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Steve Pieczenik's Announcement: US Takeover May Be Near

Steve Pieczenik's Announcement: 
US Takeover May Be Near

Published on 04/11/2016
The United States may experience a transition of power however this transition will not be abrupt, nor cataclysmic, nor unprecedented. As a matter of fact, in a republic such as ours power shifts quite often.

In this Talk, Dr. Steve Pieczenik shares his unique experience as a political insider and offers his advice on how to handle the upcoming transition without compromising the strength and autonomy of our great nation.
I am Dr. Steve Pieczeni. I wanted to talk to you, the American people, about the next five days in our Republic. For the most part, many of you have understood that there was a civilian coup by Hillary Clinton and he sick offense regarding the takeover the American Republic. As we talked before, there was a counter-coup initiated by those of us in the intelligence community, in the FBI, the New York Police Department and many other institutions both civilian and military, who were concerned about what Hillary and her friends were doing.
That coup came out not through bullets or guns or tanks or soldiers, it came out through the egress of countless numbers of emails literally in the thousands that were exposed by many of our friends in the government who are concerned about the nature of the Republic and what was happening to it, as Hilary and her cohorts were corrupting our system.
The next five days are important because I want you to think very carefully about the state of the Republic. And what do I mean by that? What I mean is that, in the past, we have had interruptions that were either initiated within the government or occurred because of other reasons. Let me give you an example. When I worked with Nixon, in the Nixon administration. We initiated what was called the soft to basically Nixon was incapacitated both physically and mentally and we thank Henry Kissinger, who was the Secretary of State and literally held the country together and gave us a posture in the world which allowed us to maintain our supremacy. 

Under the Reagan administration, when he was unfortunately shot at George Bush Senior, Vice President, took over, with George Bush Senior and Baker we were able to maintain the continuity of the Republic and when I'm talking to you about now is the importance for all of us to think very seriously about the institutions that we have, the institutions that we don't particularly like and want to take over but, at the same time we have to be very careful that we do not rip apart the fabric of this Republic, and what do I mean by that? I mean that we don't need guns,  we don't need violence,  we need a responsible protest as we have seen on behalf of the people who work with Trump, believe in Trump, in others who are independents who believe in Bernie Sanders, and who wanted Bernie Sanders to come in.
That is a natural sequence for the Republic and it is an important element of dissent within our Republic. If we were to go out and agitate and create havoc in the streets, we would be counterproductive. Why? Because the world would look at us and say: Look, we are no better than the third-rate Republic like Panama or Venezuela. In affect,  what is happening is because of the bravery of many men and women in the FBI, the CIA, defense intelligence agency, the National Security Agency and many others within the 15 intelligence bureau's they have come forth and they said - we want to maintain the integrity of the Republic and we will do that in a peaceful way.
 I share that point of view when I say that there is a coup, I do not mean that you kill people or you go out and you create agitation, propaganda and fire in the streets and disrupt the everyday work life of America. What I mean by that is, that we have been able through the internet to disrupt any activities which are not beneficial to the Republic. Who determines that? Pretty much you do, the American public, and when the American public was disturbed by what they heard and saw with regards to Hillary and Bill Clinton and Podesta and Huma Abedin, they reacted appropriately.
 I want to thank the Trump family for having come forth and offered their services to this country, they didn't have to. They were not, they were not a political family. They were a business family, a lovely family of entrepreneurs who took the time and effort and the wrist to present their father in the forefront and who took a lot of abuses. Clearly he is not a saint but at the same time, he is not a sinner. He is someone who expresses the voice of discontent in our Republic, and at the same time, there was Bernie Sanders who expressed that this content. For whatever reason he decided to bow out of the race, it is unfortunate for my point of view, because I had a lot of respect for him, I saw him give a speech at Warner, New Hampshire, and I really admired what he had done and on both ends with Bernie Sanders and Trump, we had a very effective dissent in this modern age in the 21st century. But remember, corruption will be part of any hierarchical system, No matter where you go, a certain amount of corruption is inherent in a system where people have to rule other people.
What really begs the issue is the amount of corruption. With the Clinton Foundation, and Clinton individuals, we had so much corruption that is basically undermined the Republic. Obama was part of that corruption, the Bushes were part of that corruption as Bill Clinton was so. In fact, you have to think of this revolution in the timeline between the nineteen nineties and 2016, when Bill Clinton first came in and stole the election, and then the Bushes came back and stole their election in Florida, and now, we the people, are taking away that right of the Clintons or anyone else to determine our fate.
I want to thank you all, on behalf of myself and those of us who served this country, to continue to serve the country both in a civilian and military fashion, and I want you to understand that come November 8th ( eight) it will be a peaceful change of administrations and whatever happens, remember the Revolution is not all over. Democracy requires a constant vigilance and dissension that is part of what makes us so great but, I caution you, do not express this in a hysterical fashion or an agitated way. Lets peacefully go forth, express our descent and vote accordingly and hopefully we can win this time.
Thank You Mr. and Mrs. America
and God bless you!
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