized masses, have to die or be killed, by a system that cares little for humanity?  How many will it take before the masses become organized.  – JC

The Canadian capital of Ottawa is under attack this morning.  It started approx. at 8AM as a gunmen walked up to a soldier standing at the War Memorial on Parliament Hill.  Four shots were fired and the soldier was reportedly killed.  The gunman carjacked a vehicle and drove the rest of the way to the Parliament Building, only a few kilometers.

CBC Radio quickly picked up the story in real time and conflicting reports began to be broadcast.  Apparently there are multiple gunmen inside the Parliament Building and as MP’s were being evacuated from the building there was heard over 50 shots from inside.  It is being reported that one of the gunmen was shot and killed and at least one more is still at large within.

The Prime Minister was rushed from the building and is apparently safe at an undisclosed location.  Parliament was in session today and there was legislation related to terrorism on the docket for this afternoon.

Two days ago in Quebec a man with supposed jihadist leanings ran over two soldiers with his car, one of which was killed.  It is being reported in Canada that there were threats made and we should have seen the attacks this morning coming.

Within 30 minutes of the attacks this morning the media within Canada started reporting how this changes everything for Canadians.  Our once lack security in government buildings will change and Canadians can no longer feel safe.

It’s the same tired script which we have heard from around the world since the attacks of 9/11.

As explained in the post The First False Flags, what we Canadians are experiencing this morning is the technique which we have started calling CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception.  This is the process where change is engineered on the cultural and socioeconomic level to alter the direction of society.

I will update this post later today when there is more information available and I have more time.  Stay tuned…


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